Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Has Brain Tumor, Musa Or Ronnie Klessen? Check It Out.

Hantu Laut

On Saturday 20 June 2009 a new blogger by the name of Ronnie Klessen wrote an article titled 'Musa inflicted with brain tumor?' Malaysia Today carried the story here. He claimed that Musa was on his way to the US seeking medical treatment and wrote:

"Coincidentally, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (pic) has both
neurosurgery facilities and expertise. We reliably learnt that Musa is expected to leave for the United States of America (USA) for neurosurgery, at the Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumour and Neuro-Oncology Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. He's currently awaiting air space clearance from the Department of Civil Aviation of Japan and USA to fly over their air space, as well as for the landing rights. This is an international pre-requisite condition when passengers travel by their very own private jet".

The following day Sunday 21 June Musa was seen in Membakut, Sabah launching a new padi scheme on 200 hectares of idle land. The story here.

So! who has brain tumor, Musa or Ronnie Klessen?

I was told Ronnie is a PKR member.

Regurgitation without checking the fact and truth of the matter can only bring embarrassment to oneself.

Or was it dirty business as usual for those in the opposition?


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Your parting question:

"Or was it dirty business as usual for those in the opposition?"

Since when did it ever stop?

Anonymous said...

Did BN ever play gentlemen all the time? Sometimes people are so numb being suckered they just accept anything.

Then there are those who knowingly put a bind eye on BN's abuses and only point out Oppositions'. Wrongdoing from any party is still wrong!

This Ronnie fella may be wrong. But taking him to whack opposition is cheap! Keep up this effort and you may get the opposition into government next GE.