Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Geobbles Of Pakatan

Hantu Laut

Why is Anwar Ibrahim courting supports from the non-Malays? Because he has little grassroots support with the Malays and he knew relying wholly on the support of the Malays through PKR is not possible because many Malays do not see PKR as a Malay based party or capable of looking after Malay interests. He needs PAS to galvanise the Malay supports for him.

Let's face it communal politics and race-based political parties are not going to go away, not so soon, anyway.As a matter of fact, Pakatan Rakyat has, over the past two years, done more harm to peace and stability that divide the various races than the BN has for the past 50 years.

Anwar Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim are day dreamers if they think multi-racial party and their version of Malaysian Malaysia is going to be a viable proposition, at least not now. The country is more divided now than before.

To prove that they are serious and meant what they say about equality for all the races, a truly Malaysian Malaysia, I challange them to dissolve DAP, PKR and PAS and form a single multi-racial party and fight the next general elections under this one umbrella.If not better put your money where your mouth is.

The rise of Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat was at the expense of foregoing racial harmony and political cooperation of the different races in the country nurtured by the BN government for over 50 years

The good old days of peace, stability and prosperity are gone.The good old days when Ahmad, Ah Long and Samy can sit on same table and have nice cups of 'teh tarik' and not touch anything on race and religion are gone. The good old days when Chinese were happy to get fair share of the economic pie and the Malays don't feel deprived and the Indians never felt marginalised are gone.Tell me who started it?

There are corruptions in the government, in the ruling party that needed to be changed, we all know that, but is that reason enough to split the people, cause racial tension and endless political bickering.

Malaysians are now coached to be more defiant, show no respect for each other, break the law and even revile the sultans and Agong if they have to and that's what they called freedom,equality and Bangsa Malaysia.

The recent attack on the Sultan of Perak by a blog associated with some leaders of the oppositions shows how far they would go to fulfil their desperation for power. Civil society is no more civil.They have been used to pursue the opposition's political agenda.They are so intoxicated with greed for power they are prepared to destroy the peace and stability of the nation under the pretext of peaceful demonstrations, a brand and brainchild of Anwar Ibrahim who knew without constant protests, civil disobedience and street demonstrations his name would be on the back burner and soon forgotten.

Anwar's must constantly churn out punitive publicity to portray him as the innocent victim of conspiracy by UMNO and BN, anything less would mean his sympathy support would evanescent from the people's mind.

Why has Najib condoned the Umno-inspired hysteria and gunning for Loke Siew Fook for insulting the Perak royalty and Islam when these allegations are completely groundless?

That's what Lim Kit Siang has to say about the offending article attacking the Sultan of Perak without himself knowing the truth.Instead of condemning it, as usual, he plays the blame game and called it UMNO-inspired hysteria.He should have said it was Malay-inspired hysteria because their Sultan has been insulted.

It is common knowledge for those who is familiar with the blog 'Might Of The Pen' that it is supporting Pakatan Rakyat political ideology which is nothing wrong as this is a free country and you can support, follow or join any political party you fancy.

To ignore and pretend as if insulting the Sultan is a small matter goes to show the arrogance and chauvinistic attitude taken by Lim.

This grand old coot was quick to condemn Utusan Malaysia and also condemned DPM Muhyiddin Yassin for saying Malay rights should be protected when, he, himself is a big culprit in stirring up racial issues.

After being so badly savaged, can Najib’s 1Malaysia be salvaged?

Another of his repudiation of Najib. Among all the opposition leaders this man has the most efficient propaganda machine.Mostly noises with no substance.He is the Joseph Goebbels of Pakatan Rakyat and should be made Minister of Propaganda if Pakatan do win the next general elections.

DAP is known as a Chinese party,PKR is a pariah party,PAS is an Islamic party and UMNO a Malay party.What is so wrong with that ?

If the Malays are with PAS, why worry, they will be with PAS.

If PAS is not going to protect them the Malays might just return to UMNO.What is wrong with that too.

So, please, Mr Lim stop raising all the racial bullshits that first started by you and your cohorts and expect others to keep quiet.

The privilege is not only yours to shout, others can shout back too.


Anonymous said...

HL, I am disappointed with your perpetuation of race-based political thinking. I think you are better than that. Fair enough you did say realistically it will not go away soon but perpetuating it is not the answer. The sooner we think ourselves as Malaysians the better.

It is UMNO, MCA and MIC that tries to divide and rule by desiring to be champions of their own race but it has failed miserably. Until UMNO came, Sabah was living as a multi racial community. More and more Sabah has become segregated by race. Whose fault is that?

