Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Penang Politics Getting Messy, More Troubles On The Horizon

Hantu Laut

If they fail to save the village, Pakatan Rakyat’s objective has failed and we will know what to do in the next general election,” said Penang Island Hindraf Coordinator K. Kalaiselvam, 34.

Lim, who questioned whether the movement had been “infiltrated by Barisan Nasional collaborators”, also called on former Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon to give a full public explanation on why he sold the land at a “cheap price” of only RM10 per square feet and without consulting the residents.

Was Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng right in side stepping the issue and try to drag former Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon into the fracas?

Every succeeding government is responsible to take over and take care of what its predecessor had done, right or wrong. You can't run back to the previous administration, it's you baby now, take care of it.

Needless to say you have to take over both good and bad policies of the previous administration.Unless, there is criminality involved, in which case the law should take care of the problem , Lim Guan Eng calling on Dr Koh Tsu Koon to give full public explanation goes to show his obvious perplexity and inexperience in the running of government.

Government needs not consult residents every time it gives away land for development and for Lim to suggest so again shows his ignorance and inexperience.

Would he constantly consult the people every time he gives away land, projects or any dealings of the state government? You are elected by the people and they have given you the mandate to rule, just do your job and stop harping on past mistakes.It is your job to rectify if you feel mistakes have been made in the past.

Unless, Lim can prove there have been corruptions involved in the giving away of the land, in which case, he should report the matter to the MACC, it was very silly of him to call Koh to give public explanation.He is the Chief Minister now, it's for him to explain and resolve the problem.

Since when squatters have the rights to demand possession of state land they squatted on.The court have issued an order of eviction, therefore, those Hindraf leaders are breaking the law by instigating the villagers to demonstrate.

The right thing for Lim to do is to command the police to arrest the Hindraf leaders for instigating the villagers to cause public disturbance.Their refusal to move out is tantamount to contempt of court.

If many others have accepted exgratia payment from the land owner and moved out, it is obvious those remaining squatters are trying to squeeze more money from the developer, more than what they deserved.

It's typical of Pakatan playing the blame game.Blame the BN for any of their troubles.Now, he says Hindraf is infiltrated by Barisan Nasional troublemakers?

Cancelling the project would incur costs beyond the financial capability of the state government,” Lim said, chiding Hindraf for “not being able to distinguish who its friends and opponents are” and being blinded by rage and anger.

Now you know what these people are capable of doing.When they gave trouble to the BN government you blindly supported them. What do you make of Hindraf now that they are trying to break down your front door.

After the fall-out with Penang PKR and now Hindraf, what next Mr Lim?

Just slightly over a year you were already making unpopular decisions.The BN took almost 50 years before the chickens come home to roost.

Here, like father like son, father singing the same song.Incompetents looking for scapegoat.


eddy said...

Guan Eng used to crtiticise the Gerakan/BN for their high handedness when he was not in power, now when he is Chief Minister he is doing exactly the same. Now even refusing to meet the villagers who came to see him at KOMTAR. So very ek si now ah CM Guan Eng? No time for the poor High Chaparral villagers eh?

DAP hailed Makkal Sakhti during the March 2008 elections now they say Hindraf is infiltrated by the BN for taking up the villagers cause, I would say that is a slap in the face and an insult to Hindraf leaders and its members.I think that would not go unanswered by Uthayakumar who was put away under the ISA by the BN Government.

Please lah Guan Eng do not try to drag and blame Tsu Koon and Gerakan in this matterlah, YOU are the Government now and when you took over the State Government office and assets you also take over the good things and the mess left by the former State Governmentlah. What, its not your fault and you cannot do anything? Like the villagers saylah, just resign and I may add go back to Melaka and let a DAP Penangite lead Pulau Pinanglah.

Guan Eng is an inept politician who take his orders from DAP advisor his father Kit Siang and do not know how to handle political problems beside throwing tantrums and blaming it on Barisan Nasional, I guess that is the price for DAP to pay if they allow nepotism within their leaders' ranks.

I hear there are problems also in Kedah where the state DAP has declared out of the PAS led Kedah Pakatan Government. Also PAS Youth and UMNO youth are going to have an intellectual discourse soon. I have a good feeling that July 2009 will be a good month for Barisan Nasional.Sigh.

Anonymous said...

This Hindraf Tamil Tigers only know to blame others. The caste system is the root of the problem.

chaptokam said...

Would he constantly consult the people every time he gives away land, projects or any dealings of the state government? You are elected by the people and they have given you the mandate to rule, just do your job and stop harping on past mistakes.It is your job to rectify if you feel mistakes have been made in the past.
Correctly said , even though I am no fan of KTK ..

Someone said "Clearly these Hindraf leaders and BN collaborators are trying to spin a web of deceit and deception to paint the Penang state government as uncaring of Indians.

