Monday, October 5, 2009

Lim Kit Siang "Do not unto others, that which you would not have others do unto you!"

Hantu Laut

This old scoundrel thinks muck-racking and mud-slinging is his privilege alone, others no can do.Go through the archives of his blog an see for yourself his barrage of hypocritical criticisms, muck-racking, mud-slinging and spinning the untruths, undoubtedly, makes him the biggest political drunk in this country.

Not a single day has been spared by his.... Najib this, Najib that, Najib should take the blame,Najib should apologise, Najib 1 Malaysia a piece of crap.He sounds pathetically like my grandfather's old 78 rpm broken record that always slipping onto the same groove.

Read what this old grumpy pot laments here.

If someone wrote racist books, why should Najib apologise.

Anyway, being a racist is only politically wrong, it is not a crime.If I say I don't like Lim Kit Siang and he is Chinese, have I committed a crime, am I a racist? Well, to be honest, I don't like Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz, one Chinese, one Malay and the other one, not only Malay but a pious Muslim, am I a racist?

Racism and racists are best left ignored and if you are not a racist yourself why would you want to read racist books.


SM said...


No problems are ok!
As long as you "don't" say that you don't like any UMNO Leaders, you are ok...& not Racist.
If you "do" say you don't like any UMNO Leaders, you will not only be branded as a Racist BUT also probably be "charged" for insulting Islam!
By the way, I wish I was a Bagan Pinang voter, with Isa as the UMNO candidate (& with UMNO desperate to win at "any" cost, I could really "make" some extra "pocket money"!!!

SAM said...

hehe that apek always said UMNO that UMNO this , soo funny laa that DAP , They can said anything about UMNO .

But DAP cybertrooper soo sensitive when your talking about them . U cannot critic DAP , theyre angelic !!! hahaha

Remember DAP Selangor ADUN when get investigate with SPRM , their make a media conference and 'melalak' - "why chinese only been investigate" hahaha now we see how rhetoric they're about to be a Malaysian !

eddy said...

Like you Bro, I do not like the political message brought by Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz. These 3 people are political opportunists of the first degree.

Instead of teaching that we Malaysians should accept the differences between races and religion they are actually accentuating the differences between the races and religion.

They have the temerity to label UMNO and BN as racist when they are actually the ones who practises it in one form or another. While UMNO allowed other component parties to represent a Malay majority area, would DAP allow a Malay to stand in a Chinese majority area. And another, would the Buah Pala issue be handled better by the DAP if the villagers are Chinese, I believe so. PAS's Nik Aziz is such an megolomaniac that he labels other Muslims not with PAS as people who cannot go to heaven.

Bro, Malaysia would be a much more harmonious place when Lim Kit Siang,Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz and their hardcore followers are long gone and retired from politics.

SM said...


Even TDM acknowledges the "need" for the opposition.
Many a time UMNO & BN would have got away with worse "muck" if the opposition had not highlighted them. Do you think PKFZ, excesses by the PDRM & MACC, Lingam Tapes & the 1001 other scandals would have come out in the open if not for the opposition? How can we progress forward if all the problems we have are not highlighted (& just swept under the rug)?
That's the problem with being the opposition, you have to accentuate the differences, you have to highlight the negatives!
As for Buah Pala...Eddy is right...maybe if it was a Chinese Majority area Kho Suu Khun, Gerakan & the BN would not have sold the land (& thus LGE would not have had to sort out the problems that the BN started & left for the DAP!). While LGE got the Developer to offer RM250K houses to the residents, MIC were playing behind the scenes & telling the residents not to accept! The residents got greedy because MIC (& the BN) kept telling them thier land were much more valuable! The best part is that the land is not even owned by these residents!

Anonymous said...

SM obviously you dont understand what eddy write . hahaha .

Can i know what happen to Lingam Tape and of coz MACC , and PDRM ... even Lingam Tape is like a kangaroo court made by Abdullah badawi and yet u seems dont see the points ?? .

MACC as i know is being ridicilous and only get wild accusation by DAP so their rasuah will get away and funny thing DAP want MACC investigate theirs members like 5 star hotel style , thats son funny with DAP who hypocritely like to champions but their tail full of dirt . heh .

So what about Kg buah pala ??? why in the first place people in Pakatan Rasuah exspecially in DAP make a promise they can resolve theirs problem . Its show racist people in DAP only can promise lie !