Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Is The Liar ?

Hantu Laut

Can you trust politicians to tell the truth? If your answer is in the affirmative than you could well qualify to be a politician. Lying and deception are some of the essential ingredients if you want to be a successful politician. Only truthful politician turned out to becoming great statesman.True statesmen are rare and hard to come by these days.Nowadays, most politicians come from bottom of the barrel.

One of the biggest lairs of the modern world was former US President George Bush.He managed to keep himself in office by diverting attention and created a common enemy for the American people, the so-called war on terror, basically war against Muslim countries that don't subscribe to his policy.Destroyed two Muslims nations under the pretext of seeking out weapons of mass destruction and one man, Osama Bin Laden.None was found but hundred of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans killed by his weapons of mass destruction.

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman when posed a question by a reporter about Anwar Ibrahim politically motivated charges (self-interpreted) responded by saying he has utmost faith in our judicial system.He said the court is free and independent as can be seen in the case of the High Court decision to declare Nizar as the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak.

To counter Anwar's persistent campaign to cast bad light on the government internationally, Anifah revealed that Anwar is not exactly what he portrays himself to be, an honest man and victim of trumped-up charges by those in power.Anwar is not as straight as a die as many seem to think. His offer to Anifah the DPM post if Pakatan took over the government is an open secret and was reported as far back as May 2008 in an article in Malaysian Insider. Why didn't Anwar refuted what was reported then?

Anwar had proven that he is capable of telling the untruths.His numerous declarations of taking over the federal government by saying he has sufficient number of BN lawmakers crossing over to his side never materialised.He gave his big day, the day BN would be decimated and Anwar Ibrahim become 'Lord Of The Rings', was on 16 Sept 2008.

The whole nation waited in suspense for his glorious day of reckoning and what happened? Nothing ! There were no fireworks and not a single
BN's MP ditched the party and crossed over to his side. To fool the Malaysian public further he even taunted former PM Abdullah Badawi to step down and threatened to march to Puterajaya to demand Abdullah's resignation.He said the opposition alliance is now seeking a meeting with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to stake claim to the government and to give him the opportunity to exit gracefully. "We want the transition to be peaceful" he said.

The proofs are there what this man is capable of in his quest for power.

Some, like this blogger here, here and here, reeks of bias and envy, thinks Anifah was wrong to expose what Anwar is.

As sure as the sunrise, not that he has a good cause and a strong case, Anwar was quick to employ his demagogic style and threatened to sue
Anifah.He knows the court case would drag on for years before it sees the light of day and in the meantime his supporters would be awed by his righteousness.That's what demagogue are made of, to rouse people's emotions and Anwar is a skillful master of this kind of political stratagem.

The blogger concerned must have forgotten about the rules of fair play. The privilege is not only Anwar who can run down the government overseas, likewise, the government has every right to defend itself against false accusations and Anifah as Foreign Minister and spokesman for the government has every right to set the record straight.

I take the last paragraph of the blogger's sycophantic defense of Anwar Ibrahim below:

"One hopes our Ambassador to the US (Jamaluddin Jarjis?) won’t be as uncharismatic and parochial as our Foreign Minister so that we can actually improve relations with our most important trading partner, and not burn more bridges. If it’s Jamaluddin Jarjis I daresay we’re in for more comic relief".

Below is Anwar's response:

Expressing shock over Anifah’s allegations, Anwar chided the minister for faring poorly in his international debut as foreign minister, which he said reflected his inexperience and immaturity.

“I have spoken to Anifah only once on the phone and that’s it…,” said Anwar after a meet-the-people session in his Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency.

I never offered the DPM post to him for him to defect. The issue indeed was never raised. He was never qualified for such a position anyway. Perhaps it was his dream to become deputy prime minister.”

He suggested that the minister was perhaps overawed and overwhelmed by the occasion. “After all, being a new minister before an international audience for the first time, he was probably prompted to impress his new political master,” chided Anwar, confirming that he would soon be filing a civil suit against Anifah for defamation.

“As the matter would be in court, I prefer not to comment further on the issue,” he said, adding that Anifah was seeking to tarnish his image abroad.

So, he did speaks to Anifah over the phone. Weren't you fishing for BN's MPs then? Why call if you have nothing to offer?

Who is the liar?

A second deputy prime minister among many other promises were definitely in PKR's manifesto.In spite of all the spicy promises PKR failed to capture any seat in Sabah.Read the article here.

Here is another conspiracy that holds no water involving Muhyiddin Yassin.Offers were also purportedly made to Lim Kit Siang and Yong Teck Lee.

If you are dumb-headed or of one-track mind, don't bother to read, because no matter what factual evidence provided here it is not going to make any difference to you.


MariaFaizal said...

The politicians telling the truth?
haha...Joke of the day!
Sorry HL, politicians have multiple traits but speaking the truth!

Not now!

Anonymous said...


anifah the mamak and u the hantu bodoh are both liars who spin the lies.


donplaypuks® said...

"Can you trust politicians to tell the truth? If your answer is in the affirmative than you could well qualify to be a politician.

