Monday, August 31, 2009

Is This The Malaysia You Want?

Hantu Laut

First it was demolition of Hindu temples by the Selangor BN government to necessitate development. Then there was Hindraf and the oppositions using religious sentiments and massive demonstration to rattle the BN government that almost turn ugly.

They cajoled the people and promised to stop demolishing Hindu temples if they come to power. The Selangor people voted them in.

Now they are in power they never kept that promise, they improvised, they plugged one hole but opened up another hole.

What is happenning to this beloved nation?

Before, mosques, churches and temples stood next to each other, we had no problem, we see it as just other beliefs of our fellow Malaysians, our brothers and sisters. Have we reached the nadir of religious and racial intolerance, we are prepared to destroy this peaceful nation so that some can satisfy their political agenda?

Is this the Malaysia that you want?


Anonymous said...

if you are the majority and can have it all your way, why accomodate ???

This is the Malaysia we will get - never mind what we want


Zanie said...

Spin and more spin hantu laut! You know too well who they were! UMNO goons just like you!

We read from all angles and we know. You just write to please your master who pay you handsomely. How disgusting, for some token, you exchange that for the hell fire that awaits you in the afterlife!

Anonymous said...

maybe it should be the nadir of religious intolerance, as the implication is that its a low point of religious intolerance (?). technically i get what you mean, but wonder whether the choice of words is appropriate (zenith vs. nadir)
as to the content and the message, who cares. this 52 years of umno, hopefully it'll end with a big bang. if not things will continue to get intolerable
he he he

Hantu Laut said...


I do agree with you 'nadir' would be more appropriate.Of course 'zenith' is usually used as the highest point of something, more asociated with success and Pakatan has successfully brought racial and religious intolerance to its highest point, in another word to its zenith, the highest point in the sky.

I agree, must come down to earth, I have changed to nadir.

SM said...


Pretty simple, I see the Indon import "Khir Toyol's" hand in this one!
He has already vowed to bring down the Selangor PR Government. We see it clearly in the way the MACC has gone after the PR MPs.
It's not the PR that has brought Racial & Religious Intolerance to it's Zenith! You know very well it's UMNO!
It takes time to bring something to the "boil" & UMNO has had 52 years to do just that! Now that they have been voted out of Selangor (we ALL know Selangor is the Jewel in the Crown for Malaysia), the "pain" is too much to take! Can you imagine the amount of "Illgotten gains" & "Under-the-table" money that the UMNO goons could have made if they were still in Power? That's why they are so desperate to take back Selangor by whatever means possible. The Selangor Rakyat will NEVER bring back the Corrupted & Racist UMNO Government back to Selangor (take it from a born & bred "Selangor-ian" I know what I'm talking here!).

SM said...


Just in case you deny that UMNO is behind this, just look at what the Utusan is continually spinning on a daily basis & what they said to "justify" this issue!
Yes, Najib came out & told the IGP to do smething about it (you mean to say the PM has to tell the Police to act? Shouldn't the Police have done something about it? Astounding!), yet noone is telling Utusan to stop fanning its Racial Commentaries (& we all know the Utusan is the "mouthpiece" of UMNO (or are we going to deny that too?!).

Hantu Laut said...


For someone who posted in huge letters 'UNDI PAS DAPAT PAHALA', you really have the cheek to say I am UMNO goon.Have you seen anything I advertised for UMNO, as you did for PAS.

That's the kind of pea-brained supporters that Pakatan have, everything boils down to money.

For information of your shallow brain, this is a free country, I have every right not to like Pakatan and to prefer the BN and I don't have to be paid for it.

If you have enough intelligence, you would be attacking my article, not me.

Hantu Laut said...

Like every right-minded Malaysians I do not condone what they did, may they be UMNO,PKR,PAS or DAP.

This kind of show is despicable and dangerous.The police should get to the bottom of it and nap all the culprits involved.

I do blame Pakatan for it because they are the one who first started it and constantly raise the issues of marginalisation of other races and abhorrence of Malay rights under the Constitution.They are also the one who incited the Indian Hindus on the temple demolition.

Some people just can't tolerate it any longer and the cow head is just the beginning of their frustrations.

I think both sides must stop playing with fire.

