Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Are We Wrongly Denoted?

Hantu Laut

Read this about our currency being wrongly denoted in some international publications while name of currencies of most other countries are used correctly.


I'll tell you why, because our government have not been consistent in a lot of things.It is not only confusing Malaysians but foreigners are equally in a maze when dealing with us.

For a start, we can't even decide what should be the proper name of our national language.It has been shuttling between Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia.Sometimes, it is this, sometimes, it is that.

Now, some smart-arsed politicians and educationists think it should be Bahasa Malaysia. Just because Indonesia called theirs Bahasa Indonesia, must we follow suit? Why can't we stay what we are.But these no talent copycats probably didn't know that Indonesia have always been using the same term for yonks.

I am more comfortable with using Bahasa Melayu because there is no such thing as Bahasa Malaysia,it's a fake,created by small-minded so-called nationalists.Some languages are synonymic in words with race and nationality, some are not.The Scots and Irish speaks Gaelic, the English speaks English, the Belgian speaks Flemish and so on.Therefore, what is wrong with Malaysians speaking Bahasa Melayu.That's the analogy of language and race.There is no need for similarity in names.If history had given it a name why change it, if it brings no benefits?

Our education system, if anything to go by, has habitual tendencies of changing every time a new minister of education is appointed.Sometimes, whole curriculum would be changed on whim and fancies of some educationists who are more responsible for the cause of the failure rather than the system failing itself.A system will only fail if you want it to fail.

Recent decision to change the teaching of Maths and Science in English back to Bahasa were for the same reason... human failure. Educationists and political leaders blame the system rather than themselves for the miserable standard.It's the same as the carpenter who blames his tools for his shoddy work.It's a case of bad teacher makes bad student.

When the British first came to colonise this country none of the natives can speak English.They brought with them an educational system in their own language and imposed it on the natives to learn not only the language from scratch, but every subjects from primary level to higher secondary level.

Had the British ever thought that the natives were too stupid and incapable of learning other languages other than their own? No, they did not.They firmly believe and have faith in people even of the meanest of intelligence including those alien to their culture, that most people can be taught, brainwashed and indoctrinated, it's the means and methods that will decide success or failure.

That's why today many of you can speak English as fluent as the Englishmen.For some Malaysians English have become the mother tongue.

Sadly, that's not what our educationists and political leaders think of their own citizens.Such forlornness and quick to give up has become causer for unnecessary change and more troubles for the students.

Changing curriculum in the education system is a costly affair.New teaching materials,new textbooks and new human resources need to be acquired.Needless to say, such change would also put big bucks into certain people's pockets.

Inconsistencies, pervades every aspects of our lives, from education to politics to religions.

The current 'Allah' controversy shows how inconsistent we can be. Muslims are divided on the issue.Those in PAS say Christians can use the name while those in the government say no.

Earlier, the government say it would be wholesale ban.More inconsistencies emerged as Minister in the PM's Department Nazri Aziz says Christians in Sabah and Sarawak are allowed to use it.Later, Nazri dropped another bombshell, Penang and Federal Territories are added to the list of 'can' states.

Do I need to say more why Malaysia always got denoted wrongly.


AA said...

The Currency SWIFT Code for Malaysian Ringgit is MYR. SWIFT, the worldwide financial messaging uses three characters to denote currencies. Banks around the globe use SWIFT for international payments. It has been like that for decades. MY stands for Malaysia, R the Ringgit. Just as the USD, US for United States and the D for the Dollars. You can't use two characters of the alphabet

vinnan said...

When a government gohead and gostan as they please guess who gets sod'].d. These same UMNO clowns have the nerve to accuse Anwar of sod./][=g saiful while they have been doing it to all Malaysians.

Regarding the MYR RM issue, it only goes to show what UMNO/Mahathir knows of the real world. What does people who live on overpriced contracts and APs know about REAL finance?

eddy said...

1. Just to add to AA whose comment is precise and to the point, Bank Negara Malaysia use the term "Malaysian ringgit" to call our currency refer to:

Anyway MYR or RM the term means Malaysian Ringgit and as long as the Ringgit does not depreciate too much with the other major currencies I am OK with it.

Even the People's Republic of China with their mighty economy refer to their currency as either Yuan or Reminbi as long as it is understood domestically and internationally it is fine.

2. As for Bahasa Melayu..under Article 153 of the Perlembagaan it is official..Bahasa Melayu is the national language.

Bahasa Malaysia like Bangsa Malaysia is a myth perpetuated by our politicians from both sides of the divide.

3. As for our Education Policy, as long as it is subjected to political intrusion and hostage to political power we will have perpetual change. The remedy is to have a politician from the ruling government to have the balls to say enough of it no more political interference in education. Lets have a one school system where Bahasa Melayu is the main language while Science and Mathematics be taught in English and the vernacular languages are taught in each school based on the student's requirement. Don't know whether there are any politicians from both sides of the divide who have such big balls though.

That politician could probably emerge in 50 years time when there are more than 80% Malays/Bumiputra making up the population. Certainly not happening in my lifetime though.

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