I am a pre merdeka child. I have all races as my friends and classmates. Now I can hardly see my children having friends outside our race and religion. How has our political system failed us!

We must change our thinking now or all will be changed into something we all hate in the future.


donplaypuks® said...

If DAP which is multi-racial and has no race bar in its Constitution, is classified by you as Racist, what then shall we say of UMNO, MCA and MIC which are mono-racial parties?

And who is it who has sown the true seeds of racial polarisation in M'sia? UMNO/BN which has ruled the country since independence and which controls the MSM or the Opposition. Does UMNO have Chinese (if they are not Muslim), MCA Indian or MIC Malay members?

And Joseph Goebbels (not Geobbles) was chief propagandist for the Nazis; he was not the de facto head of the Nazi Party or Dictator, like Hitler!

So, DSAI cannot be compared to Goebbels. He is the centre around which the Opposition revolves.

Do remember that long before Perak, UMNO carried banners in Terengganu referring to the Sultan and our Agung as 'Natang, and before that it was Dr.M who amended the Constitution to expose the Royalty to criminal law suits.

We are all of 1 race, the Humna Race. That is all that really matters.

eddy said...

I am in total agreement Bro, what is happening since March 2008 showed that race based party and comunal politics is here to stay for a very, very long time to come indeed.

The majority politicians who are talking about a Bangsa Malaysia themselves comes from race based party, namely, DAP is a Chinese based extremist secular Party, PKR is just a Anwar Ibrahim official Fan Club which will support anything DAP says as long as DAP agree that Anwar is the PM in waiting and PAS is a Malay based party which used to uphold Islam but now Kow Tow to DAP and PKR whims and fancies regardless whether it is an Islamic issue or not. They are like the crab who wants to teach others to walk straight while they themselves walk sideways.

Your challenge for them to Dissolve DAP,PKR and PAS will never be answered bro, the true but sad fact is that they all have totally opposing political objectives and cannot even agree on a common middle ground to even sit down to ink an official coalition agreement.

All they can do now is to blame BN for everything under the sun even trying to pin the blame for the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock on the Government.

When they made substantial gains during the March 2008 elections, they got over confident, where before the election they pleaded with the people to elect a strong opposition, but now, one year after the election they are dreaming about taking over power after the next GE already.

The problem is that they could not comprehend that their electoral gains were not because they are a better alternative but because many abandoned BN due to the disastrously very weak flip flopping leadership of Abdullah Badawi. But, while the people's thinking and expectation evolved, DAP,PKR and PAS is still stuck in their own time zone still bickering among themselves on mundane issues, while UMNO and BN are making efforts to eradicate corruptions and abuse within their ranks and attempting very hard now to become a firm but people friendly Government. This will not go unnoticed by majority Malaysians who just wants a stable and secure Malaysia which the loose coalition of DAP,PAS and PKR can never give no matter how hard they try.

I predicted a while back that with Abdullah Badawi out of power and PM Najib taking over the reins of power, a rejuvenated and united UMNO and BN will slowly and surely suck out the momentum that Pakatan painstakingly build up since the last 6 years, the Perak takeover an the Manek urai results being good indicator. With Najib at the helm of BN, Pakatan has since lost Perak, and now Pakatan has found out that its harder to keep and run a territory then to capture it.

Another thing bro, DAP calling others racist when they are the real proponent of racism in this country is really cheap and ironic.

SM said...


I would strongly suggest to UMNO to hire you as Editor of Utusan! Whereas Utusan is "direct" as they are too stupid to be otherwise in their Editorials (& downright offensive, although Najib & Co. don't care), you on the other hand know how to "turn" the "Negatives" of the UMNO Racist, Corrupted Government into the "Negatives" of the "PR".
Just imagine the PR has been in existence for only just over a year & you are able to "blame" DSAI, LKS, LGE, Zaid Ibrahim & the PR for ALL the problems faced by Malaysians.
Touche bro!

Anonymous said...

First let us create single school system and see how the hypocrisy among the people who keep on blaming others but themselves

Hantu Laut said...

I agree with you and like you I am also pre-Merdeka child and have many friends of other races.We never had problem mixing with anyone.

In fact my family can be considered truly Malaysian.My wife's father is Chinese and mother Malay, myself of Pathan/Bajau/Dusun mix.My grandfather is of Pathan/Persian stock and came from Pakistan almost a century ago and married a local native girl.

We have adopted the Malay custom and language since my grandfather's time and our outlook are very Malay.We speak both Malay and English at home.I speak only English with my children because we are used to it from their young age.Besides English and Malay, my wife can also speak fluent Hakka,Cantonese and Mandarin.