Anonymous said...

The police should have taken immediate action to quell the small demonstration. They usually they violent action when PR people are involved. Their inaction seems to indicate that the demonstrators are not from PR. Those bastards who did the despicable act should be hung and shot.
Pak Tua Kelantan

SM said...


You can be sure PR was not involved here! Why I'm so sure? Well, one of the banners clearly stated "Islam untuk semua, Kuil untuk Roziah dan Khalid"!
You said...I do blame Pakatan for it because they are the one who first started it and constantly raise the issues of marginalisation of other races and abhorrence of Malay rights under the Constitution.
Maybe you want to read your comment again?
What's wrong with that? The Non-Malays are marginalised (especially the Indians) & who's questioning Malay rights? Come on bro...that's a bit below the belt!
I can finally confirm why UMNO supporters hate DSAI...for the simple fact that he's willing to sit down with the Non-Malays!!!!! Geeezeee!

Anonymous said...

shame on you hantu laut on what you are tying to spin.... memalukan all sabahan...

eddy said...

Bro,to have a clear understanding of the demonstration by the Syah Alam seksyen 23 residents read here:

Of course Pakatan groupies will repeat the same mantra that the event at Shah Alam is planned by UMNO. These people just cannot face the truth that the leaders of the Shah Alam seksyen 23 demonstrators is a En. Mahyuddin Manaf a PKR member, and his deputy is one En.Ibrahim Sabri a known Anwar Ibrahim and his Reformasi supporter. The point is that Pakatan groupies cannot come to terms that the demonstration with the cow head on 28 August 2009 was planned and headed by Pakatan own supporters. Yes the truth is very painful indeed.

Actually Bro, demonstration using cows as inspired by PKR Pakatan leaders is not new, as recently as a few months back in Selangor there was a demonstration against the MACC aptly called "Perhimpunan Semangat 46 Lembu" led by PKR Youth Chief Shamsul Iskandar holding a cow, to send a message that the MACC is acting like a "lembu kena cucuk hidung" by the BN. But lo and behold there was no howl of protest by the usual suspects.I wonder why? is it because Pakatan are angels which could do no wrong.Hmm... Pictures tells a thousand words so see for youself here:

Lets get this out first, peaceful demonstrations is acceptable in a democracy, but using the cow's head or any part thereof of the cow which is considered a sacred animal by the Hindus is very wrong no matter who does it. If the Seksyen 23 residents wanted to vent their displeasure towards their MB PKR Khalid Ibrahim, PAS MP Shah Alam Khalid Samad , PKR Exco Adun Rodziah and Xavier Jayakumar who refuses to meet them to have a dialog about the temple issue, then, they should have used other legal means. But then they are just following PKR demonstration method as propogated by Shamsul Iskandar PKR youth head.

There is a very sensible comment on the temple issue from Rocky's Bru by a commenter who goes by the name apek kampung:

Apek kampung wrote:
As a Chinese who was brought up in a purely Malay kampung; i sincerely believed their predicment. Why not have a win-win situation and compromise on the location. If our Muslims friend can even go to Mecca to perform their Haji or Umrah; our Hindu friend also can have their temple at Seksyen 22 instead of 23.
From my observation, usually lots of outsiders then the locals attend to any religious function compare to locals. It make a little bit of sense if we be more tolerance instead of asking others. Please bear in mind that the Seksyen 23 folks is just only hoping that the temple to be build at seksyen 22 instead of their neighbourhood. It is so difficult to do. As i understand lots of surau of masjid land is also known as Tanah Wakaf is donated by their Muslims brother. Here the land is provided by the state government. So why fighting?
We cannot neglect those folks feeling in Seksyen 23, maybe they worried about traffic congestion; noisy environment and influx of outsiders. Understand their predicment and the matter can be solve."

The key word is "understand the predicament and the matter can be solved". MB Khalid Ibrahim, MP Khalid samad, Excos Rodziah and Jayakumar can learn a thing or two about handling their constituents complaints. Their inept handling and refusal to meet the residents and only replying through press statemenst and in their blogs have caused this issue to be blown out of proportion.

