Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lim Kit Siang's Obfuscated Article And Dirty Rotten Political Scoundrels

Hantu Laut

In sheer desperation to prop up their flagging support and to stonewall the true nature of the death of Teoh Beng Hock, the opposition in general and Lim Kit Siang in particular were prepared to come up with some ridiculous example of, not a Royal Commission, but a judicial review of the mysterious death of a biological expert and weapon inspector David Kelly in Britain in 2003.

Kelly was found dead with his throat slit and was suspected to have committed suicide. Due to controversy on whether he took his own life or was murdered by element involving the government a judicial review or inquiry into the cause of his dead was conducted by the British government.Lim's rather obfuscated article here.

Lim in his article made it appears that Kelly's case is the same as Teoh's and a judicial review is the same as a Royal Commission which he motivated and intended to mislead clueless Malaysians to believe in his ill-conceived expert's stand on the issue.Lim's bad intention can be seen from simply quoting the case in name only without revealing the full extent of the story.

The Kelly's controversy is not simply a mere mysterious death, it involved the security of the nation and reputation of the British government.

Kelly was a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence and was suspected as the source that leaked information to the BBC on the government embellishment of intelligence report on the presence of weapon of mass destruction in Iraq that eventually led to the invasion of Iraq by American and British forces.The 'sexed up' report was attributed to coming from the press office of Prime Minister Tony Blair.The judicial inquiry was chaired by Lord Hutton appointed by the government which eventually concluded that Kelly committed suicide and exonerated the government.

Janice Kelly arrives at the inquiry on Monday
I just thought he had a broken heart

Two days after his death the BBC confirmed that Kelly was their principal contact

In the Hutton's inquiry his wife told the inquiry into his death that her husband had been utterly dismayed by the media frenzy around him.

Janice Kelly said he became: "distracted... dejected... desperate...I just thought he had a broken heart. He had shrunk into himself".

A judicial review is different from that of a Royal Commission as the inquiry falls under the review of one of the branches of government, the Judiciary.The Kelly's case which attained national importance due to leakage of highly confidential information that implicated the British government obviously did not justify a Royal Commission of inquiry .

The judicial inquiry was not born out of oppositions politicising the issue or political gesturing as in the Teoh's case, which has now become DAP's constant battering ram against the government and attempted slaying of the dragon to show who's the people's hero.

It is sad to note that some section of our society is taken in by the opposition's lies and politicized agenda.They have distorted the facts and turned the tragedy into their political capital to rouse racial sentiments to politically benefit the DAP and others of their ilk.

It's requirement of the law that any death under mysterious or suspicious circumstances must have an official inquest to determine the cause of death and the government is doing exactly what the law requires them to do.If the opposition have no confidence in the government it is merely their own opinion and not generally the majority opinion of Malaysians.If Malaysians have not wanted this government they wouldn't have voted them in as the Federal government in the March 2008 Elections and won in 8 out of the 13 states.It was short of just 8 seats to get two-thirds majority.

The oppositions had gone over board because this is the first time they have significant and substantial presence in government and are overly excited at the prospect of being the government soon.It is,therefore,in their interest to create political disquiet, sow the seeds of discontent in the people's mind and destabilise the government. Any slackening of this dirty campaign would mean a nosedive in support.

There is no such thing as a Utopian government, every government is not perfect, each and every one has weaknesses and imperfections.How soiled is the imperfections is the deciding factor whether a government is good or not.

Thomas Jefferson has summed up in the simplest form of what he contrues as good government.
He said "The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the only legitimate object of good government." or in even simpler form the Canadian political maxim of "Peace, order and good government"

What have Pakatan been trying to do since after the March 2008 Elections? Weren't they trying to destroy the peace and harmony that the nation has enjoyed for over 50 years, with the exception of the May 13 racial riot, the cause of which is not dissimilar to what the opposition is doing now, inciting hatred of the government.Obviously, Pakatan only have tantalising issues.

