Monday, January 11, 2010

A Christian Voice Of Reason

Hantu Laut

Probably, the best placation that has come out of the conflicts.An antidote for the ethno-religious conflicts that have sprung a genre of attempted desecration of churches in the country.

Clarence Bongkos Malakun,President of the Council of Justices of the Peace urge compromise to the ethno-religious conflicts here.

Malaysians of all creeds and cultures must unite against mischiefs and evil doers.It pointless to hurl blames at each other as seems to be the epithets of those in the opposing camps.

Their many methods of rabble-rousing to gain political mileage out of the already tense situation could further inflame emotions and sentiments.

The political opportunists, shit-stirrers, rabble-rousers and acutely irresponsible politicians from both sides of the fence are responsible for the outrage, feeding
the uninitiated and uneducated with enough venoms to trigger hatred and ethno-religious conflicts.

The finger-pointing should stop and the whole political spectrum should put aside their differences and join hands to repair the damage done.


Y1 said...

Compromise is always the way out of an untenable position. It does look like there is no choice. But will the compromise be acceptable by both parties?

I am sure the Court of Appeal will overturn the high court's judgment, making it to look like giving in to mob rule! It will enrage the indigenous BM speaking native Christians. It looks like that they have to give in to the Muslims all the time even in the face of facts and truth that is on the Christian's side. I am afraid some, if not most of these bumiputra Christians will disobey, hopefully not violently but peacefully. They will continue to use the name whether it is an edict of law or not. It will eventually come to a head. Something will have to give. What is it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Religion is a personal thing. As a Catholic we go to church to hear sermons and pray in our own quiet way. We read the Herald in private we do not even disseminate to non-Catholics. We are peaceful in our conduct of our religion. WHY MUST WE BE DISTURBED.

Anonymous said...

voice of reason from a politician - tell me another!

hantu - losing your marbles ?

Y1 said...

A fellow Sabahan Muslim disagree with Clarence:

"To be frank I feel disgusted with such statement. No better than giving sweets to a three-year-old kid, I’m sure some people have other opinion but I think this is not a scholarly opinion, instead he should have explained why is there a different in the way we think here compare with some people in Peninsula with regard to this topic, and why being sulky? In all honestly nothing to compromise or pitying one another; to me behaving in this manner is only to be read that we Malaysians Borneo have no constructive opinion on our own to offer to the nation."

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with Datuk Clarence Malakun's suggestion that the Christians compromise and substitute the word "Allah" with another "suitable" word. Why do we have to do so? Is it wrong according to the Al Quran for Christians to use the word "Allah"? If not, then should the Christians do so and surrender to the demands of the unreasonable? Where will lead to. Will the Christians next be prohibited from using other arabic words such as Amin, Kitab, Puasa, Malaikat, Rasul, Esa, Nabi or the name of the prophets (Musa, Mariam, Daud, Noh, Ibrahim etc.).

How about the Iban Bible which also uses the word "Allah"? Will the Sikhs also have to stop using the word "Allah" in their Holy Book to appease some ignorant, misguided, arrogant and extremely selfish Malays?

Datuk Clarence might be ignorant of the fact that the East Malaysian Christians (Catholics & Protestants) have been using kalimah "Allah" in their BM worships and services since before the formation of Malaysia. Please be also reminded that the states of Sabah and Sarawak have no official religion as stipulated in the 18 and 20 points agreement.


SM said...


In Malaysia, tolerance is for Non-Musilms only. They have to compromise & they have to be tolerant.
If you are Muslim, you can have demonstrations (& the PM & his Home Minister will say they are powerless) & you can be as intolerant & sensitive as you want.
If you think that I'm wrong here, just re-call the 'cow-head" issue in Shah Alam & recently the protests at the mosques all around West Malaysia. And the PM & Hishamuddin did say they were powerless to do anything to stop the protests. However, when some quarters want to hold a"candle-light" protest in PJ, the CPO of Selangor immediately says they will stop the protest if it goes ahead!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.