Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Analysis Fits For The Garbage Bin.

Hantu Laut

If they can fight over one miserable pig slaughter house, can you expect them to look at the bigger picture for the greater good of the nation?

Unlike Perak where the PAS Menteri Besar's tenancy depended on
DAP patronage, the arm-twisting in Kedah did not bring the desired result.PAS does not need DAP in Kedah.The Perak crisis was a DAP crisis, successfully amplified by them portraying PAS as the victim so as to rile up the Malays in Perak to rally behind Pakatan.In Kedah PAS is the boss.

In Penang DAP is the boss.Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng lamented that some members of PKR were trying to be heroes and trying to sabotage him in the Kampung Buah Pala crisis.Why is Lim dragging his feet on this issue when he has the opportunity and the power to help the villagers by giving them alternative state land to occupy instead of making excuses that the land is too expensive to acquire and he is helpless to do anything because the problem was created by the BN government.

Look like a partnership made in hell.Since day one, DAP and PKR have been at loggerhead with each other.There is no general consensus or comradeship among these amateurish politicians.There are more racists, chauvinists and bigots in this group than in the BN in the past 50 years.Their promises of equality among the races and one identity were just that ..... hot air!

Penang state PKR chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim accused Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of failing to practise the principles of justice and compassion over the sacking of PKR Seberang Prai municipal councillor Johari Kassim.

Johari was sacked for leading a boycott by eight PKR councillors against the swearing in of ex district officer Mokthar Mohd Jait as new council president.PKR wanted politician not civil servant to head the council.

Lim Guan Eng must have been a closet dictator and is now showing his true colour, absolute power corrupt absolutely.He forgets that he is in a coalition government and that DAP is not the sole ruling party in Penang.There should be consultation and a give and take attitude as the relationship among the three were not built on trust but on matter of convenience.

On another front, PKR's Kulim MP Zulkifli Noordin told DAP to go their own way, in another word, to get lost.

Khairy Jamaluddin may be right about Malaysian Insider.It's seems to be pandering to what readers want to read rather than purveying the truth and legitimate news.Some of its analysis were way down bias and one-sided.It started on the right footing but lately is following the footsteps of Malaysiakini, catering to the anti-establishment crowd.

It so-called analysis under its heading "As Pakatan squabbles, Malaysians left between a rock and a harder place" is left much to be desired. Below are some excerpts from the analysis.

And yes, the two-coalition system which we hoped for may not take off.

But even PAS, PKR and DAP standing on an individual platform appear to still offer more than what Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) can offer.

Umno has not changed much since March 2008.

It remains arrogant and corrupt. Few of its office bearers can pass the living beyond your means test.

In fact several of its MPs will not be able to account for their cars, houses or wealth they have to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is right.

Several of them should not be in Cabinet or hold positions in the party. But they do.

Despite the prime minister’s promise of reforms, most of his party members from his deputy downwards continue to rely on the old race card.

If anything the words coming out from the mouths of some Umno members have made it hard for Malaysians to believe that the party has changed much since last March.

BN’s component parties have also not represented the interests of the non-Malay communities for years now.

How could it be true that as a single entity PAS,PKR and DAP can offer more than UMNO and the BN.All three had over the year been working together and what in term of performance have they shown to Malaysians in the states under their control?All they did was squabbling and bickering at each other and blaming the BN for their ineptitude. They can't even run a small state like Penang properly, can you expect them to take over and take care of the Federal government?

Sure, UMNO might not have changed much since March 2008, so is Pakatan, it has not shown any outstanding performance, in fact I would rate these amateurs poorly and worse. They spent more time going at each other's throat than getting down to doing real work There were also traces of corruption in the states under their administration.This sickness that they talk so much about getting rid of could get bigger if they take over the Federal government where the kitty is much bigger. Their promise of getting rid of corruption would probably end up just like Abdullah's promise.

Sure,Tun Mahathir was right in what he said but corruption is not a newly invented game it has been there since his time.Mahathir himself may not be corrupted but corruption was ripe in UMNO then.

UMNO using the race card, that's nothing new, what about Pakatan , are they not using the race card too.What happened in Penang and Kedah ? If Pakatan is truly colour blind do you think that small issue of the 'kandang putung babi' could turn into a major disaster.