Is a Royal Commission really that necessary to determine the cause of death merely based on assumptions and accusations by the oppositions that the government is unreliable and untrustworthy.A Royal Commission is only appropriate if the general public and the government deemed that part of the government system has failed just like in the case of the MACC where the government have doubts on the operating procedures employed by the agency that have directly or indirectly contributed to the death of a witness.To accuse the agency at this stage of homicide and lay the blame at the government's feet is unfair and unjustifiable. We should abide by the legal parlance that 'one is innocent until proven guilty'.

The opposition has threatened to seek audience with the Agong to request for a Royal Commission.

Lim Kit Siang is not a fool or stupid politician, he knew fully well the Agong has no power to call for a Royal Commission on his own.The Agong can only call one upon the advice of the government. To involve the Agong and portray to the people that he can interfere in executive decision is most absurd and could make the government redundant.

This is DAP and Pakatan's ultimate 'sandiwara' to fool the people, the like of those that make regular visits to political blogs, including this one. People with their eyes shut and mind zonged, courtesy of Pakatan's dirty propaganda machinery.

There is no need for the Prime Minister to meet the family of the late Teoh Beng Hock but since he has kindly acceded to their request he should be lauded for it.

Past Royal Commission in Malaysia:
The hound dog's cliches:

Najib – turn the first stone to find out the causes and circumstances of Teoh’s unusual death at MACC by respecting the family’s wish and set up Royal Commission of Inquiry.Read it here...

TBH RCI – Has Gani Patail never known of the Hutton Inquiry into the causes and circumstances of David Kelly’s death?.Read it here...

One thing I would agree with Lim Kit Siang is, YES, we do need a new IGP.The force needs some very serious shaping up to bring back respectibility and restore public confidence.


Anonymous said...

I must say that PM Najib did a great public relations job in being available to the late Teoh's family. It is good that he is listening. I laud this, maybe Najib will prove his detractors wrong. Just my prayers for the future of our nation. I would like to see more such compassion, more pragmatic leadership and more down to earth governance.


anunnaki said...

Here's a good write up on the ongoing mystery by Demi Negara .

MYSTERY: Masalam Mystery: Who benefit?
Prolific blogger Demi Negara wrote on the Masalam Mystery last Thursday.

The first task he did was to enlisted the facts and information forwarded by MACC and police, without the rumours, spins and presumptions. He then posed all the questions as to the what, how, when, where, and why of the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Finally he asked, who benefit most from the death?

Here onward we quote Demi Negara's analysis verbatim.

Potential leads:-

- Teoh's mobile phone records.
- Cross-referencing of MACC officers' and relevant Selangor state assemblymen's phone records with Teoh's.
- Who else spoke to Teoh on his mobile?
- CCTV footage, where available.
- Witnesses accounts, and these include MACC officers, Plaza Masalam security guards, cleaners, adjacent office workers, Tan Boon Wah, and two other unnamed interrogatees. Home minister Hishammuddin Hussein said 40 more people would be questioned.
- Teoh's laptop and office PC.
- Teoh's family and friends.

What about Ean Yong Hian Wah? Yeah, any leads behind those bespectacled beady eyes? He is Selangor exco in charge of what again? Ah yes, he oversees new village development and resettlement of illegal factories. How many illegal, unlicensed factories in Selangor? What's at stake here? Any linkages to the ongoing MACC investigation?

I also think this Tan Boon Wah fellow may be able to shed some light. For starters, why was he loitering around MACC's pantry at 6am where he claimed to have seen Teoh? I thought he just filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment? What kind of "imprisonment" is this, shuffling around the office coffee machine and fridge? Based on his yardstick, every mamat who was subject to police or MACC interrogation can also claim "false imprisonment" lah! And there are no soft sofas and well-stocked pantries and airconditioned, carpeted rooms in the balais and lock-ups. At this rate, we'll have tens of thousands of lawsuits in the High Court from all kinds of petty suspects and witnesses. Or this yardstick is special only to the DAP untouchables? Actually, these anak manjas are getting too pampered lah. Tak boleh di tegur; tak boleh di jentik. Haiyah Ah Wah, do you know how the LAPD interrogate people? What about the Thai cops? And try imagining the methods used by police in the land you worship, China?

