Friday, July 10, 2009

Education In Peril:Mahathir's First Salvo

Hantu Laut

Do not ignore him, he can cut you down to pieces before you know it.He is definitely the biggest blogger in the country and probably is the biggest in the region too.Just over a year his blog has received 20,906,770 hits.

Dr Mahathir Mohammad is not run of the mill critic, when he talks people listen and take notice.Cross his path and destroy his ideals and you would be damned. He has great following among the youths of this nation.The hundreds of comments he gets on his blog for every posting shows the kind of following he has. Translate this into votes and the multiplier effect you would be amazed how popular this man still is.

The government recent reversal of the use of English, mooted by him during his tenure, in the teaching of Science and Maths back to Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and Tamil is as misguided as the missile that missed to hit its target.The excuses given have no plausibility.The government should listen to the pulse of the people not the rhetoric of a few misguided nationalists and language extremists.

If the Malays in the rural areas can't cope with English and find it a verbiage it is not the language at fault, it's the fault of the Education Ministry, its implementing apparatus must have been faulty and failed miserably.Solutions should be found to remedy it, not kill it, to take the easy way out.There have been mission schools in the rural areas during colonial days and the native children of this country learn the language from day one.The excuse that rural children have difficulty dealing with the language is unacceptable.

It is also most disheartening and ridiculous for the Ministry of Education to say they can save RM40 million a year by not teaching English in the two subjects.What is RM40 million compared to the future of million of Malaysian children deprived of a critical tool for enhancement of knowledge and a medium for global communications.

It would be in the best interest of the nation that the government at least consider to retain it at secondary level.

As I have predicted earlier Mahathir will not simmer down until he proved himself right, as in the case of Abdullah, his constant attacks finally took its toll on Abdullah.

He has fired his first salvo at Najib here.


kluangman said...

Satu lagi kerja bodoh UMNO di bawah pimpinan Najib.

Pembelajaran bukan setakat untuk lulus dan berorientasikan A sahaja tetapi lebih kepada pendedahan awal ke arah yang lebih positif. Agaknya kalau orang Melayu ramai gagal subjek Ugama Islam, wajar subjek itu dimansuhkan?

1Malaysia ajar matematik dan sains ikut bahasa bonda masing2.?????

eddy said...

Bro, After the dust has settled this weekend many more will find out that with the cancellation of the PPSMI by the Najib Cabinet, they have actually agreed that Mathematics and Science will be taught in either Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin or Tamil from Primary 1 to 6 then continue from Form 1 to Form 5. Only from form 6, matriculation and University level will the subjects be taught in English. Can you imagine how the standard of English will be at form 5 for the majority of these students?

As kluangman aptly put, saya setuju yang ini adalah satu keputusan bodoh dari UMNO di bawah kepimpinan Najib, saya rasa Abdullah badawi pun tidak berani buat keputusan bodoh ini.

Saya rasa kalau mereka tidak mahu berganjak daripada keputusan bodoh ini, lupakan sahjalah slogan 1Malaysia, tidak ada maknanya kalau belia kita sendiri hanya dapat bertutur dalam bahasa ibunda masing-masing Melayu cakap melayu fasih cakap inggeris berterabur tak payah cerita pasal cakap Mandarinlah, Cina cakap mandarin fasih, cakap melayu dan Inggeris berterabur dan India cakap Tamil dan cakap Inggeris dan Melayu berterabur juga.

I hope Dr Mahathir can knock some common sense into Najib before its too late. Jangan terlampau sangat takut kepada eksterimis bahasa melayu, Mandarin atau tamil itu. Sibuk nak jaga bahasa tapi bangsa kita sendiri jadi tidak tentu hala duduk dibawah tempurung.

eddy said...

Bro, there is an interesting comment from a blog which highlight the difference between Najib's understanding of the PPSMI implementation and Dr Mahathir's and I dare say many parents understanding of why the PPSMI needed to be implemented, must read, very profound:

Y1 said...

I think that given the mess the education system has become such a farce, let there be choices. For the Malay, Chinese and Indian Ultras, let them have their own schools. For others let them choose schools that offers English as medium for all subjects with the proviso that BM is a compulsory subject.

We shall see how the 'market' for education will be like in a few years time.

eddy said...

Since the Government have bottomless money to waste and invest in Education and they are scared stiff of all these language extremist ultras the Malays,the Chinese and the Tamils, maybe Y1 idea should be considered, the Government should let us choose how we all wants our children to be educated and lets see who really is the majority, the language and nationalist extremists or the pragmatic Malaysian Parents who wants nothing but the best for their children in education.

SM said...


The UMNO & BN Leaders do not worry too much about what poilicies they implement, as long as they keep to their power.
Hey, you think their children & childrens' children are studying locally?
Come on, we know that these Leadres have their children studying overseas with FULL scholarships paid by us Tax Payers!
It's better for them if Malaysians stay ignorant & stupid. All the better for their children & childrens' children to return to Malaysia & take over form their decadant Parents!