Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zaid In Sabah In Defiance, Sabah PKR Heading For A Breakup

Hantu Laut

Sabah PKR leaders heading for a split. Zaid came to Sabah in defiance of leadership's decision.

It is expected that one or both, Jeffery Kitingan and Ansari Abdullah might leave the party due to irreconcilable differences and frustrations with the party president's procrastination and indecisiveness on the issue of who should lead PKR in Sabah.Azmin Ali is a thorn in the flesh of Jeffery Kitingan and other PKR leaders in Sabah.

Azmin Ali is furious. Zaid has ignored the ban on him from going to Sabah, undoubtedly, engineered by Azmin.The unpopular and dysfunctional Azmin Ali is afraid that Zaid may steal the show from him.One PKR member lamented "What show, he never showed up". Why do you think Jeffery invited Zaid instead of him he said.

Jeffery Kitingan who invited Zaid for the PKR Hari Raya open house today admitted PKR is heading for a serious crisis.He, himself, is at loggerhead with Ansari Abdullah and despised the fact that he has been reduced to playing second fiddle.Jeffery's exit from PKR wouldn't come as a surprise, he is very adapt to 'takoran bangkad' (changing shirt), and PKR is no different from the rest that he had abandoned in the past.

Jeffery claimed a memorandum signed by by 18 of the 23 divisions in Sabah on the issue of Azmin Ali has been sent to the party president.

On the other hand, Ansari Abdullah refuted Jeffery's claim saying there was no such memorandum and that 15 divisions have disassociated themselves from the memorandum.

Meanwhile, Zaid said he was only taking leave from attending PKR political bureau meetings but would continue to be involved in activities to strengthen Pakatan Rakyat.

What that means? Your guess as good as mine, it must be Azmin Ali, that he doesn't want to meet in the bureau meetings.Zaid also admitted his visit to Sabah did not get the party leadership's blessings.

Will Anwar Ibrahim sacrifice Azmin Ali for the newcomers, Zaid and Jeffery? The probable answers below.

If no change come soon to replace Azmin, Jeffery would leave PKR sooner and Zaid differences with Azmin Ali, would be a matter of time, before he departs.

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FMZam said...

While Pakatan's crust is dotted by many break-up points, they live, die and live again like volcanos on earth's fault lines. BN may see them as breaking up but at the same time BN feels the earth beneath is moving. Pakatan is showing eruption everywhere now, they can explode and sink into the ocean, but everytime they sink into the ocean, they cause tsunami that sends BN scurrying for their life.

What BN's afraid of Pakatan is equal in either Pakatan's breaking up or it is a sleeping volcano. Even if BN can seal off every Pakatan's volcano, BN cannot stop Pakatan's molten lava that is moving from underneath and filling the cracks in within BN's ruptured crust. BN is ATLANTIS.

We all are living on faults. What matters is not who will keep floating, but who will keep rising everytime he sinks, be it BN or Pakatan.

eddy said...

Zaid mahu tunjuk hero macam dia cuba tunjuk hero masa dia jadi Menteri BN dulu agaknya. I wonder what Zaid is up to this time.

Let us see what Anwar Ibrahim is made of, steel or just cream pie. Zaid disobeyed a direct instruction from Anwar and Azmin not to attend the Hari Raya gathering in Sabah, so he has to be punished otherwise Anwar and Azmin will look like idiots whose orders can be ignored even by a junior leader who is a newcomer in PKR like Zaid.

Looks like PKR is not sinking, it is slowly but surely dissolving in a highly concentrated political acid solution created by its own leader Anwar Ibrahim stirred by Azmin it seems.

Anuar Ibrahm said...

amende kau cakap ni mat? bunyi macam best tapi apa bijik butir pun tak tau. macam taik.

SM said...


I wish Zaid were to just "break-away" & form a party called "Pakatan Rakyat"! Since the Opposition are wasting time bickering around!
Simple, those from the Opposition who want to form a truly 1-Party, leaves the DAP, PAS & PKR & join Zaid!
Maybe then maybe Ku Li will also leave UMNO & join Zaid. That would be a truly great opposition party!

FMZam said...

Anuar Ibrhm,

Of course it's taik. What do you expect me to say in a blog that posts nothing but TAIK.....Makan taik lah u mat...

SM said...


I believe Zaid is right in going to Sabah. To top it all he was smart enough to take a 6month "sabbatical" from the PKR.
DSAI can't "force" Zaid to do or not do anything. If DSAI does that then he really has not "lost" all of his "UMNO" traits.
No, I don't think PKR is "dissolving" (I like that word!). Similarly, we could say that MCA & MIC are dissolving (PPP & Gerakan are alreday dissolved!).
However, if DSAI does not wise-up to Sarawak & Sabah Politics, the "PR" will NEVER make any head-way in East Malaysia.
Sept 16th will now be a Public Holiday...another smart move by Najib. DSAI has now got a worthy opponent (unlike Mr. Nice guy Sleepy Head Badawi!).