To say the BN has become irrelevant is certainly not true.The result of the 2008 General Elections below shows it was a temporary setback.It was short of only 8 seats to get the two-thirds majority. With the required reforms implemented from now on the BN is likely to show a big surprise in the next general elections.

Elections 2008


Barisan Nasional 140

Opposition 82

Independent 0


Barisan Nasional 307

Opposition 196

Independent 2

| full results

Elections 2004


Barisan Nasional 198

Opposition 20

Independent 1

* BN wins with 2/3 majority


Barisan Nasional 453

Opposition 51

Independent 1

| full results

To say Najib has not taken steps to reform government policies is pulling wool over sheep's eyes, the writer is either blind or illiterate.

This kind of analysis is worth where it should the garbage bin.


fearless said...


Agree with you 100%.

Obviously Malaysia Insider is a Pakatan's propaganda mouthpiece, but they are brainless to think that the populaces would buy their garbage. Instead those asshole are making a fool of themselves.

chaptokam said...

Malaysiakini known as AnwarKini that why until today I have never subscribe to their garbage ..All the comments in the Vox Pulli are garbage as well !

As for Malaysia Insider , I have long ago referred them to as PR Insider .
Used to comment there but now , hardly as its a waste of time and effort . Only the PR cultists have made it their hosts sucking it ( PR Insider ) dry .

fearless said...


From now onward your job will be less stressful. Pakatan is sinking, their cyber trooper have abandon ship I guess!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow BN apple polisher's wet dreams!

PR composition is different from BN. BN ties people to personal gains until it is too much to lose or they actually get punished by the rakyat like Gerakan, MIC, PPP and some extent MCA.

PR do not have a lot of strong and capable people. Like PKR before 2008 they only have 1 seat in parliament. Now they have strong support from the rakyat. Some thought they can behave like the alternative BN but they paid the price and BN paid them to ensure PR paid the price. Otherwise, those who actually try to work are those who are working for the rakyat or the people who voted them in. Not some mouthpiece like HL, Eddy, fearless and some other.

What happen is what we expected. They each try to represent the people who put them in office. They would have to sort out the issues in a civilize way. Unlike the method of BN before this which has been bulldozing and never about listening to the rakyat.

As an voter, I would want to see how each section of the society put in their argument to solve problem not pretend there is no problem but actually is a way of them sweeping everything under the carpet. I know of people in BN. Most of the time they are reluctant or prevented from voicing out. Reluctant because there may be a lot to lose from their personal perspective. Prevented because their colleagues from the first category would not want them to voice out.

I would not want to see that happening where massive corruptions are happening. Most BN proponents would want to treat it as business as usual. One thing I observe is that in the information age, transparency would engulf everyone and there is no way you can get away from being discovered. Only a matter of time!

HL, no need to polish too much apple for Najib. I do not share your optimism that all is fine under Najib as he is falling into the same trap as Abdullah where he is putting too much power with the little Napoleons. He is also not decisive in most of what he does. Most of the stimulus only does into crony's pockets. Now that the coffer is almost dry, I wonder how he is going to spin some magic. Don't believe? Checkout most of the gov and semi-gov agencies waiting for money from Federal. As usual, HL blogs on emotion and some current news pieces rather than complete fair with supporting information. You are no different from Malaysian Insider or Malaysiakini just that you are spinning for UMNO!

vinnan said...

Just because racist Malays cannot go around silencing and slapping non-Malays as they wish does not make PR a bad deal. I will take PR anytime over having to kowtow to racist Malays. Many Malays are not racist but almost all of UMNO are racist Malays who do not think twice about calling non-Malays pendatangs, tearing their pictures and putting non-Malay journalist under ISA arrest so as to stir racial sentiments. That's the difference between the PR and BN. Come the next GE we will still remember.

SM said...