Yes, Tan Boon Wah can answer many questions as he was there. But he seemed elusive, eager only to politicise his own flag scam scandal with a lawsuit against the investigators.

anunnaki said...

What about this guy?

Ronnie Liu Can he shed some light as somehow all these scandals and alleged wrongdoings seem to revolve around him? Do you think old comrade Wee Choo Keong's accusations have some truth? Yeah, otherwise Ronnie and Ms. Kok would not have melenting tak tentu arah. Betulkah? I don't know. And PKR's Azmin Ali seemed anxious these days to reshuffle excos and his own political deck of cards. Why? Min, I know you are UMNO through-and-through. Why still want to layan these subversives?

Ok, what else?

Oh yeah, why this tasteless political leveraging of Teoh's untimely death by the DAP and PKR people? Give this young man the due respect lah people. Mana boleh semua hal lu olang mau jadi modal politik? Betul ka? Tiada adat dan budaya ka? Kalau nak alih pandangan rakyat, guna lah isu-isu lain. Kalau tiada isu, ubahlah sikap. Susah sangat ka mau jadi orang baik?

Yes, the action of the DAP and PKR leaders and their racist goons boggles the mind.


Yes, these subversives are nothing more than racist scums, blatantly playing the racial card (e.g., "... the Chinese and Indians are the only ones persecuted ...") whenever their kind are busted by the law enforcement agencies. See this report by the Pakatan propaganda arm. See how the Pakatan leadership use Teoh's death to the hilt to attack UMNO/BN, Najib, MACC, the police, ... even Malay language newpape

anunnaki said...

And when certain media and the government react to the blatant racism, the hardcore racist, yup, the Homo überbigotedsapien himself, Lim Kit Siang, turned it around and said: "... it was Umno’s publications which have turned the death into a racial issue." Ahh? We are now in the siapa start dulu game kah? Ok, lets play that game. Look at the comments in the Pakatan bankrolled guttermedia and the subversive blogs from the day Teoh's death became news. Read the thick, gooey racist barkings by these self-alienising Malaysians. See the unbridled hatred? Marvel at the irrational logic loop and self-validating conjectures? MCA's Ong Tee Keat aptly called them "self-fulfilling lies."

But in the twisted minds of these scums, they are angelic, virginal beings, holy cherubs who can do no wrong, never hurt a fly, law abiding, never indulge in the vices, .......... and hence beyond criticism, beyond reproach as they sail through life as certified, pre-approved occupants of their various syurgas in the afterlife.


These scums are not only racists to their rotten core; they are pathological law breakers and social misfits, not just in Malaysia, but in every habitable corner of the planet. Go travel the world -- starting inside the plane itself and the passport queue -- and you'll understand. Yup, even the darn penguins would be victimised by these parasites if Antarctica was not so darn cold!

The unprincipled opportunists who used poor Teoh's death for their unbridled political ambition include the DAP puppet supreme, Tunku Aziz, and the overambitious Anwarista-in-PAS-clothing recently rejected by his own party, Husam Musa. Yup, these pengkhianat bangsas have the audacity to share the stage with the anti-Malay DAP subversives in an orgy of self-glorification and racist incitement (crudely shrouded as "anti-UMNO/BN" of course) at the expense of a young man's tragic death. See how timely and convenient the "Teoh case" has become to these scums as they deflect the rakyat's attention from their governance incompetence, scandals and internal conflicts? These social toxic wastes make me sick!

anunnaki said...


What proof?

