Monday, November 16, 2009

The Most Serious And Dangerous Accusation Against The BN Government So Far

Hantu Laut

When Hishamuddin Onn said the rise in crime was due to demonisation of the police force, like most of those who were quick to jump the gun, my immediate reaction was the same, either he has gone bonkers or was making lame excuses to cover his weaknesses.

It's been a week since he uttered that statement in Parliament that got the oppositions up in arms gunning him down mercilessly for what they considered outrageously stupid and unacceptable statement about the state of our police force.

DAP's Lim Kit Siang lashed out at him for the police failure to provide security to the public.Whacking the police is Lim's favourite past time.

I did not blog about my disagreement with Hisham's statement.I am glad I didn't.I can now see his statement in a new light.

After reading numerous news report and articles in certain blogs it dawns on me that what he said could be true to certain extent.

Read this and this and this and this and this and many more said over the years demonising the police.

When the police shot dead armed Indian criminals after being shot at first some opposition politicians were quick to turn it into a racial issue.Read it here. It is OK to shoot Malay or Chinese criminals dead but not Indians.

It is wrong to shoot Indian criminals even if they are armed to the teeth.It is OK to shoot a dog in the streets but the police must not shoot Indian criminal even if he starts shooting at the police first.

The Indians may want to ask themselves how come being the smallest minority group in this country yet they produced the biggest number of criminals?

Yes! I already know the answer, they are marginalised, discriminated and living in a state of apartheid, so it is OK to make a living out of crime.

What about the Indian professionals, the doctors, lawyers,engineers,accountants are they also marginalised,discriminated and not allowed to practise in their professions because there is apartheid in Malaysia as claimed by some Indians.

Are there segregation of the races in this country that made the Indians feel marginalised, discriminated and unwanted.Every time an Indian criminal is shot dead or died in police custody it becomes a throny racial issue and blown out of proportion by the oppositions to gain political mileage.

Does it matter whether he is Indian, Malay or Chinese if he is a criminal, he is a criminal. Those who live by the gun, die by the gun.

It certainly not fair to say the police only shoot Indian criminals and will not shoot Malay or Chinese criminals even if they are armed. The reason for the high rate of Indians being shot dead by police is because there are more hardcore and dangerous Indian criminals than Malay or Chinese.

If one were to look back at the history of crimes in this country, going back to the pre Botak Chin era, who were the criminals then, weren't they mostly Chinese?

Those days, the Chinese community accepted that one Chinese criminal shot dead by the police was one less trouble for them.Those who got robbed, extorted and kidnapped were mostly Chinese so they were quite happy with the police trying to wipe out the menace.

It makes absolutely no sense, on one hand they want less crime and on the other hand when police shot criminals dead they turned it into racial issues.I don't understand the logic of it all.

Come on! You morons.Make up you mind, what do you want?

I do agree the police may not be up to mark in their fights against crime but isn't what you have been doing all this while adds to the problem, it kills their enthusiasms.

New York, used to be the murder capital of the US and one of the most violent cities in the world.Today, thanks to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his zero-tolerance crime policy and the cooperation of New Yorkers, New York's crime rate has declined drastically.

So! Help your police instead of insulting them every opportunity you get that demoralise them.

I like this guy's creative writing here.Good for the soul.

This is the most dangerous accusation against the government so far.This can be interpreted as ethnic cleansing for those who doesn't know Malaysia well.I suggest the next time the police go in search of hardcore criminals take this man along.Maybe, they can use him as human shield.

The police should seriously look into the case of the lady who gave weed killer to her children and herself over the death of her brother, a criminal shot dead by police, to rule out any foul play.

It's hard to believe that a normal person would take the life of her four children and herself for the death of her criminal brother.

Read part of what he says:

IPOH, Nov 15 – A DAP politician has accused the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of waging a war of revenge against the Indian community by ordering the police to kill suspected criminals.

Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


vinnan said...

No balls to go after the Mat Rempit snatch thieves who bring death and misery but a lot of balls when it comes to shooting Indians.

PDRM boleh!!!

Anonymous said...

Balik India lah?

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 10.41,

They are Malaysians and has every right to stay here.Saying that only make you appear uneducated.

Mr.KETAM said...

ini la akibatnya orang india di malaysia suka sangat tengok FILEM HINDUSTAN dan TAMIL yg asyik bergaduh je dan hebat jadi samseng dan penjenayah..

wahai POLIS tolong TEMBAK sampai mampus semua penjenayah tak kira MELAYU ke CINA ke INDIA ke..memang tak layak hidup di MALAYSIA.. TOLONG tembak samapai MAMPUS jgn biar diorang ni hidup..

Aku tak nak duit cukai aku di belanja utk diorang di penjara..

TOLONG ye encik POLIS semua TEMBAK sampai MATI..jgn tembak bagi cedera..TOLONG tembak bagi MAMPUS..

Diorang tak layak hidup... jgn bagi alasan kesempitan hidup..kalau sempit hidup kenapa tak kerja?? kenapa orang indonesia datang sini utk bekerja??

POLIS jangan bagi muka kepada semua PENJENAYAH tolong TEMBAK sampai MATI...

Korang ingat polis tembak suka-suka ke?? Polis dah siasat dah ikut dah kaji dan dah nyawa POLIS terancam dan ingat PENJENAYAH nak berhati-hati bila tembak melarikan diri daripada polis??

Kepada orang yang mempertikaikan kerja POLIS kalau boleh aku yg nak TEMBAK diorang ni..