Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mindless Supporters:The Zombies

Hantu Laut

They have gone completely gaga, not knowing between what's right and what's wrong. Victims of their own skewed intelligence. Stupid herd instinct and mindless creatures so easily driven into doing what mindful and sensible people wouldn't do.

There is certainly nothing wrong with wearing black, sitting in a coffee shop and sipping black coffee with a few of your mates.It happens everywhere all over the world all the times.These are ordinary people doing ordinary things.

It's entirely different if 50 or 100 of you all dressed in black and took over a coffee shop and have a sit in for hours without considering the owner's loss of business and the possibility of the owner being charge with harbouring illegal assembly.

“Police were coming down hard on us and so we used this unique way to protest and tell people to demand an election in Perak,” says the moronic and self-proclaimed academic and protest leader.“We managed to send the message across.” he said with tongue in cheek.

You want to do, go ahead, do it on your own premises or on any of your friends who got their head just as screwed up as yours.You have no right to come to other people's place and conduct your illegal activities on their premises.

It's right that the manager of the cafe kicked you bunch of idiots out before he gets into trouble with the law.

You need school of hard knocks not that third rate university.

Academic! my foot!


donplaypuks® said...

The 50 - 100 were paying customers. So the coffee shop lost nothing. In fact that's a 100 more customers than they would normally not have had.

But what law did the 100 break to be threatened by I Poli Raja?

Pray tell us!

If this is not facism, I don't know what is!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

if a group of school boys use just a single computer in an internet cafe , do u think the cafe owner will kicks out the rest?
The answer is NO.

And how do you know that a group of people dressed in black sipping Kopi-O are doing absolutely nothing worthwhile and how u know that the polis are gonna nab them in a cafe for "illegal gathering"?
Show us the laws on this.
Since when is a paying customer can be considered as "illegal".
And since when wearing a common color can be "illegal".
I do hope they will not be patronizing vincent tan's F&B outlets.

Hantu Laut said...

Sure, why not you walk down the street completely naked, you are not doing anyone any harm,it's your body, it's freedom of expression. Tell the police he cannot arrest you, you have not broken any law?

There is a law against obscenity and public nuisance.Likewise, there is a law against illegal assembly.If there is no such law fine, go ahead,do it.As long as the law is there,going against it makes you a law breaker.

The problem with you Pakatan supporters you all are consumed by the lies and manipulations of power hungry politicians who pick and choose which law to break for their own convenience.

You want to change the law, put enough lawmakers in Parliament to abolish such law.

Those are basic tenets of democracy and civil society.

Benito Mussolini would be kicking in his grave if he hears your definition of fascism.

eddy said...

What to do bro, the "mogok lapar disguised as a puasa sunat" campaign was a roaring failure. Now campaign using black bandanas and black arm band sitting and assembling in public places and virtually inviting the police to arrest them and lo and behold its a police state, fascism? Yo bro, I agree Monsignor Benito Mussollini will be turning and kicking in his grave as we write.

Mr lee Kuan Yew is in town, maybe someone should ask him how he deals with politicians who defies the law when it is not to their liking. Probably get some good tips on how to deal with the matter.

SM said...


Yes, they are becoming as bad as the mentally challenged UMNO supporters!
I like wearing black T-shirts, now I'm afraid some Racist PDRM goon may arrest or attack me one of these days as I walk down the street corner!

donplaypuks® said...

By your definition, if Najib and his family of 5 go to a restaurant for a meal or to the cinema, they can be charged with illegal assembly while on the way to the event or even inside the premises while having a meal? You accept that?

Is this your shallow understanding of the law of illegal assembly? Can a policeman read peoples' minds even when they are walking towards or eating/drinking peacefully within premises open to the public?

Come on. And your analogy of walking down th estreet naked is totally irrelevant. What has obscene behaviour got to do with those who gathered in the coffee shop.

Fasicm it is, I'm afraid, if not Nazism or Stalinism too!

Hantu Laut said...

You know it's metaphorical.Don't pretend you don't understand what I am trying to say.

It's about breaking the law, you know it, you came from a good school and fully understand what I am trying to convey.

The central issue is breaking the law. Please don't give me your ludicrous example of Najib and his family having dinner.

You seem you prefer anarchism which is far worse that fascism.

donplaypuks® said...

The law of illegal assembly as interpreted by I Polis Raja is an ass!

Anonymous said...


HL is a BN worshiper, period! no point arguing with him. We can talk general topics but engaging him is kind of pointless as he has his own brand of spinning his support for UMNO.

When it comes to BN's evil deeds, he is like the famous 3 monkeys....