Wednesday, November 4, 2009

KDM To Ditch PKR

Hantu Laut

As predicted Sabah PKR is going to implode.The KDM have now thrown a challenge to Anwar.

Read this one.

Than read this one and this one.


FMZam said...


It's no news, KDM ditching PKR as it had ditched BN and any other party in Sabah including ditching itself thinking it can live alone on its own in the land that is sorrounded by UMNO's Filipinos.

Anonymous said...

HL, FMZam will post comments on your blog just to satify his natural lust. Dont worry. He is STEADYAKU47 GOON.

FMZam said...


I am not steadyaku's goon, I am everywhere's goon where you, HL and all other goons are. In cyberworld, no goons no fun man. Ask HL his world won't be the same without goons, can't leave him all alone in his ocean...till he gets married..ha...ha...ha....