Is it ? Are these villagers so easily fooled and so gullible as to not knowing who's the people spinning a web of deceit and deception ? And to paint the Penang State government as the ones ?
They must have a reason for doing so , won't they ?
Who are the ones that promised them the moon and the sky ? during the last GE ? It couldn't have been the BN , as it was sold by the BN state govt ! So it has to be from the opposition , right ?
And who in particular from the opposition ? Two names mentioned , one Indian lawyer Rayer and the other mentioned by 84 years old villager was Anwar !
So how can it be that the BN is trying to deceive them ?
Like I said before and now , Guan Eng is now the CM , people voted PR in to change the BN govt and to undo what is not right and as promised .
Not to play tai chi everytime a problem crops up and shift the goal post by putting the blame on the previous govt . You are now the CM and CEO of Penang , stop blaming all the time . If you cannot perform , RESIGN an honourable way out .

chaptokam said...

"It was (former chief minister) Koh (Tsu Koon) and BN that sold out Kampung Buah Pala at the cheap price of only RM10 per square feet in 2007 and without consulting the residents."

Land sold for RM10 per square feet ? Cheap price ?
How do you come to equate that is cheap when these conditions have to be met .
1 ) The land is deem agriculture and hill land . please see the land zoning in the Penang Municipal Master Plan on developments .

As such , the developer will have to pay a substantial sum for rezoning from agriculture to development land .
2 ) The developer will have to excise the hill land constraint , meaning you cannot develop if its zone hill land . Example in Balik Pulau , its worse , even flat land , beside the main road is still deem water catchment areas ...
3 ) Compensation for squatters to have vacant possession .
Add another RM 10 per square feet for vacant possession and add another for conversion fees from agriculture/hill land to development land .
RM30 per square ft , still cheap ? for a piece of land which is a third or fourth piece from the main rd !!
What about construction cost which hill land and in particular that area is full of granite outcropping which need to be blasted ?
What about height constraint ? anything above 250ft cannot be develop ? When buying a piece of land of 2.5 hectares of which only maybe 1.5 hectares is usable for construction and for building ? the rest will have to be turn into open space and parks /playground ?

Here see for yourself whether its hill land or flat land ..for those not living in Penang,100.30524&z=16&t=h&hl=en

5.381212, 100.296698 goggle maps

It’s in Bukit Gelugor, behind the Shell Station, just after the southern end of Green Lane. behind Jln Delima 2 and 3

Hantu Laut said...

Guan Eng still live in the shadow of his combative and quarrelsome father.They promised the moon to the Penang people in the last election and they got voted in.Now, instead of correcting the wrongs they accused BN of, they cry like small children and keep blaming the BN.

They are bankrupt of ideas how to run a government.

Hantu Laut said...


Well said.Being a Penangite you should know better.They keep saying the land sold below market price without giving what the market price is.

After reading you analysis of the land I agree with you.

It's typical of Pakatan to tell only half the story to confuse the people.

eddy said...

Agree with Bro HL, Chaptokam is obviously a Penangite who knows his onions alright. Thanks for the useful land use information.

chaptokam said...

More juicy revelations from hindraf…

Guan Eng claims that the land which is believed to be transfered under dubious manner by the previous BN Government is the fault of the previous Government. But he must remember that the actual transfer of the said land had occured during his tenure as the Chief Minister.

If the previous Government had made a fraudulent deal then he is part of the fraudulent transaction for having sanctioned the transfer after he became the Chief Minister.

So the answer is there !!! Guan Eng dared not talk to the villagers neither has he visited Kampong Buah Pala , because he’s an accomplice and he is part of the fraudulent transaction for having sanctioned the transfer after he became the Chief Minister and during his watch .
When he became CM the first thing that he should have done is to bring up the files on Kampong Buah Pala and immediately put a halt to the transferof the land title . But he did not so who to blame ? Blame him of course and no one else .
Further he was two busy with the parliamentary stuff which I have commented many , many times that Penang is on autopilot or by remote control , as he Guan Eng is always not around in Penang . He is either in Parliament , in Malacca or in Perak giving moral support to the Nizar fella , but is rightly non of his business , since his Ah Pek fella is there . He should have concentrated on running the Penang govt , but he’s always not around . He has to divide his time with his wife ( Penang )his mistress ( parliament ) and his girlfriends ( Perak and Malacca )
So its not surprising he is not aware of anything happening in Penang , including the resignation of his Deputy Fairuz until asked by the international press in Singapore , and all he could say was , wa Tak Tau tanya Anwar !!
So , how can Guan Eng keep going on like this and keep shifting the blame to someone else and using diversionary tactics like land sols at cheap price ..blah..blah ..blah ..his teacher must have taught him very well to recite blah ..blah sheep have any dough.
Nevermind lah keep doing this and for the Ah Pek and him together keep harping on issues of non importance and keep whacking innocent Chinese leaders and neglect Penang .
One other issue not fully blown up is the development around Chee Seng gardens . The time is still not ripe yet . More to come , be patient ..more to be exposed .