Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time And Tide Wait For No Man,Is Najib Running Out Of Time?

Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has less then three years to put the BN house in order if he expects to win the next general elections.At the rate corruptions are being exposed in his administration and his languid action and no reaction, the damage could never be restored.

His 1 Malaysia is a good move to bring the people together but that was not the real cause of BN's misery.The people main grievances are corruptions, abuses of power and the extravagant lifestyle and display of opulence by the leaders and their families.

Malaysians are not blind to their surroundings, they can see, they can enumerate and they can sum up exactly what should be the net worth of those holding public offices.

The PKFZ scandal should by now have those responsible for the debacle sitting in the docks facing charges of impropriety and corruptions.So far, none have materialised. As the people wait impatiently to see those involved are brought to justice more cases of impropriety are exposed.

Former Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made the same grievous mistake.Riding high after the 2004 General Elections victory, he ignored the rising discontentment among the people.He was under the mistaken notion that his popularity would continue unfettered and his leadership unassailable.His failure to stamp out corruptions and abuse of power, as promised by him, was the main reason for the erosion of support.Is Najib going to make the same mistake?

The recent revelation of Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar abhorrently breaking the country's foreign exchange law by sending RM10 million out of the country using the hawala system (money changer) speaks volumes of the integrity of UMNO politicians holding high offices.They live in ivory towers and have become the untouchables.

Even if he earns the money legitimately, by the mere fact that he used the illegal channel reflects badly on his integrity, his position as menteri besar and UMNO as a whole.It wouldn't be wrong to say that any self-respecting politician would have resigned his position or be removed by the prime minister.UMNO seems to have no element of damage control.Unashamedly, makers of the law are also breakers of the law and shame seems to have no place in their political lexicon.

Najib's troubles are the makings of his own men.His every step forward is taken two steps backward by the action of his own men.

Arrogance and the lack of will to change seemed to be too deep-rooted in the BN, particularly UMNO, giving them a false sense of invincibility.

Three years is not too far away.It can go by in a flash.

Unless, Najib can change the people's perception, winning the next GE (General Elections) may be harder than what he imagines.

His main coalition partners MCA,Gerakan and MIC are in a shambles.

MCA, ravaged by infighting and leadership tussle is in a freefall and teetering on the edge of the abyss of total political wipeout.MCA's loss will be DAP's gain.

Time and tide wait for no man. Is Najib running out of time?


SM said...


Najib's hands are tied. The corruption is so deep in UMNO that he has to do a FULL sweep of it to see results.
And he can't do that can he? E.g. just look at the Royal Commission's recommendations on the Lingam Tapes! You think "they" are going to bring TDM, Yusof Chin & Lingam to court?!
Just look at the think Badawi could "afford" to let the MACC report to Parliment or any other independent body like the anti-corruption body in Hong Kong (the MACC is supposedly a copy of the HK body! Ya rite in our dreams!)?!
If Najib does any type of "cleaning-up" he's going to be in danger of one of these "crooks" blrning out ALL the foul details of UMNO (remember how many times TDM dared "them" to take him to court? TDM threatened that he would "spill the beans"! You can't have that can you?)!
Najib is in the "do you're damned, don't you're damned delimma"!
Just look at the fiasco that will be Anwar's upcoming trial. Two independent Medical Reports (one Government & one Private) says there was no evidence of Sodomy & yet the DA is going ahead with the Trial?! UMNO is so desperate that they are going after Anwar, Nik Aziz & other opposition leaders...& they think the Rakyat are so stupid? Ya you know "You can fool all of the people (like what Badawi did) some of the time & some of the people (like TDM did) all of the time BUT you can't fool all of the people all of the time (Najib's delemma)"!
Maybe that's why Utusan Malaysua is so adamant in brnging up the issue of May 13th so often?! I hope I'm wrong BUT God help Malaysia if I'm right!

eddy said...

Bro, why the pessimism, Najib only took over from the Sleepy Head only in April, just about 8 mths ago, however during those times he had singlehandedly done much to change UMNO/BN and the Government to be in tune with the wishes of the majority voters. He had boldly made electoral reforms to UMNO where instead of 2600 delegates votes for to decide the UMNO leadership now there will be 144,000 members who will vote to determine who gets to become the Presiden. Even the so called democratic parties like DAP and PKR does not have this kind of mechanism to elect their leaders. The BN strength under Najib's UMNO now is such that even with the bickering and directionless MCA, MIC and PPP the country's administration and management is solid and well taken care of.

It will take a lot more than the PKFZ,Lingam tape, the negeri sembilan MB shennanigan or the politicising of Beng Hock's death to bring the Government down. Have a look at the latest Merdeka Survey Bro:

start quote "16 November 2009: Barisan Nasional would fare better than the last general election if the 13th general election is held today, according to Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian.

He said BN may also regain its two-thirds in the 222-seat lower house of Parliament, with rival block Pakatan Rakyat winning about 50 to 60 seats.

"This is my personal assessment based surveys done by the centre this year.

"It may not be prefect but would not be far off the mark," he told the weekly Sembang Sembang Forum in Caring Society Complex in Penang today.

Currently BN has 137 parliamentary seats compared with Pakatan's 82 seats. Three more seats are held by independent MPs.

