Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Twitter Twits That Nik Aziz Should Consider Legal Action Against Rocky Bru

Hantu Laut

The twitter twits that Nik Aziz should consider legal action against Rocky Bru.

You see those who support Pakatan can twist and turn corruption like the Rubik's cube.If it's BN/UMNO it's corruption, if it's involved Pakatan, it's not.

'Sedekah" must come from your heart and without strings attached, without motive for gains and without feeling of guilt that you must compensate the giver for giving what is not his own.

Any money or payment in kinds that changed hand, no matter how small, even if it is RM10, in return for a favour is considered as corruption.

If Nik Aziz and the state government has no business dealings with the man than the offer of the trip to do the Haj is not wrong for Nik Aziz to accept. To me, that's not corruption, that falls under 'sedekah.' However, does Nik Aziz looked like he needs sedekah.He may live modestly but he certainly is not a poor man.

But! There's always a but in everything we do, but why make such offer to him and not offer to some poor and unfortunate people who can't, in their lifetime, afford to go to the Haj.With the RM65,000 VVIP price tag, I am sure the donor can send more of the poor people to Haj and he will get lots of 'pahala'.

Although, Nik Aziz has not done anything wrong and was honest enough to disclose the offer publicly, it is the way Pakatan supporters view the whole thing as something not wrong is appalling.

If it has been any BN or UMNO politician, all hell would break loose and they would be screaming for his blood

freelunch2020 I dunno I think Nik Aziz shld ask his lawyers if there is room to take legal action against Rocky....

freelunch2020 Aiyoh. Just reading the details of ze Nik Aziz + Haj + timber on Rocky's blog. RM20mil? Why they always have all these peanuts...


eddy said...

Bro, Nik Aziz has been MB of Kelantan for more than a decade, certainly anything given to him cannot be considered as sedekah because sedekah is for the poor who cannot afford the gifts /sponsorship.

Anyway the Twitter who twits that "Nik Aziz should consider legal action against Rockybru" is a TWIT himself. Nik Aziz maybe many things to different people but certainly the wily politician would be smart enough to think long and hard before he considers legal action against anybody...for in Court anything can happen and definitely Nik Aziz would not want to open his own Pandora's Box.

Anonymous said...

This freelunch2020 is jed yoong. She is a former blogger who has open and close her blog several time.

Jump around from working with Tony Pua to later whack him. Then work with Star and believe to be clsoe with Chief Editor WOng.

That may have led her rebrand herself as an objective blog commentator. She seemed like a BN supporter except for chinglie issues.

She finally gave up on blogging when she got caught in trouble making a bad remark of the royals.

She was involved with the BUM 2007 but was said to have run away with the organisers money till she returned it back after the event.

Jed Yoong have always been sceptical of Rocky, Jeff and the bloggers movement then. She is just being her vindictive self.

Dont take her words. She is unstable and untrustworthy. Her words is unreliable.

Those comments of her must be for one and only reason. That is to win Husam's heart. Dia syiok kat Husam sejak dia pi Kelantan masa general election.