Haiya, these anti-Malays don't need inconveniences such as truth and evidence. That's just too much work lah. The "proof" is in their finger pointing. When enough of these goons repeat the same thing, that will be the "truth." Remember Altantunya? What was the evidence again supporting the Pakatan "truth" in that case? Oh I forgot, the chief "evidence" manufacturer absconded and forfeited his day in court. And of course, these mini-Goebbels tried the same stunt with Manohara, but her momma was so rotten with daily revelations of her evil past that these goons couldn't latch-on to the conniving free-loaders without contaminating themselves. Too bad. Collectively, they would have been the perfect band of bandits. And along came a convenient case to ride on; Teoh's death is now parasitically sucked to the hilt as a rallying point to resurrect the crumbling political edifice of the subversives.

Yes, the Culture of Blame among these people is astonishing. You think leaders and followers like these are fit to govern and lead this country? No way. See how one little Penang Buah Pala is being mishandled? Imagine a few dozen Buah Palas and other Buahs at federal level? Habislah Malaysia.

KijangMas is as curious as anyone else about this unfortunate incident. Right now I obviously don't have the answer. Possibilities lead to more conjectures. A purportedly idealistic young man on the eve of marrying his two-month pregnant fiancee was found dead near the premises of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission nine hours after reportedly released from a marathon interrogation session. Those are the facts. Now, how do we reconcile the various politically-tinged conjectures with the truth?

Yes, the truth is what we seek.

SM said...


Let's get straight to the point then.
If there are DAP MPs involved in the death of Teoh & involved in the "Chinese Underworld" as so many BN supporters are saying, don't you think LKS will just keep his mouth shut? After all we know how inept our PDRM is (the last few nights, watching the TV News I saw various "characters" getting off scott free due to "insufficient" evidence, etc), so if LKS just keeps quiet, then they will go through the Inquest & come-up with some excuse of "sudden death" & more story bah!
You have come up with the "conclusion" that the DAP / PR is losing support? Maybe you should go over to W Msia & ask around. The Chinese & Indian "pendatang" will support the PR in the next GE (they have nothing to lose bah). The Malay votes are roughly 60%:40%, UMNO:PR. Maybe even 70%:30%, UMNO:PR (why wouldn't the Malays vote for UMNO? After all when you are given without having fair competition, why kill the Golden Goose?).
The next GE will be won or lost in East M'sia. That's why Najib has been slowly courting Sabah & Sarawak.
As for Najib meeting Teoh's family, give him credit lah...he's not stupid! As Anonymous 12:20PM said...great public relations job (by the way, Teoh's family is still asking for a RCI or is "someone" trying to ignore that fact?).

Hantu Laut said...


Others maybe,I never implied any of the DAP MP involved in such thing.I do not wish to speculate on how he died, those thing are better left to the court to find out.

We have to be fair to all and not accuse any one until the inquest is completed and the RCI on the MACC concluded.

I don't think Najib is that stupid to try cover wrongdoings in MACC,he has seen the damage done under Abdullah's tenure, especially PDRM, that was one of the major causes to weakening of the BN.

In fact if there were wrongdoings in MACC Najib should have capitalised on it and that would definitely improve his image.

I assure you Najib will not cover any wrondoings in MACC, this is his biggest chance to salvage himself.

eddy said...

Bro like Y1 wrote, it was indeed a good gesture that PM Najib had invited the family of the late Mr Teoh to meet him at Putrajaya. I think the Government had done all they could to explain the calling of the RCI and the inquest to both the family of the deceased and to other Malaysians. The RCI in its present form and the Inquest are both called under the relevant Acts of our country.It should proceed without further hindrance and the Cabinet should now name the RCI members and its objectives.

The inquest commenced today but no surprises there, the DAP father and son pair Karpal and Gobind request for adjournment to look at the investigation papers. No surprises either if parts and extracts of the investigation papers will be extracted and then spinned in cyberspace to suit the DAP allegation that MACC is responsible for Mr Teoh's death.

