Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Now It's Jeffery Kitingan Turn To Go On Long Leave, Anwar Made Life Easier For BN In Sabah

Hantu Laut

As expected, Jefferey Kitingan was foaming at the mouth, said Anwar Ibrahim showed disrespect to Sabahans by not taking into consideration the majority voices of its supporters.About 16 divisions wanted him to lead Sabah PKR but was ignored by the central leaders. Jeffery's press statement here (updated).

In the same footsteps of Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffery says he is going on long leave to think over his political future in PKR.Since he is now out of favour with PKR leaders at the national level the thought of staying on in the party has become untenable and a big embarrassment for him.

At one time Jeffery was the flag bearer of PKR Sabah and many members of the KDM community were attracted to the party. Unfortunately, he was replaced just before the last general elections.

PKR may have lost its only possible source of support for the next general elections. The Sabah Muslims are not likely to support PKR, the Chinese given a choice would either stay with BN or vote for DAP or other Sabah based party.

Appointing Thamrin in the hope of getting Muslims votes is like shouting in the wilderness, nobody can hear, he has absolutely no grassroots and many people in Sabah have not heard of his name.

Anwar has made life easier for BN in Sabah.


SM said...


Unfortunately I agree with you here! Either DSAI seems totally clueless in Sabah or he has some "hidden" plan (which for the life of me I can't imagine)!
Yes, for the moment DSAI has made BN's life in Sabah much easier!
Too bad...he could have done the opposite if he had chosen Jeffrey!

eddy said...

Here's a thought Bros, Anwar read Sabah politics well and thinks PKR will never be able to compete with UMNO in Sabah not without his beloved Azmin at the helm anyway.

I think by placing an unknown lightweight instead of Jeffrey as the new Sabah PKR Chief, Anwar is in effect saying goodbye to Sabah.

I hope Jeffrey enjoy his political 'leave' though. He is so used to leap frogging I think he will get over the dissapointment faster than we can say hello and wave goodbye to him.

Anonymous said...

Thamrin who?

i notice even MalaysiaKini does not have his mug shot!

Anwar has lost its bearings!

Hantu Laut said...


Now you know the real Anwar.He only thinks of himself, not the masses.He knew Jeffery's background yet he chose him to lead PKR before and later dropped him.

Jeffery is unreliable but he has some grassroots among the KDM people.

This is the man that many young Malaysians want to be their PM.How many of his close friends have left him?

SM said...

HL / Eddy,

Bro Eddy brought up a good point! Maybe DSAI did see what could very well happen with Jeffrey!
Let's say the PKR does pretty well in Sabah in the next GE. Guess what...a few bags of money changes hands (as happened before in Sabah & we know it is common with Money Politics in UMNO, after all it's only a Technical Matter as quoted by Najib in Paris) & waa-laah...Jeffrey & his frog mates jump over to BN!
Maybe DSAI just doesn't want someone like Jeffrey to head Sabah UMNO. I can't believe DSAI wants to say bye-bye to Sabah (or Sarawak) because as we know, if it wasn't for Sabah & Sarawak, the BN would not have won the last GE!
For the record, I don't give a hoot if DSAI becomes PM or not. I want someone "other" than an UMNO President (picked by UMNO members) to be PM. The Malaysian PM should be someone picked by the majority of Malaysians & not by the majority or members of one party (who say they represent everyone but really only represent a chosen few).

Anonymous said...

RPK is right on Anwar's self destruct mode, he is really doing BN a big favor here.

The 2 big main BN's worry, PKR & PAS is heading toward major break up and that save BN a lot of effort to do so.

The 2 are basically telling the rakyat "Do not vote for us, we are bloody hopeless, we can manage our own party how can you expect us to run a country"

Very soon, new political parties will be formed and we more or less like Indonesia in '98 with 100's of
it to choose from.

Since blogger are so concern about the country I suggest, each and every blogger form their own party, it would be extraodinary to have a party call Parti Hantulaut SeMalaysia.

(Just kidding, Bro, no offense intended, coz want to loosen up a bit after reading so much of these irritating thing happening in this country politics)

Anonymous said...

The Gods offer clues about the ownership group. Not having any blacks working in-house was a clue not only did these proprietors have a family history against blacks but they also have a personal history in a prior life!!! Also, the "romance" event was a clue they are preditory on women as well.

Anonymous said...

eddy 11.32pm

I agree with you
well said