Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Constitution Is The 'Boss'

Hantu Laut

You can't sack or force an elected member to resign.Only the people can remove him in an elections or by his act of criminality or if he is of unsound mind.No one, including the Sultan, can force an assemblyman or member of parliament to resign. He can resign only on his own accord.

If it so happened he is not doing his job, it's just too bad, only the people, not Anwar Ibrahim nor Khalid Ibrahim can remove him. That's democracy.

What Anwar and Khalid are doing is autocracy, a promise they made to Malaysians that this nation would be rid of when they take over the federal government.Many Malaysians believe these two bullshit artists. Melayu kata "Cakap tak serupa bikin" atau Orang Puteh kata "Do what I say, not as what I do"

Why are there so many bad and lazy elected representatives in PKR? They say they are getting rid of the dirt in the party.If that was the case than Anwar should be the first one that they should get rid of.He came from the same dirty filthy UMNO that have ruled this nation for over half a century.

It shows the PKR's leadership has not been discerning in their selection of candidates, any riffraff would do as long as they win an election.Even a dishonest boy who illegally recorded his father's lawyer's conversation and made public by Anwar Ibrahim which created a political storm that eventually constituted a Royal Commission was chosen as a candidate.

Wondering, how this wonder boy is performing in Parliament, whether he is as good as his sleuthing ways? Silence is golden.Unless, I have missed something, haven't heard him saying anything, not even a wee word, in Parliament.

In many advanced countries it is illegal to tape a conversation for criminal or tortious purposes if it was obtained without the person's consent.I am not sure what the law is like in Malaysia concerning this subject.However, a while ago I remember reading in the news of a man being charged and dragged to court for illegal video taping of an actress with a hidden camera.I believe it constitutes the same criminal act, unlawful taping, and in this case a kind of entrapment.

Pakatan's people talked about honesty and a corruption free nation when they can't tell between an ass and a hole in the ground and their own dishonest intents.

What does Khalid Ibrahim expects Badrul Hisham to do when he openly challenged him to resign his elected post accusing him of non-performance? Did he honestly believe that Badrul would resign after being slighted by him? If Khalid thinks he is the boss and he can sack him than he is mighty wrong.The Constitution is the boss.

Badrul's departure may not put a dent in Pakatan's Selangor government but it certainly shows the gross inexperience, ignorance and incompetence of Khalid Ibrahim in running a state government.....and to understand the parliamentary system practised in this country. In all honesty it is just one big bullshit to keep Pakatan always in the limelight.Winning by-elections is one of the ploys to hoodwink the people that they are getting stronger and stronger each day.Malaysians are bought.

You are not running a corporation where you can hire and fire people at will.Running a government is a bit more complicated than that.The 'Constitution' is the boss.

What is a democracy? 'Democracy is a system of government by the whole people or all the eligible members of the state, typically through elected representatives'.

I rest my case.

Posted in Phnom Penh.The Water Festival starts tomorrow and for the next 4 days it will be public holidays here.


FMZam said...

What a stupid thinking to say that Constitution is the Boss when we are the one who made the constitution not otherwise. We are the one who is the boss, we can take anything out of constitution and we can make anything into a constitution.

"Kita bikin sama dia, bukan dia bikin sama kita".

Hantu Laut said...


It is more stupid to think that people like Anwar and Khalid are the bosses over PKR assemblymen and MPs.

Only the Constitution can sack them, so it is the boss.

If you don't understand metaphors than I am sorry for you.

SM said...


Seriously you are beginning to sound like the Malaysian MSM!
Yes, Khalid & the PKR are inexperienced...they have only been in power in Selangor for 1 1/2 years! What do you expect?
Khalid "asked" Badrul to resign...he knows he can't "force" the clown to resign.
The important issue here is that Khalid saw one of his "people" not performing & made it public. UMNO would have quietly paid him a few million & got rid of him in the next GE! Or maybe even promote him!
Best part about all this is the crook (& I'm being polite here!) Khir Toyol is waiting with open arms to accept a MP from the opposition who is not performing! Well done! That's the quality of people that UMNO attracts! While PKR are slowly getting rid of the scum, UMNO is collecting them!
I saw Badrul's Press Conference where yesterday. He couldn't even look straight at the's like talking to someone who can't look you in the me...well...PKR screwed up big time by allowing Badrul to become MP BUT it just reinforces my belief that "birds of a feather flock together" & UMNO has just attracted another one of its kind!

eddy said...

Bro, true to their nasty ways the PKR supporters and their Malaysiakini and themalaysianinsider are on hyperdrive painting the Port Klang as bad as they can possibly paint him and surprise, surprise how so happy that they "got rid" of him to UMNO? I remembered he only declared himself an indepemdent and supports BN. So what's the beef?

Khalid Ibrahim is biased, why I say biased? He supported Elizabeth Wong and kept her as a Exco even after her nude pictures taken by a Malay married man was posted in the internet for all and sundry to see.The Badrul fella is bad eh? Elizabeth Wong is not fit to be an Adun and Exco even. As a Menteri Besar I think he should resign for his callous and biased decision making.

The truth is in the last election the people were angry with BN and voted against BN to show their anger not because PKR,PAS and DAP are better alternatives. That's why you have all sort of people from pkr being elected into the DUNs and the Parliament that include the guy who took secret videos without permission Bro.

And yes! Our Constitution is the "Boss".

FMZam said...


Your meta on who's the boss is as good as saying those people whose boss is Najib are equally more stupid.

I have a better metaphor, since we go nowhere saying who is stupid, why not we ride on top of both Anwar and Najib and say Constitution is stupid and see who is the real boss.

Hantu Laut said...


Self-praise is no recommendation. PKR/Pakatan is full of them holier than thou politicians.

I don't like corruption and I don't like many of the government policies but I strongly believe that Pakatan is not the right alternative.They are world apart but for greed of power they pretended to cooperate.Believe me, their charade wouldn't last.

Hantu Laut said...


You hit the nail on the head.Of course Khalid Ibrahim is bias.

No only Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider. Lately, the newsportal Asia Sentine, I used to write for has joined the bandwagon.

Recently their article "Getting Away with Murder in Malaysia" is libelous and totally irresponsible.