Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

Hantu Laut

As they say a little knowledge is dangerous.Even the little abominable housefly wanted to get noticed by hovering in places they are not wanted.

If you have little knowledge of your own religion and a complete screwed-up ignoramus, it's best that you keep your opinion to yourself.

The Prime Minister is trying very hard to bring Malaysians of different race and creed together.Unfortunately, he keeps getting moron in his party like this one opening his mouth to incite further uneasiness among Muslims on a subject he is void of any intellectual understanding.

Like the annoying housefly he needs a little swatting that Islam is not about simply letting the cannonball fly out of ignorance.Our Prophet teaches tolerance and benevolence.

As not to raise further tension among Muslims Najib should put a gag order on UMNO members on not making anymore statement on the issue.

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.So is a lot" - Albert Einstein


Y1 said...

Thank you HL.

Someone must tell these fellows repeating a rhetoric "Allah belongs to Malay exclusively" does not make it true when it has no historic, theological nor intellectual merit.

Anonymous said...

cant agree with you more. thats the reason i refrain on commenting on this issue. afterall, religion issues are always sensistive and its best to resolve them behind close doors.

having said that, the PM should have step in much earlier and take leadership in this controversy. Lets hope good sense will prevail.

SM said...


How true!
However, this is the norm & not the exception. Characters like, Toyo, Nazri & a whole bunch of UMNO leaders have also said similar things. So why target this guy specifically?
As Anonymous 7:50PM has pointed out, Najib should have taken leadership of this issue right from the beginning (by saying he was powerless...together with his Home Minister cousin), it gace the "trouble makers licence to run amock!
Time & time again you have written articles saying Najib is trying to bring the different races together BUT there's always characters who are sabotaging him. These characters are the rank & file of UMNO...these characters are the future leaders of UMNO...tell me...will Najib ever succeed then?
Yes, let's hope good sense prevails...however when they start throwing petrol bombs into wonders how?!

eddy said...

I am refraining from commenting anymore on this "ALLAH" issue until all the judicial process has been exhausted or until the Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu intervenes.

For sure we Malaysians should not jump to conclusions too quickly on who the arsonists really are. The "they" could be just about anybody with their own agenda to provoke and destabilise the country.