Come on lah, be fair...the PR has only been together hardly 2 years & you guys are shooting them left & right.
The BN has been in power forever & still can't get their act (just look at PPP, Gerakan & MIC!)together & you say they are great?!
Put yourself in the shoes of the Non-Malays. We have been here forever too (some of us longer than the so-called Bumiputras & yet we are called Pendatang & told to balik China & India!) but treated like second-class citizens.
Have you really asked why the PR is so popular?
Like I said many a time, it's not because of DSAI or LKS or even Tuan Guru Nik Aziz (these guys have been in ISA lock-ups for their principles. Conversely, no BN Leader has been locked up for more tha a day).
It's because with the PR, no matter how far-fetched, we may (notce I say "may") have a chance of a real 1 Malaysia.
Najib comes up with a few "changes" & behind the scenes his cronies shoots down everything else ( give peanuts to monkeys...however, we Malaysians are not monkeys to accept peanuts!).
When Najib is seen to "really" change UMNO (the corruption is still very much alive & well) & the Judicary & the PDRM (Allah help us!...I could be thrown into jail for using the word Allah!!!) then Malaysians will start beliwving in 1 Malaysia (for now it's just a slogan & a cheap attempt to gain support from the Chinese & Indians for the next GE. They suddenly realise that they need the Chinese & Indians unlike before the last GE when various UMNO Leaders told them they don't need them!).

eddy said...

Bro HL, I agree thoroughly with you, it seems that when you write passionately about the Pakatan loose coalition, their rabid racist supporters would instead put you down for being emotional. Why I call them racist? Simple really this is because it takes one to know one, so when they call some one or a group as being racist, they are racist as well in my book.

The MI editorial opening statement said it all: " And yes, the two-coalition system which we hoped for may not take off.

But even PAS, PKR and DAP standing on an individual platform appear to still offer more than what Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) can offer"

I think this is the most ridiculous statement that MI have so far dredged from their bank of dirt since its inception, really low class writing and since we do not know who MI editors really are, I think it is written by a drunken Pakatan Ghost writer judging from its amateurishness and its desire to whack UMNO/Barisan Nasional at every opportunity especially now "mereka saperti retak menunggu belah".

First they try to cherry over the obviously failing coalition which will NEVER take off and then try soothe their bruised ego and make a rhetorical statement that DAP, PAS and PKR individually can offer more than BN collectively. What a load of rubbish! As far as I am concerned DAP, PKR and PAS can only offer talk and more talk.

DAP in particular wants to control the direction that the loose Pakatan coalition should take, how could they? They value pigs more than humans, they use threathening gestures and opt out of Kedah State Pakatan Government just because PAS Okayed the demolition of an ILLEGAL pig abattoir. Over in Penang Guan Eng who was parachuted from Melaka refused to see the people of Kg Buah Pala whom he promised to help if DAP comes to power during the March 2008 election campaign. This is just less than a month where PAS were kicked and punched left right and center by DAP and PKR for attempting to have unity talks with UMNO.

Really PAS, DAP and PKR has got nothing to show 16 months after the March 2008 elections:

1. NO Competency - cannot even settle any problem amicably and professionally prefer to threathen to get their way. DAP Kedah opting out of Kedah Pakatan Government.

2. NO Accountability - any problem? just blame it on UMNO and Barisan Nasional just pass the buck write to the Prime Minister. Guan Eng is doing it as I write.

3. NO transparency - ADUNs forced to resign without telling Pakatan partner.. Fairus affair. DAP sack PKR councillor without calling for meeting etc.

In summary, if DAP or PAS or PKR can offer anything better except rhetorics and blame game than Barisan Nasional, I say pigs can fly.

Hantu Laut said...

I always value your comments.I think you are getting mixed up with the'pendatang' issue'.

You must understand it is not a government stand, these are individuals in UMNO who made that stupid remark.If it was government policy there wouldn't be any Chinese, Indian and others in the Cabinet and in government services.It would be Malays only government.They wouldn't be sharing power as what they are doing now.

Of course, being in the majority, their dominant role is to be expected.

My grandfather was also a pendatang and I am not even considered bumiputra but I look at what happening in our country through a different looking glass.

Frankly, the Malays in general are not as racists as those made them out to be,Like in everything else you do get the bad hats and we should learn to ignore them, they do not represent the majority.

I am not with Pakatan because I don't believe they can form a solid coalition to rule this nation with stability.As you may be aware this has always been my stand from the beginning.

