Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Not To Unconvinced Malaysians

Hantu Laut

Remember PKFZ and the big one that got away.History, at least, in Malaysia, has a knack of repeating itself.

This blog is supposed to be on hiatus but I can't help getting huff and puff on the bemused account of the two missing jet engines. I will not expatiate.This will be over in a minute.

The Attorney-General (AG), in highly confident tone, says Sherlock Holmes has been assigned to sleuth and find the missing engines and bring them back to Malaysia.Whatever it takes the engines must come home.How he is going to do it remains a mystery.

If Sherlock Holmes has self-respect and reputation to keep he would be looking for Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) first before he embarks on a more sinister and difficult mission.

RPK, from his unknown hideout, has tickled the AG's and police's asses to find him by posting photographs of him with two Polish women whom he contemplates as lasses reveling the New Year with him. Take your pick, Red Hat Society ladies or as BBC DJ Chris Moyles (allegedly) says 'Poles make good prostitutes'.

RPK remains a needle in a haystack for the Malaysian authorities.Our Mr Sleuth ain't doing a good job.Looks like our AG wouldn't be getting RPK nor the engines.

Would Britain extradite RPK? He may be a fugitive but certainly not a felon.Lorraine Osman fought extradition for 7 years before he was returned to Hong Kong to serve only two months jail sentence.. A convicted criminal and close associate of Tengku Razaleigh during the BMF scandal he is now living in the lap of luxury in Britain.

First, it was Ali Baba and the 40 thieves (a brigadier-general (BG) and 40 suspects).Lost, in a time warp, the RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) took almost 2 weeks to come out of their burrows to tell the nation that the BG wasn't sacked for stealing the engines but sacked before the loss of the engine for incompetency.

Have you ever heard of anyone in the higher-ups of government being sacked for incompetency no matter what kind of sloth he is?

Even the Chief of RMAF talked about charging those involved with treason.

Now, let see what have we got here.One RMAF sergeant and one company director.Look like they are going to end up with misdemeanor. Charging them with stealing and disposing of stolen property could end up with light sentences.

After over a year of police work all we got were the bilis while the sharks merrily swam away.Even catching anchovies seems a remarkable feat for the Police.It took over a year of police investigation before they caught these two nonentities.Indeed, no cover-up, just a slip-up.

The two must be the most talented thieves in the country.They, not only carted the engines away from the base unbeknown to the authorities but also managed to con the Custom Department to accept their story to export the engine.

Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm?

Are we Malaysians becoming consumers of fish stories?


SM said...


Hahahaha! The moment I read about those 2 (Malaysian Indains too! Reminds me of the 1 police guy who was charged for Kugan's death & the so called coward PI Bala!) being charged for the Jet Engine losses, I checked if you would say something!
As usual, the Malaysian "Authorities" treat Malaysians like imbicles & retards (no problem boys...feed those idiot Malaysians crap...they will accept it...hook, line & sinker!) Hey, what the heck, Malaysians voted them we deserve what we get!

Anonymous said...

the idiots cant even craft a more believable lie. and they are not ashame to tell the lie to all and sundry without blinking an eye.

truly idiotic.