Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nazri Darling Of The Oppositions

Hantu Laut

Is Mahathir a bloody racist?

Going by his record as prime minster for 22 years would any of you (except those the likes of Nazri and Pakatan Rakyat) think that Mahathir is a racist?

Didn't the Chinese businesses prosper during his time inspite of the NEP? Did the Indians complained they were marginalised? Sure, the antagonists would say those were under wraps during his time but the fact remains that the non-Malays didn't ditch Mahathir and the BN, which they could have if they wanted to during any general elections.Instead, they voted overwhelmingly for the BN during his time.

So, how can a man accepted by the non-Malays as their leader for 22 years be called a racist?

Nazri can shout till kingdom comes and should put the money where his mouth is.He should be honest and say who was actually rejected by the non-Malays.

Why are the press giving credence to this uncouth Malay man called Nazri calling former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad a 'bloody racist'.What exactly has he done to this country to put himself on the high pedestals?

In June 2005, this grandstanding attention seeking maniac shouted the phrase 'bloody racist" 28 times in Parliament.Here is a line of his antics in Parliament when he asked another minister to sit down. Racist, racist duduk, racist duduk. Hei, duduk, perkauman duduk, bloody racist, duduk.

In July 2006, he caused a big stir in Sabah by saying the presence of illegal immigrants in Sabah does not contribute to any social ills or disrupt the lives and economy of the Sabahan people. Sabahans asked him to go to hell and called him a bloody racist.

Has he ever said the right thing? The man shoots his mouth faster than his brain could work. His political grandstanding is a reflection of his insecurity and frustrations.

Suddenly, he becomes a darling of the oppositions.They love him and agree with him that Mahathir is a bloody racist.They say he has paid penance by admitting UMNO is a racist party and the mother of all racists is Mahathir.

Below is a comment from eddy, a regular commentator of this blog.
Blogger eddy said...

Nazri should be sacked from UMNO and sacked from the Najib Cabinet immediately. What is the point of keeping a cabinet Minister whose very words and actions are being used as ammunition by Pakatan to attack the Barisan Nasional Government. Nazri is a liability for UMNO and Barisan Nasional, PM Najib has a duty of care to get rid this dirty thorn in the flesh of BN.The sooner Nazri is thrown out the better is it for UMNO, otherwise Najib will be bogged down in a battle that he would not want and could not win.

Furthermore if Dr Mahathir is branded a racist, then UMNO is racist for defending and promoting Malay rights, then MIC, MCA and Gerakan are also racist parties. Lim Kit Siangs's DAP are also racist for defending and promoting the rights of the Chinese, Hindraf is also racist, hell even the Malay,Chinese and Indian educationist are racist for promoting and defending their race's language interest. With this kind of benchmarking are all of us racist in one form or the other? Nazri is worse than a racist he is an extremist.

December 9, 2009 1:27 PM

I share eddy's sentiments except the sacking.


SM said...


Nazri has nothing to gain by going against Mahatir (he should know how strong the "old man" is). My initial thoughts are that Najib is behind this. Why? Maybe to show the "old man" who's boss?!
Anyway, you should maybe write about what's really going on in the BTN rather than wasting your time with shooting at Nazri?
I think it's been pretty much confirmed the Racist Agenda that the BTN has been spewing all these years...& yet Mahatir & Muhyiddin still support it (again why is Najib keeping mum?!)?
By supporting a Racist agenda is Mahatir a Racist? Maybe you should put that to a vote (by the way before you say I'm anti-Mahatir, please note that I've always supported Mahatir...because I believe that for the time he was in charge we needed "strong-armed & ruthless" tactics although I believe those same tactics have no place in our society anymore...maybe I'm a racist too for always supporting Mahatir?!).

Hantu Laut said...

I don't think I can agree with you on this one.

Nazri is a loose cannon.I am not for racist policy of any sort but my argument is Mahathir is not a racist and I believe him.

Mahathir left the scene about 6 years ago, why only now this come to the limelight.You mean the appositions shut their eyes that long.

I believe what Mahathir says that the course is to instill the right work attitude to civil servants and fresh graduates and a sense of patriotism is true.There may be some emphasis on the element of protecting Malay rights which should not be construed as racism.

About Najib knowing what Nazri is at,I don't think so, the risk is too high for him to get involve in such thing.

SM said...


You may be right...I'm just playing Devil's advocate here. However, I still feel you may want to check what the BTN has been "teaching".
I hear some pretty "disgusting" stuff (which I get from "solid" sources).

armouris said...

Rahsia awet muda Tun Dr. Mahathir? - Rahsia Muda Dr. Mahathir

Anonymous said...

As pointed out by JMD in his blog, Nazri has no locus standi to assault TDM in such way. TDM was just giving his thoughts about BTN because reporters asked him to do so.

It looks like he is irritated with TDM. But TDM doesn't need to attend this small fish shit headed Nazri. Hope DSN will see that Nazri is liability to him and take the scalpel on him before he mutated to cancer form that cannot be saved.

Anonymous said...

TDM should suit him for the last penny. Ask lingam to do it. He can put thing koret,koret for free.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps TDM should suit him for the last penny. Ask Lingam to do it, sure can put thing koret,koret, perspective for free.