Pakatan strategists have already acknowledged that a vote swing of 10 percent against or for either political coalitions would change the political landscape of the country in the next general election.

Based on the centre's surveys carried out this year since Najib Abdul Razak assumed the coveted premiership in April, Ibrahim said the approval rating for the new prime minister had gone up from 45 percent to nearly 60 percent.

He said Indians approval rating for BN had leapt from poor 35 to 45 percent during March last year to about 55 percent today.

He cited Najib efforts to directly reach out and address issues affecting the Indian community without MIC as go-between may have given a perception to Indians that 'the prime minister was trying to do something for them."

He said Najib's visit to the Batu Caves temple had also boosted his standings among Indians.

Approval rating for the BN among Malays, said Ibrahim had also shot up from 53 percent on polling day in March 2008 to 57 percent now.

He said the surveys also revealed that economic issues and rising crime rates feature highly among all Malaysians.

He said majority Malaysians were more concerned on issues affecting their daily lives such as their livelihood, take home pay, job opportunities, business growth and safe living environment.

He said issues like corruption, unfair treatment and political issues were less priority issues to Malaysians, although they acknowledged their importance.

He said majority of the people surveyed were satisfied with the prime minister's efforts to improve the education system, improving government efficiency and managing the economy."end quote.

I think that in the next two years Najib and BN's challenge is to steer the economy to better times, which is difficult but not impossible considering the global economic situation. If only there are less politicking especially by the opposition who seemed too keen to politicisise any issues for political capital, then more energy could be spent on nation building.

eddy said...

Dear SM, on the subject of the upcoming Anwar sodomy trial on 25 January 2010. I recap, Anwar Ibrahim was charged for sodomy in July last year and since that time he had used his battery of lawyers to avoid/delay a trial proper. If Anwar and his lawyers thinks that they have solid evidence to show that Anwar did not commit sodomy why then does Anwar choose to politicise and prolong the issue, the honourable thing to do is to call for the trial sooner and defend himself in court with the certificates produced by the doctor(s).

However in anal intercourse/sodomy, if you google the phrase you will find that such penetration of the anus does not always result in tear or damage. Meaning SM, just because there is no tear does not mean there is no penetration. There are many lubricants and gels developed to ensure comfort for such activities you know. That was why the trial judge when he fixed the trial date, said that whether sodomy occurs or not the evidence put forth by the Prosecutor or the Defense will have to be adduced or proven in open court. If you note the Prosecutors also have their own evidence put forth by Saiful's own admission of sodomy by Anwar Ibrahim on a particular date, time and location, his admission will be supported by DNA evidence and relevant security video recordings etc. These evidences can only be revealed in open court. Anwar and his lawyers will then have the opportunity to rebut the Prosecution evidence in proper Court rather then what they are doing now... conducting an unfair trial all on their own in the media and accusing the Government and the judiciary of political conspiracy when it is anything but.

Just a reminder that when the Federal Court overthrow Anwar's sodomy conviction, All three Federal Court judges agreed that Anwar had performed sodomy at one time or the other, he was however freed as the exact date, time of the charge was not exactly determined.

Interesting excerpt/comment from OutSyed the Box blogger on Nov 22nd,2009:

Start quote"Before that, to weaken the BN and fight Dr Mahathir, Karpal strongly supported the decision by the Federal Court to overthrow Anwar’s sodomy conviction on the flimsy grounds that the material time of the sodomy could not be determined. Those of you who are really sick in the head and support the Court’s flip flop will be happy to know that very often the victims in many sex crimes can hardly recall the exact date, time and place where they were sexually molested. This is especially true in cases involving young girls and boys or sumbang mahram rape. This happens not just in Malaysia but all over the world. Females who are brutalised during rape often cannot recall anything.

And the flip flop decision by the Federal Court has now set a bad precedent. Following the Court overthrowing Anwar’s sodomy conviction on such flimsy reasoning, other sexual offense cases have been argued in Court (notably by Gobind Singh Deo – Karpal’s son) by quoting the same technicality – that the exact time of the rape or offense could not be determined. So thank you Karpal Singh and thank you to the Courts.

If anyone of you (men or women) or any of your daughters or sons gets raped or sodomised (maybe while making special bru coffee) do tell them to have a tiga lima notebook at all material times and note down the exact time, date, place, position and so on of the offense - to be presented later in Court as cogent evidence. Otherwise the Court may dismiss you as a coffee boy!"end quote.

Anyway SM, lets wait for the trial in January 2010 shall we, just hope that Anwar would not abscond or fell sick during the trials.

Hantu Laut said...

I know but he still must address the corruptions issue.I believe every now and than we should bring up the issue to remind him that was the main factor for the erosion of support for the BN that also brought down Pak Lah.

I agree with you he has done far better and work harder than Pak Lah.He has far better grasp of the situation.

I also believe Najib should reshuffle the cabinet and get rid of a few deadwoods.

eddy said...

Yes Bro, agree that corruption is something that need to be addressed not just by Najib but leaders who comes after Najib also, I think it is work in progress.

eddy said...

Yes Bro, agree that corruption is something that need to be addressed not just by Najib but leaders who comes after Najib also, I think it is work in progress.