If there is anyone who can claim to be called truly Anak Malaysia,members of my family and I would be high on the list.

I am not against the Anak Malaysia concept, what I am questioning is the way Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat going about it, is more political in nature rather than a geniune desire to unite the people.

In fact, the people are more divided now than before, because of the intense politicking.

Hantu Laut said...


DAP multi-racial in word only.How many Malays or Indians are there in the party?It is a Chinese dominated party. Of course, one that stick out like a sore thumb is Tengku Aziz.Even some of my Chinese friends wondering why he joined DAP not PKR.Of course, the choice is his, but that shows clearly he doesn't like Anwar.

The Geobbles was a typo error,I assumed you know, but little minds usually like trivility.Never said he was de facto head of the Nazi.I said he was the propaganda machine.He was the one who started sending the Jews to hell.Never said Anwar is like Geobbels,I said Lim Kit Siang is.

This is the trouble with you guys,shooting blindly into the dark and even worse your hypocritical attitude and pretence.You all knew why Mahathir have to amend the Constitution to make the royalty answerable for crimes committed by them.

Besides that and the making of automatic passing of parliamentary bills after certain period if the monarchs refused to give assent, Mahathir have not removed their other powers or denigrate their status.This is certainly Anwar's sour grape, he was there when it happened, now he tried to play it up.

Mahathir, the Malays,Chinese and Indians then have never insulted any of the sultans like you guys are doing now.

Yes, we all are of the human race but some are more stupid than others.

Hantu Laut said...

Of course, these are a bunch of bullshitters, who do not do what they preached.

Look at the characters in Pakatan,other than the veterans like Lim ,Karpal,Anwar, the rest just came out from the woodwork, do you trust them to run this nation.Even a little boy who secretly videotaped the Lingam's conversation could win an election.

I bet there are many unsavoury characters in there.This was confirmed by their own people.Remember Wee? The death of Teoh, we still don't know yet.

Hantu Laut said...


I am becoming your fan.I'll take that as a compliment,but, no, thanks.I would rather keep my independence, who knows,one day, my opinion of BN change might change.

SM said...


Yes, despite the "slight criticism" intended, my comment was complimentary towards you!
Let's face it...it's difficult to get "worthy" opponents.
Despite what the UMNO people & supporters say about DSAI, none of them (not even Najib) would dare (except Shabery) take up an open debate with him!
The PR has only been in existence for a short while...of course they are going to trip, slip & fall. Of course they are going to have growing pains. Of course the MPs they have lack experience. As the saying goes...what doesn't kill you will make you stronger! Just wait...UMNO (& poor Najib) is in for a horrendous time!

Azman Kader said...


The Malaysian reality is that we are digressing as a nation. When will our leaders wake up and smell the flowers? I don't know? When it comes to politics - BN and PR are just two sides of a coin. All politicking and very little governance! The elections are over! It is time to work but both sides are trying to dig up dirt on each other while the Rakyat remain clueless as to the direction of this God given country.

As for the coruption? It can only be stopped if our leadership do not practice it. When it stinks it always start from the head. I am of the opinion that the civil service and our elected officials should be renumerated better for the work and duties that they perform - on par with the private sector. Well, they are running/managing Malaysia Inc.!
IF they are corrupt? Let us treat them as traitors to the country because they are selling out this wonderful nation. Shot and quartered!

We Malaysian have to change our mind set. Return to the good and create a genuine Malaysian identity.

Accept all that is good and reject all that is bad!

Azman Kader said...


I am all for the Royalty(s). However their role need to more defined in this ever-changing environment. Since they do receive a stipend/allowance from the government ie. the rakyat, I believe that Their Royal Highnesses should be barred from entering govt contracts and tenders. Their involvement is contrary to their role and being impartial and fair because of their standing within society makes it unfair and unequal.

CIA said...

Hantu Laut

Oh that Mad man of Asia ball licker donplaypuk*s . Why bother with this arsehole ! wasting your time . He has his mindset and now barking like a mad dog . I couldn't care two hoods about this arsehole . Let him post what he wants , the nastier the better cause we are monitoring and keeping a record of all his comments .

Y1 said...

I admire the rich and real mix of culture in your family background. However I dsagree that racism has only increased after March 18 last year.

Cast your mind back to the last ten years in Sabah. Can you not detect the more than subtle shift to racial politics since UMNO came in? What is worse, there are now 2 classes of bumiputras too. The Muslim Bumis and the Non Muslim Bumis.