Saturday, January 2, 2010

Neo-Masters Of Africa

Hantu Laut

China,the rising world economic power is not only selling its products to the world's markets. It is now a big global player making its presence felt in many third world countries. In forlorn countries of the Dark Continent in dire need of financial assistance Chinese investments are more than welcome. In November 2009 Beijing promised US$10 billion to African countries over the next three years.

This is the 'Big China Takeout'.......the natural resources of Africa to feed its fast growing economy.

A neo-colonial exploitation says the West, feeling uneasy about China's foray into Africa.They forgot that they have raped Africa for hundreds of years and still think it is their exclusive domain.

Its economy is growing faster than anticipated and closing the gap with other developed economies.It is expected to overtake Japan in a year or two and is likely to displace the US in the next decade.

Below is a photojournalism of China's presence in Afrcia by the New York Times.


As many as 500,000 Chinese have immigrated to Africa, lured by its oil, copper, uranium, wood and other natural resources. Many have thrived, creating large conglomerates. To serve them, other entrepreneurs have opened palatial restaurants. Or karaoke halls. The infusion of a distinctly different culture into African society — again — is turning out to be a critical chapter in the continent’s post-colonial history. Read more.

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