I hope, the Coroner in the inquest do not get trapped in the drama as happened to the High Court judge in Anwar's sodomy trial, where motions after motions were requested by the lawyers for the defence and until now the trial cannot be started. The inquest should continue from 5th of August and should proceed without further hinderance.

Everybody wants to know the truth, not just the family of the late Mr Teoh or the DAP.

DAP will try to prolong the inquest until 2012 just before the next GE so that they can fool and bamboozle their supporters in their ceramahs.DAP also needs something to divert the attention of their ongoing scandals which will be erupting soon, the misappropriation of fund investigation on 6 DAP ADUNs notably Liu and Ean, is a huge time bomb waiting to explode, of course the alleged link between the DAP and the Triad underworld is something that cannot be left uninvestigated by the police, if found true, the DAP could be declared illegal and banned. So Kit Siang have a lot on his hands, and at 68 he knows his active political life is diminishing fast. He had high hopes for his son Guan Eng but apparently Guan Eng cannot fill his father's shoes so he now have to soldier on to lead DAP. So expect more from Kit Siang's bag of political dirty tricks until the next election.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

chaptokam said...

If there are DAP MPs involved in the death of Teoh & involved in the "Chinese Underworld" as so many BN supporters are saying, don't you think LKS will just keep his mouth shut?

There was DNA residue from TWO different people on the back of Teoh's jacket (one of which was from Teoh). And there was DNA residue from THREE different people on Teoh's belt (only one of which was from Teoh).

In their investigations, the Forensics have taken 102 DNA samples to prepare for this case. That must be from quite a few people too. The Prime Minister's promise to leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of Teoh's death seems to be quite true.

Now here is something extremely very interesting. Two people who have been investigated in this case have refused to give their DNA samples to Police. Their names are flying around in the smses and I cannot mention them. Most strangely their lawyers (who are apparently party members) have advised them against giving their DNA samples. Why?

On the contrary all the MACC personnel have willingly given their DNA samples to the Police Forensics without any fear.

This is quite strange. Everyone wants a speedy resolution of this inquest, especially Teoh's family. But the delays and postponements have also started. Now we have party lawyers advising certain folks NOT to give their DNA samples.

chaptokam said...


Beng Hock's suspected murderers identified
Today the Inquest in Shah Alam heard from lawyer Tan Hock Chuan that Police have 102 DNA samples from MACC officers, Police officers and others involved from investigating into the Teoh Beng Hock death. Tan told the Court that different people's DNA was found on Teoh Beng Hock's belt and jacket.

On his jacket there was DNA from two people, one of which is Teoh himself and the other is from an unknown male. On Teoh's belt, Police found DNA from three people, only one is from Teoh. This means two other people touched Teoh's belt also.

Police have asked for DNA sample from Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing. Both these people have refused to give their DNA sample.

Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is a contractor and DAP member who is close to Ronnie Liu. Lee Wye Wing is a technician with WSK Services. WSK Services is a crony company of Ronnie Liu which has been given many contracts by Ronnie Liu. The company name WSK Services has already been spoken about in our earlier posting, this company name was found in Teoh Beng Hock's computer disk dan copies of documents. It is one of many companies run by the Chinese underworld which has links to Ronnie Liu.

rest or article here :

chaptokam said...

For your reading
I fully support the call by YB Azmin Ali, Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman, for certain Selangor exco member who are not fit for office to be replaced.

Personally I’ve had and continue to receive many complaints from the Pakatan Rakyat members and business communities in Selangor that the office of a certain exco member had been and is continuing to be used as a meeting place for people connected with the “underground business activities.” This is an open secret within the Selangor State’s administrative office. This is most unhealthy as it will give the impression that the exco member is in support of the “underground business activities” and the impropriety will eventually affect the image of the Pakatan government.