As Malaysians our main concern and priorty should be to fight corruptions in government.I agree with you that the BN has not been in best of behaviour but I think after what happened after 8 March 2008 thing are going to change and I think Najib is trying his best to bring about those changes.

We should give him time and if those changes don't come, you and I know what the outcome of the 13th GE.

Hantu Laut said...

Pakatan is not built on trust but on marriage of convenience.From day one I had my doubt of the common denominator of the grouping.It is a makeshift coalition hurriedly form for the purpose of forming the government in the 5 states.

They have nothing in common.You can see this from the recriminations within the coalition.Their talk of equality is nothing but a farce.

My biggest worry is if Najib can't mend the damage done under Abdullah's tenure and the Malays still divided than the chance of them taking the Federal government is not far-fetched.They have strong following among the youths.

If BN can win Manik Urai, which is a remote possibility, where the largest percentage of voters are youths than the tide is changing.If BN lose, which I wouldn't be surprise, than Najib have to work extra hard to change the people's mindset.

By now the Malays should know what PAS is all about.

eddy said...

Bro HL, I agree that the damage done during Abdullah's tenure needed serious repair but to have Najib do the repairs immediately will be a tall order.

However, Najib has bitten the bullet early and done many reforms to the economic and education landscape to suit the changing times. In less than 100 days of becoming PM, he has made decisions even Dr Mahathir fear to thread lest he be accused of pandering to the non Malays. Even now there are many voices voicing out their dissatisfaction to Najib on even the dismantling of some negative aspects of the DEB while keeping most of the positives which proved to be beneficial to all.

I am very optimistic that the partnership between Najib and his Timbalan, Muhyiddin will yield the right result for a better Malaysia for all races, but the changes and reforms made will take at least two years to get the desired results and that is provided that Najib takes good advise from all, including both the veterans and the youths. For example in carrying out the necessary reforms he must make sure that he do not interfere with the affairs of Petronas and not be beholden to young advisors from Ethos consultant who do not know Malaysia's history and stay clear of any new bridge to Singapore before settling the JB scenic bridge problem. If Najib stays clear from these minefields and others like it, Najib will have the support of the majority Malays/Bumiputras and I dare say Indians.

I am not sure about the majority Peninsular Chinese though, they seemed to want more of everything economically and now politically as well and going by the trend they will probably vote enmasse next GE for DAP or PKR, so, whatever good Najib and BN does will be to no avail "macam simbah air atas keladilah" especially now that DAP a Chinese based party is proving that they are the ones in Pakatan setting the direction that the loose coalition takes. That is my thoughts, I hope I am wrong.

Next stop is the liberalisation of the auto industry, wean Proton and Perodua from Government protection starting with the 1600cc cars and below so that cars like the Honda Jazz can be priced at 60-65k. Cars below 1600cc should be priced between just 35k to 65k only depending on its quality, Malaysians should start paying cars for the price our friends in Thailand pays. If Najib does this, he and BN will be most popular people among the youths of all races I think.Popularity translates into votes for BN.

Personally, I think Najib has a long term plan to ensure that in the next GE but in war as in politics he cannot show all his strategy at once, BN will be assured of victory and regain lost ground with or without the majority of the Peninsular Chinese votes, what he is doing now is to regain as much lost ground for MCA and Gerakan as possible as it seems that both of these parties are still in sixes and sevens due to the DAP merciless onslaught on them, while at the same time keeping a very close eye on Sabah and Sarawak where the next GE will be lost or won actually.

Talking about elections Bro, in Manik Urai, I think its a no brainer that PAS will win, as long as the wily old man Nik Aziz is around in Kelantan, UMNO does not have a chance. Nik Aziz is numero uno in Kelantan, they even say that when you see his potrait you are blessed, with that, I know UMNO is a goner in this by-election and it has nothing to do with politics just Nik Aziz's popularity.

No worries there,Bro, its just a small pitched battle which could be lost , but I hope UMNO/BN would not give up easily without a fight. The war in the next GE is where BN would ultimately triumph, hero selalu kalah dulu, akhir sekali baru menang. Cheers.