Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RPK's Parody Of Tales Of Horror

Hantu Laut

The soap opera continued from a secret location. The scripwriter cum director of this highly explosive drama who claims he is in self-proclaimed exile is actually running away from the law and the law being the law here, couldn't find him. It's probably easier to find a needle in a haystack than finding this Anak Raja Bugis.

All roads now seems to lead to Tungku Razaleigh's office and with Anwar in the mist, real or imaginary, I don't know, but one thing I know, anything coming out of Malaysia Today, most, I do take with a pinch of salt.

Is RPK letting the cat out of the bag or another one of his odyssey of fictional writing.

Read his new explosive story here.


SM said...


Tales of Horror? Unfortunately, in Malaysia it is very believeable! We know what the BN is capable of!
Just look at the way they have "grabbed" Wong Chin Huat & now just recently Mat Sabu. The secret police of the Apartheid South African Regime & Nazi Germany comes to mind!
Grab you without showing a warrant of arrest or without telling you what you are being arrested for!
In the case of Kugan...beat you up until you are dead (& the guys who did that go scott free)! What about Altantunya? No record of her being in Malaysia!!!! Yet, end up shot & blown up by "faceless" cops!
Vision 20-20? 1 Malaysia? Ya rite!

Hantu Laut said...

I am not going to cross swords with you.

I don't quite agree with what these people are doing.Inciting people to go on the streets as a show of defiance can lead to very unpleasant incidents.

It is different if this country do not have such law against public demo,than what the police is doing is wrong.Unfortunately, we have such law and we should respect it.

We must not simply ape the West, what they do is right. Even their police have manhandled protesters, some, resulting in deaths.

If you care to go to my earlier posts, I am dead against going to the streets,it is against my principle.It can flare up into something more horrific.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for those wannabe heroes.

chapchai said...

Yes, even the English police manhandle protesters who get out of hand. But if this results in anything untoward there is a an enquiry, as happened in the recent G20 summit protest. Furthermore, the police are not allowed to cover up their name badges when handling protesters. We are not aping the West; we have become wiser and smarter and more knowledgeable. This means we no longer kow-tow to hierarchy unconditionally. The last few marches in KL have been peaceful until the heavy-handed tactics of the cannon and tear gas wielding police wreaked havoc amongst the marchers. The police should be there to allow the marchers to march peacefully, not tear into them like rottweilers.

SM said...


I fully agree...but then we are talking about Developed Nation Status & Vision 2020 right? Wait a minute how to be a developed nation when we are still following South African Apartheid & Nazi Germany tactics muh?!


No need to cross swords know I am can we say we want to be a Developed Nation & yet still have 3rd world rules & regulations?
Malaysia will never progress unless we are FULLY Democratic! You can't pick & have to take it all & that means the right to assemble, the right to free speech...we will NEVER progress (as you can see we are alreday slowly lagging behind). Just wait countries like Indonesia will catch up soon & overtake us! But then again we will still say...but we are better than the Phillippines, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Thailand!!!!! Yes, we can only compare with 3rd world & corrupted nations!