Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Malaysia A Failed State? Stupid!

Hantu Laut

To divert attention away from the internal problems of Pakatan, the leaders in Pakatan, whether it makes sense or not, must constantly and persistently attack Najib.Even if they sound stupid, it doesn't matter, because most of their supporters are easily misguided and would believe even if it is a load of crap.

Lim Kit Siang may be a veteran politician but either he is stupid, ignorant or think majority of Malaysians are stupid when he lambasted Najib and branded him as utter failure as PM and says the evidence of Malaysia becoming a failed state is everywhere.

This decrepit old bugger just simply shoot his mouth not knowing what construes a failed state or signs of a nation going that way.Malaysia is no where near to becoming a failed state, nor are there any signs that we are moving in that direction.Even some of Noam Chomsky's theory of failed states in his book 'Failed States' is not all acceptable definition of a failed state.It's merely his opinion.

What is a failed state?

A failed state is perceived as having failed at some of the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government. To be more precise it must have the following attributes.
  • loss of physical control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force within its borders.
  • erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions,
  • an inability to provide reasonable public services,
  • an inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community, and
  • weak central government, ineffective control over its territories, widespread corruption, widespread lawlessness and sharp economic decline.
It is not just one or two things, it's a series of malady, that makes the making of a failed state.

Top of the list of failed states are Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad and Iraq.Even Pakistan is not yet considered a failed state but is showing strong sign of becoming one if the central government continue to be weak and could not handle the Taliban offensive.

The strongest sign that Malaysia could possibly become a failed state is if the leaders in Pakatan continue with their disinformation, raising of racial and religious issues and spreading of incendiary lies making the general public restive and creating potential development for civil disorder and violence.

Najib has only been in office for less than 100 days, it sounds terribly stupid of Lim to expect a wonder cure in such a short span of time.


A Voice said...
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A Voice said...

Give him a break.

Its his lifelong anarchistic dream to see Malaysia fail.

Parody of Bolehland said...

Yup agree with you. But I'd rather as if BolehLand a 'safe' state than a failed state these days.

Anonymous said...

What is a Failed State?


Anonymous said...

Malaysia and the Club of Doom

Chapter 1 – The failed states. In this chapter, the author states the Characteristics of Failed Countries as:

1. Restrictions on free flow of information
2. The subjugation of women
3. inability to accept responsibility for individual or collective failure
4. The extended family or clan as the basic unit of social organization
5. Domination of a restrictive religion
6. A low valuation of education
7. Low prestige assign to work

khun chin

eddy said...

Daniel Thürer, Dr. jur., LL.M. (Cambridge), Professor of International Law, European Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law at the University of Zurich, writing for the International Review of the Red Cross December 1999, says "Failing States are invariably the product of a collapse of the power structures providing political support for law and order, a process generally triggered and accompanied by anarchic forms of internal violence."

I agree with you Bro, when you said that "The strongest sign that Malaysia could possibly become a failed state is if the leaders in Pakatan continue with their disinformation, raising of racial and religious issues and spreading of incendiary lies making the general public restive and creating potential development for civil disorder and violence" may I add that their incessant attack on the Polis DiRaja Malaysia and the Judiciary for not taking their blinkered views under the disguise of democracy and freedom will cause irreparable damage to Malaysia's social order.

By definition Malaysia is not yet a failing or failed state, the ruling Government must however have the political will to ensure that any troublemaker would not harm our political and social fabric, verbal warnings and rhetorics are not enough.

Lim Kit Siangs's DAP is however a failed political party because they espoused a Malaysian Malaysia for 40 years but the party is still dominated by members from the Chinese Community helmed by Lim Kit Siang and his son with a token Indian in Karpal Singh as Chairman. Most if not all their parliamentary seats are in Chinese dominated constituencies since their debut in Parliament. Saudara A Voice cakap betul, its Lim's lifelong anarchistic dream to see Malaysia fail.

Schoolboy95 said...

As if BN is any better, 52 years of Independence, besides having good infrastructure what ve we actually achieved?
We have a graft-ridden government at the helm, ravaging our national coffers. Their actions resulted an almost stagnating economy, corrupt judiciary, faulty education system, racial disharmony, human rights violations... It is barely executable to list out all the problems. What Malaysia have become is a mockery, though not a failed-state. Just look next door, Singapore, a mere rock at the tip of the peninsula, they managed to build a developed nation that is for us to only envy.

And as for DAP which is pre-dominantly Chinese. Whose fault is that? Is It because they don't welcome Malaysians of other descents or to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

you fail to realize singapore is pretty much a homogeneous country. Come on, 74.2 % of the population is made up of Chinese immigrants with 13.4% Malays. Malays only 50.4% including other "bumiputeras" of 11%. A total of 60% with 26% Chinese and 7.1% Indian. Our country is very heterogeneous. Not many countries can boast the fact that they have three very distinct cultures that somehow managed to stick together. Name me a few. Try. If we all stopped bickering and just start at the grass roots level at trying to make our country better, we can. I'm not trying to sound patronizing or anything but I do believe that Malaysia can achieve a lot given the fact that the country managed to get through some rough times like the emergency. It's disheartening when so many malaysian students I know talk bad about our country. I mean even I am studying abroad but I know that I do want to return and help and that if my father could serve the country, I should as well. Our country is not a failed state. It's sad when Malaysians like to blast our own country and think the West is so great. Come on, I've spent most of my life travelling and lived in NYC and Jakarta and you know what I noticed. We have it good. America has it's own racial problems. You think African American's are living the best lives? At least in Malaysia the government is actively trying to help all in my opinion. It's not until you travel out and study a country that you realize your own isn't so bad. We are not a failed state and unless we start to believe that we are and all is lost and we should pack up and migrate, Malaysia can still be a great nation. Come on, we're three races living in one country we call our home. Let's try and get along or at least not be so pessimistic. It helps no one to complain. We were given this situation of three races forced together so let's make the best out of it. not start calling it BolehLand, where its not a "safe" state. I mean really, what good does complaining do if we don't want to start treating other Malaysians with respect and realize we are in this situation together and there are people who want to see us fail. I'm sick of the West's patronization. I've met Americans who have this perception that Malaysia is a failed state and it just disheartens me. Let's be proud as Malaysians, proud of the fact that our parents actually wanted and tried to make this unique experiment of 3 races coming together and striving for mutual benefits work out. To have Malaysia survive through the Emergency, floods in 1970 and come together, and to have this all be wasted by us falling apart, we shouldn't let that happen is all I am saying.