Pakatan supporters are dreaming about ending BN rule in the next election, but the way that they handle the states under their administration just show that their leaders are not capable of running this country. Pakatan leaders are only good at rhethorics, complaining, whining and condemning others and assign blame to all thing UMNO/BN these are qualities which will only take this great nation on the road to perdition...This is a Malaysia that many do not want.

tombiruo said...

to anon 9.09pm,

I'm Sabahan and am not ashamed of what HL write. Pls don't make sweeping statement. Tq

Hantu Laut said...

You are wrong , Anwar is prepared to sit down with the devil if he has to,just that he could be PM of this nation.

Believe me, he has no great love for the non-Malays, they are just his stepping stone to achieve power.

The man have not an ounce of gratitude in him, that's was why he landed himself in such a mess.

Hantu Laut said...

Whoever did it is despicable and the law must be seen to be fair whether they are from UMNO or the oppositions, they must be charged according to the law.

We are not going to allow a few religious bigots to destroy this nation based on their shallow understanding of Islam.

How can they call themselves Muslims when they can kick and spit on part of a cow,which is food for the Muslims and sacred animal for the Hindus.

This is the ultimate 'kurang ajar'and a shame to the Malay community.

There are other ways to resolve such problem and threat of violence is and should not be one of them.

I also feel the MB of
Selangor Khalid Ibrahim was wrong and insensitive by allowing the temple to be built in Malay majority area.

SM said...


I wrote a long "rebuke" to you said about Khalid being insensitive...but what the heck...I give up!
Malaysia is doomed anyway...with what's happening...either we are steering towards another May 13th (God forbid) or the whole country is going downhill fast!
God save Malaysia (but I think God has already abandoned He did with Sodom & Gomorrah!).
As I've said before...whenever someone told me they were leaving or migrating, I used to say don't. Now I say...good luck & good for you!
Challenge Malay rights? Ya rite! When all the Non-Malays (or most of the "talented" ones anyway) have left, then the Malays will go at each other (i.e. UMNO Malays & Non-UMNO Malays)!

Hantu Laut said...

You sound like a prophet of doom. Things are not as bad as you imagine.It's going to get better.Najib is trying his best but there are elements trying to sabotage his efforts.

I have no problem with mosques,churches and temples standing near each other but than I am not representative of the majority.There are many, not only Muslims, including those from other faiths, who don't like the idea of close proximity of their house of worship to those of other faiths, stemmed out of ignorance and bigotry.

SM, we are all not the same, we have to accept it.Our mindset, our point of view are what makes the world go round, for better or for worse.

Pakatan leaders are not consistant and intentionally misled the people. On one hand they want freedom to go on the streets which they say
is their constitutional rights but on the other hand they question the rights of bumiputras(this includes those from Sabah and Sarawak)which is also embedded in the constitution.They want both cakes and eat it.

SM, it is the same as the law of contract, you wouldn't like the party you have a contract with try to break the contract just because he feels cheated.It is not only legally wrong, it is also morally wrong.

The rightful thing for Pakatan to do is to work hard to capture the Federal government in the next GE and if they get two-thirds majority they can amend the constitution.

What they are doing now is distabilising the country and is dangerous.Anwar doesn't care two hoots what happen to this country, he only cares for himself.

SM said...


I hope I'm wrong BUT the way things are going...
The elements trying to sabotage Najib's efforts are in UMNO itself.
Yes, ignorance & bigotary are not isolated to one race or religion only. HOWEVER, you will notice that the Chinese & Indians do not go to the streets to protest against a mosque bing built near there homes. When I was growing up (until I was in University) close to mosques. Never bothered me. In fact, as a result of living so close to mosques, I can resite the Azan too!
I know for a fact that there are mosques built in majoruty Chinese & Indian areas, but you don't see the non-muslims going to the streets saying the mosque will distub their "peace" or whatever you? What did the police do in this case? Nothing. Just stood by & watched!
This csae is not the first. I remember how long it took for the Catholics to get a church built in Shah Alam. It went to & fro for more than 20 years (it was only settled after the Archdiocese decided to take the Selangor Govt. to court & waa...lah...approval was finally granted! By the way, the only Muslim who has set foot in that church is the PAS MP from that area. And even better still, guess what...he was not struck down by lightning neither was he converted!!!