Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poppycock: Orangutan or Orang Hutan?


Hantu Laut

Ridiculous and crazy.That exactly the words I would describe this most nonsensical idea mooted by some pea-brained sycophant.

Reported in the Borneo Post today that the new Deputy Minister of Tourism James Dawos Mamit has agreed with the PM's request to send some orangutans to Kuala Lumpur for eco-tourism.I wonder which orang hutan angkat kaki the PM to come up with such ridiculous idea.

Don't they know it is cruel to remove these animals from their natural habitat.They are also very sensitive to confinement outside their natural homes.If tourists want to see them they should come to Sabah, Sarawak or Indonesia.West Malaysia is not orangutan's country and most tourists know that.

Is this some grand plan to steal our eco-tourism materials so tourists need not come to Sabah to see these primates? They can see them in Kuala Lumpur?

I am glad out Tourism Minister Masidi Manjun stood his ground that no orangutan from Sabah is go to KL for eco-tourism purposes.

Maybe, Sarawak can send if they wish.After all the minister that agree to the request is from Sarawak.

If it is true, I hope the Prime Minister would give up this most ridiculous idea.


Anonymous said...

I am from the same area as Dtk James Dawos and i am totally disagree to his proposal. What for..HL you are right, if they want to see ORANGUTAN the must travel to Sarawak or Sabah themself. In Sarawak you can see orangutan just 25km outside Kuching at Semengok Wildlife.

SM said...


1Malaysia bah!
The PM's sogan must be incorporated into ALL walks of Malaysian life (since we are paying loads of money for the 1Malaysia Campaign propaganda).
If West Msia does not have Orangutan then we import form East Msia!

SM said...

Bro HL / Eddy,

sorry to change the subject, but this is something I came upon in the Malaysian Insider. The writer gives quite a clear summary of why the Herald is "asking" to be allowed to use the word "Allah". You may not agree but then again, take a read anyway.


eddy said...

1. Totally agree with you Bro, our Orangutans should be placed in their natural habitat. If anybody wants to see them, then, they have to go to Sabah and thus promote ecotourism there. No brainer.

2. Thanks for the heads up Bro SM...interesting take, but another interesting question from a blogger Jebat Must die, I hope Bro HL doesn't mind:

I have a question for The Herald.

If it is widely known now that the name of God in Christianity is Elah/Elohim/Yahweh, then is it not incumbent for The Herald to rectify the mistakes made in the translation of an English bible to Malay?

We do know that nowhere in the original bible mentioned the word ‘Allah’ in any of its verses.

In other words, isn’t it important for The Herald to make this corrective measure so that their followers in East Malaysia will not be further confused and deviated from the original Christian name for God (which is not Allah)?

Afterall, before Christianity came into existence in East Malaysia, the natives there such as the Bidayuhs and Ibans called their God as “Tampa” and “Petara” respectively.

Hence, I guess it should be the responsibility of The Herald to clear the air pertaining the religious rites of their followers. Shouldn’t they?

I bet “Allah Ta’ala” usage in Christian rites won’t be as soothing to the ears of a devout Christian as compared with the usage of Elah/Elohim/Yahweh. What do you think?

That is why, The Herald should in all its efforts, propagate the use of the correct name of God in their Malay bible, according to the Christian beliefs.

Which is more important to The Herald?

The correct name of their God needs to be put in the Malay bible, thus upholding the sanctity of Christianity?


To remain stubborn and hold steadfast over the mistranlations of the conniving early colonialists and the gullible Malay translators?

So how Tan Sri(Pakiam)?

Just asking.

read more: http://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/

I just love the freedom of speech in Malaysia.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

You bring up valid points.
What "little" I know of this is that the Christians are NOT allowed to come up with their "own" interpretation of the Bible in Malay. Hense they use the Indonesian Bible which uses the word Allah throughout its text.
The "name" for God used by the Christians for Centuries range from Yaweh (as you pointed out) to Allah.
As the saying goes "a rose by any other name smells just as sweet" (I forget who coined it).
Since the Malay speaking East Malaysians have been using Allah (similarly the Christians in many parts of the world, including Indonesia & Brunei), what's wrong in it?
The "argument" put forward by UMNO is that the Muslims will get confused (?!). That is the crux of the problem. UMNO thinks that the Muslims (i.e. Malays) are stupid! If I were a Malay, I would be sorely insulted by this.
If the Home Ministry had not "decided" to suddenly stop the Herald from using Allah, there would been no problems (Mahatir's administration allowed it as long it was confined to internal circulation & banned from being distributed to Muslims. So why the sudden change? It's just that Malaysia has become so much more intolerant).
I'm afraid that this "argument" will go on forever.
How many Muslim Governments in the world ban their Non-muslim Citizens from using the word Allah?
I guess only Malaysia...?...? (Iran? Pakistan? Afganistan? I don't know...).
All that has come out fo it is that the UMNO Government is intolerant & look pretty much bigoted & racist (& now Mahatir has suddenly decided to start talking about 9/11 in his usual bigoted & racist & anti-sematic way...God help us).
I guess there ar enot many Malaysian like you & HL & me who can talk & debate "intelligently" without resorting to violence...somethings a miss with Malaysia...& we are looking at Vision 2020? Developed Nation Status? I don't think soooooo...