......As sure as the sun rise, not that he has a good cause and a strong case, Anwar was quick to employ his demagogic style and threatened to sue Anifah.He knows the court case would drag on for years before it sees the light of day and in the meantime his supporters would be awed by his righteousness."

So, by your own words, every UMNO/MCA/MIC politician including the current PM Najib and his Cabinet are all congenital liars as well? And when they sue RPK, they are misusing the Courts so the matter can drag on for years?

And since it is Anifah who opened his mouth first, he must have lied first?

Come on bro, whosr side are you on? Muahaha!

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 10.55,

Better save the little grey matter you have left.

Hantu Laut said...

I am on the side of truth.Whether Anifah lied or not, I don't know, but my sixth sense tells me and from sense and sensibility Anifah have no benefits by lying.

Before the March 2008 Elections it was widely reported in the media that Anwar offered to increase the oil royalty to 20% and the DPM post to Sabahan if Pakatan took over power.

Can you quote one instance where Anifah has been caught with his pants down(lying).

Now, you tell me who qualify more to be a liar.

Hantu Laut said...

Why can't you guys stick to the subject and confine your argument to the topic and give your reasons why you think Anwar is not laying but Anifah is instead of wandering off the track and talked about Najib and other irrelevent matters.

Haven't you had any training in school debates where you lose points if you go off the track?

Stick to the subject lah, Brother!

For your information Najib never sued RPK or any of the other anti-Najib bloggers and who is talking about misusing the court.

Most civil cases get low priority in the court, some can go on for more than 10 years with appeals and counter-appeals.

kittykat46 said...

I can't help contrasting Anwar Ibrahim and Anifah Aman.

Its true Anwar Ibrahim has heavily criticised the Malaysian government at International platforms before. For the most part they are criticisms of government policies and actions.
The Malaysian government is always free to use the full resources at its disposal to refute them.

The Malaysian government has been laughingly inadequate at countering these criticisms because for the most part they are facts based. The difference in interpretation only lies with the difference value systems.

Contrast that to Anifah Aman who chose to use such an august joint press conference in Washington to attack the person of a Malaysian citizen.

I think we have a very low-class new Foreign Minister, even worse than his predecessor, who was already pretty dismall.

donplaypuks® said...


The law of the land is quite simple. If you open your mouth and accuse, you have to furnish proof or pay damages if sued in court.

Unless Anifah has a recording of his conversation with Anwar, he is up shit creek with no paddle!

And perhaps we should do away with Judges and Courts and just rely on your and other peoples' 6th sense?
And who is to decide whose 6th sense is more reliable?

I think Anifah has put the proverbial foot in his mouth instead od exercising caution and discretion as befits a Minister of Foreign Affairs!

And if you open your posting with words to the effect that all politicians are liars, then you are also condemning your own heroes at UMNO/MCA/MIC including Anifah! Think about it.

Purple Haze said...

Certainly I agree with you that politicians do not tell the truth.

Over the past 10 years, however, I find the BN politicians less able to tell the truth than the Opposition ones. Of course, this is just my feeling and have no proof whatsoever. Just reading blogs, news and trying to piece things together and wonder why certain institutions act in a manner that seems to side with the ruling political party in issues that seem to be factually in favour of BN's opponents.

As for Anwar Ibrahim being less than truthful in this particular case, it is one of those "he said, I said" kind of argument. Unless someone has some proof of that conversation, it will not lead anywhere.

However with the courts in Malaysia, you can't say whether the judges are logical in their opinions (eg. why is Article 72 of the Constitution read differently by the judges compared to the layman and lawyers?) and now, we might not even have the ability to read judgements.

But in any case, I say, bring on the suit, so we can all see the drama unfold.

Like you, I 'd like to see the truth unfold but not just for this case. For instance, what has happened to the Lingam case ? We have his secretary giving evidence that Lingam wrote a judgement for a judge and yet ... what is the truth ?

Anonymous said...

Menang Sorak, Kampong tergadai!

Heard of this one before, HL? You are so obsessed with scoring points against AI that you have ignored the fact that this stupid Foreign Minister is telling the world Malaysia is a country where idiots can be ministers.

You think it tarnished AI's image in US? It only tarnished his image (if there is any) and image of Malaysians like you and me. But then, of course the likes of fearless and HL will sing praises without looking at the ultimate effect. Asalkan kenakan AI....

fearless said...

You PR folks must be lucky that this Foreign Minister did not tell the whole world that AI is a Great Ass Seeker as well. It would be more fun if he were to take Saifu along to show to the whole world.

SM said...

HL, matter who they are & on what side they are do not tell the truth.

By the way, your comment to Anonymous 10:55 (i.e. Better save the little grey matter you have left) should be used on usual when he can't argue intelligently...he starts getting abusive & downright crude (wait a minute...that's what UMNO people are!!!!!).

eddy said...

Bro, I note your blog is being visited by the usual PR suspects with the standard PR supporter statements and twist, you must be doing something good here, keep it up.

I like your comment on anonymous 10:55, sure got them all riled up.

By the way I agree that Anwar Ibrahim is a liar, he lied about having 30 BN MPs on his side 16 September 2008 didn't he.

This is not a surprise though, the biggest surprise is that there are still people who still laps up everything that Anwar Ibrahim says as the honest truth. TQ.