Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Manik Urai: Narrowing The Gap, No Bridge No Oil Royalty ?

Hantu Laut

It looks like Manik Urai will not get the bridge nor the oil royalty.PAS is set to capture the seat again.The Kelantanese were unmoved by UMNO and BN offering a new bridge for the kampung and further development if they win. If there were to be any consolation for Prime Minister Najib it would be the narrowing of the gap.

If PAS won, it is a vote for PAS not Pakatan.PAS has a stranglehold over the constituency and had only lost to UMNO once.

Most constituents eke out their living from rubber and fishing. The low education level and illiteracy among the adult population is advantageous to PAS.That's why they have no problem choosing a fishmonger as their candidate.Education takes a back seat.

To the Kelantanese PAS is Islam and Islam is PAS. In spite of PAS stance associating with secular party like DAP and PKR the people of Kelantan are probably the most parochial and insular among all Malaysians, they still accept PAS change of political doctrine.With the Kelantanese Islam and Kelantan come first and among the older generation UMNO is viewed as outsider.

UMNO only chance of making a breakthrough in Kelantan would be through cultivation of the younger generation.Those disenchanted with PAS for lack of development and job opportunities.Those politically guided not only by religion but a balance of both, religion and want of social, political and economic improvement of their existence.

BN losing Manik Urai will not change the status quo, it's back to square one for both PAS and UMNO.

Narrowing of the majority would be a positive sign for Najib's leadership.

Will Manik Urai be a turning point?


SM said...


You said..."Most constituents eke out their living from rubber and fishing. The low education level and illiteracy among the adult population is advantageous to PAS.That's why they have no problem choosing a fishmonger as their candidate.Education takes a back seat".
What's wrong with being a fishmonger? As Tok Guru said, it's a hallal way of making a living unlike the UMNO crooks who are corrupted!
If you, who I consider an intelligent person can say such a thing, what more the arrogant UMNO goons who have decended on the Manik Urai residents.
UMNO WILL never be able to take Kelantan even though they try to lure the young Kelantanese! I know many young Kelantanese who work outside Kelantan & although they make a living outside their home state, most of them are 110% loyal to PAS! Simple bah, PAS may be ultra Islam to many BN supporters but they live by Islam. UMNO makes a big show about protecting Islam, etc but they are corrupted to the core! I saw (on the TV) KJ & Ali Rustam campaigning in Manik Urai (hahaha! wrong guys to send there bah!).
By the way, Najib has run for some meeting in Egypt (with Rosmah following too of course)!

eddy said...

As long as Tok Guru Nik Aziz holds court in Kelantan, UMNO/BN will find it very difficult to take over Kelantan whatever the outcome of the Manek Urai byelections will be.

It will be a different matter after Tok Guru is no more around as PAS Kelantan depends too much on the iconic wily old man for their political support base.

Tok Guru is not a young man, and UMNO/BN needs to be patient and bide their time no need to be too bothered about Pakatan supporters who just love to label others arrogantlah, goonlah, corruptedlah dan lain lain lagi, sounding like broken record more and more each time.

vinnan said...


Development is a basic human right. What right does MOOHIDDEN have to deprive the rakyat of this right? UMNO thinks the government belongs to UMNO. The Malaysian government taxes everyone. If UMNO has the right to deprive others of development can I because I am from a party opposed to UMNO be exempted from paying any form of taxes in Malaysia?

Eddy there is such a thing as 'I do not not give a f''k what UMNO is going to do to me. My dignity is not for sale'. UMNO has forgotten there is such a thing as dignity for UMNO has none. UMNO will lose badly in MU and all whatever by-elections there may be until the next GE and then UMNO will lose some more.

UMNO can buy frogs and toads in the opposition held state governments to grab power but come the next GE we will make UMNO pay. As a matter of fact, I hope UMNO will buy all these kataks and turncoats. This way we will know who are our real enemies.

donplaypuks® said...

If UMNO had played it straight, maybe, just maybe, they might have snuck through.

But, no. Idiots like Muhy have to play that bribery and 'we are all powerful' card and that's what cost them the by election. You see, a crooked organization like UMNO does not know the straight game, so badly have they screwed themselves since 1981.

And I wouldn't look too closely at the margin of PAS' victory. Victory means everything and that's all that matters in an early by-election!!

donplaypuks® said...

And that's 1-4 to Najib out of 5 by elections. A rating of 65%? Who is he and the Merdeka Org kidding?

Anonymous said...

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