Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't Bark If You Can't Bite

Hantu Laut

Am I left wing,right wing or just sitting in the middle? Is the left going to be better and Malaysia would truly be an egalitarian society? Or would it be worse? Who can tell? My faith is still with the right but things could change.

Well, I am still keeping faith in my religion and my Allah, despite being told, it has been hijacked by my Catholic brothers.For the past five years I have been to church more than five times to pay respect to demises of dear friends. Was I confused, did it in any way forsook my iman (belief)?

No! most Muslims have immensely strong iman.Lina Joy is a needle in a haystack.It's, probably, love that blinded her.Love,sometimes, transgresses all reasoning.Is she the catapult of what gone wrong today?

I must admit as much as I support the BN concept, sometimes, the sheer stupidity of some of those in the party left you in a state of shock and your mouth gaping.

It says much about the deep sense of insecurity in the minds of some of UMNO members.Instead of defusing the already highly volatile situation, some, like this bigot here, with his fatuous comment, decided to add fuel to the fire.

There seems to be no common stand taken by the party.The leadership says one thing but lower down the rank the insubordination is most revealing.It's time Najib takes heed and uses his whip hand.He appears not in sync with the rank and file.

This is the time you actually become nostalgic of the Mahathir's era.He would have nipped it in the bud.Who cares if he throws all the bigots from both sides in the slammer as long as peace be with us.

I have always been a proponent of the ISA, if it is used properly and now is the time most opportune to use it.

Hishammuddin. Please! Don't bark if you can't bite!

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eddy said...

Ya Bro, in times like this I longed for the strong rule of Dr Mahathir.

For better or for worse we have a Menteri Dalam negeri who is very timid about using the ISA, this is the time to stop giving warnings after warnings, this is the time for action. Anybody from BN or Opposition or any religious group who is messing up this "ALLAH" issue should be detained. Its no good telling the Public in a press conference saying that the very people who opposed the ISA now wants it to be used. Action please Hisham.

wong said...

Guess what guys, it's time to embrace the horror! Look, we've got front row tickets to the end of the earth

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

I guess we are all "beating a dead horse" here! No matter how much we discuss this, it will never go away until Najib puts his foot down & show that he's NOT powerless (the buck stops at his feet & he can't just sweep it away anymore).
Yes, it seems that alhough the BN banned the use of the word "Allah" by Non-Muslims in 1986, it seems that Mahatir allowed them to use this word BUT for their own publications & for thier own "internal" use. However in 2007 the Home Ministry (probably some overzealous Bigot) decided to ban the Herald because it was using Allah in it's Malay section.
I guess Badawi was asleep & did not know anything changed!
I still disagree using the ISA for this issue. Why? If you catch the culprits, just use the law to lock them up...why do we need the ISA? We are supposed to have Laws, so why use ISA?!
I just heard that a Sikh Temple has been "attacked" (with stones)...I guess since they use the word "Allah" too in their Punjabi Texts.
Sad...what is our beloved country coming to?!

Hantu Laut said...

Don't forget,the ISA is a law too.Draconian, it may seems,I think it is the best safety net at a time like this.

When come to national security the judicial system may be too slow and may not be effective in dealing with it.Unless, you nip it in the bud quickly, it can spread like a wild fire.

When I say I support the ISA, I meant it to be used to all, irrespective of whether they are in the opposition or ruling party.

We all know Badawi slept on the job.That's nothing new.He allowed the Albar fella to open the Pandora's box.All Najib's nightmares today were inherited from him.

SM said...


Another Church in Johor has been vandalised & the Office of the Lawyers representing the Herald has been broken into (remember Anwar's first case years ago? His Lwayers' Office was also broken into then...coincidence?).
We are still waiting for the culprits to be brought to justice (but then again, similarly with the PKFZ Scandal & the missing Jet Engines too, we are still waiting [unless you consider those small fry as the real culprits]).