The assemblyman, Dr Boo Cheng Hau related:

He said he believed north Johor DAP has members with underworld background and he was once forcibly stopped from attending a party meeting in the area by people claiming to be party members.

Boo said they were from north Johor told him he was not welcome on their turf, and told him to take care of only his area (constituency) as other areas were none of his business.

He said he had also received complaints that some new branches have recruited members who are linked to the underworld.

This showed that certain people in the party are using secret societies to strengthen their positions, he said, adding that what they were doing was extremely dangerous. – The Sun.

Rest of article here :

And SM the right hand man to Lim Guan Eng in Penang is a certain Tan Sri who heads the PCCC is a known top figure of the Peh Triad in Penang . Ask anyone in Penang .
All the henchman of the famous Sio Sam Ong triad who Ong King Ee alias Jacky Chan once heads are now in the DAP fold controlling the DVD business in Batu Ferringhi and in Gurney Drive . They are in the DAP's committees for those areas .


Hantu Laut said...

To set the record right, the police only said the two refused to give their DNA, they are not suspects yet.

Of course, their refusal, which has become Pakatan's traits and excuse to not cooperate with the police and delaying tactic adopted by none other than the Grand Master Anwar Ibrahim.

How do you deal with these kind of people who complained so much and accuse the government of wrongdoings but refused to cooperate with the law to find the truth when it is their turn to help in the investigation.

Believe me, they will be singing the same song as Anwar, that the police will plant evidence and that's why they refused to give their DNA.

As the Malay saying goes ,berani kerana benar'.

truthseeker said...

With the involvement of DAP leaders as the family lawyers, I do not expect the Inquest to be smooth and orderly, instead it will be a mess. They will turn the Inquest into DAP's political interest to score point rather than Teoh family interest to seek the truth. Undoubtedly Teoh's family have been influenced to choose them, if those DAP leaders have merit, they should advise the Teoh family to opt for independent lawyers who does not have any political interest, only then the truth could be revealed

For sure we will be entertained with more DAP's drama.

Hantu Laut said...


Some of DAP's MP connection with criminal elements were disclosed by DAP members and lawmakers.The latest one is in Johor.

Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau claimed the underworld is rearing its head in the party and secret society members have warned him to stay away from north Johor.

eddy said...


chaptokam said...


You think LKS doesn't know ? about recruiting triad members into DAP ?
Try putting up a BN banting , poster , flag or banner in a DAP controlled area .
You will find whatever you put up torn down if you are lucky the next day , otherwise you will be accosted to pay them for immediate removal if not , then you'll know what will happen to you .

SM said...


I agree on the point that some of the Pakatan MPs should be replaced. As has been pointed out by some of you, the PR was a marriage of convenience & at the last hour at that, to go up against the BN in the last GE. It's original "objectives" I believe has been met. Now, the PR leadership should start "weeding" out the bad hats.
Now let's look at BN, come on face it...charachers like Toyo, Rustam, Samy etc should be kicked out also! But you can be sure thay will be retained in the next GE (unless Najib really gets into cleaning up mode!).
Eddy commented to me some time ago..."don't rush...wait...change will come" (or something to that effect). How long must we wait? I'm tired of waiting. As pointed out by Khoo (that political analyst guy), how many of us have "5 years" to wait (Yasmin did not, Teoh did not)?
Many of you know from my comments that I'm an "Opposition Supporter" (but I think HL knows that I have not always commented FOR the PR when their MPs did stupid things). I don't think you guys know that I was a strong UMNO supporter back when DSAI started Keadilan (& many of my friends & customers were saying "time to change" & supporting Keadilan...i.e. back in 1999) even to the point of saying the "SM" in my name was Son of Mahatir!
However, the corruption & abuse of power that's so rampant in UMNO & BN just made me sick to the core!
Like I said many times, it's not taht we love DSAI or whoever bah, it's that we are tired of waiting for change (which we are told is coming but...).

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