Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Might You Think Gain The Most From The Current Spate of Attacks On Churches?

Hantu Laut

Who might you think gain the most from attacks on churches in this country? For sure not Najib and his government.The oppositions would from the conflicts score many more points that gives them extra political mileage.

That's why leaders in Pakatan Rakyat were quick to point finger at Najib and UMNO.For all we know the agent provocateurs could have come from overzealous oppositions supporters to discredit Najib's government by putting the blame squarely on him and UMNO.

Would the people in UMNO be that stupid to aggravate a situation that already not leaning in their favour? It could also be a desperate move to dislodge BN's popularity in East Malaysia where significant part of the population are Christians.

If Sabah and Sarawak are still solidly behind BN, Pakatan wouldn't have a chance of taking Putrajaya.Isn't it a golden opportunity to excoriate Najib and UMNO and steal the popular votes in East Malaysia and at the same time drive a wedge between UMNO and other component parties in BN.

Political organisations have been known to sabotage government by using agent provocateurs to create unrest, purportedly as a result of adverse government policy.The government gets the blame and the opposition gain political mileage.Of course, blinkered pro-Pakatan supporters are unable to see or accept the probability of such evil.

Lim Kit Siang, the shit-stirrer, rabble-rouser and political opportunist casting never ending aspersions on the Prime Minister. Probable diversion to the internal problems facing Pakatan Rakyat.The recent resignation of PKR Secretary-General Salehudin Hashim tells all is not well in the party.

Don't judge a book by its cover, they look fine on the outside but are besieged by all kinds of problems on the inside.Here, he again sullied Najib for the sacrilege.

Mr Lim forgets it is not always the man that throws the first punch win the fight.

Just a thought.


Y1 said...

As a neutral I am not interested in politicking the problem and allotting blame. The problem must be solved.

Anonymous said...


you can be incredible with your reasoning.

btw, which paper has been catalyst for right wingers? guess must be suara keadilan.

why compromise your credibility with such incredulous artcile. guess you are like rocky.

SM said...


In answer to your question, I guess, the Opposition has the most to gain (& Allah willing it's true!).
However, since the PM & his Home Minister are powerless to do anything about it, then we need to put a PM that can take responsibility in Malaysia!
Hopefully the Sarawakian & Sabahans finally wake up & smell the coffee!

donplaypuks® said...

Albar, Kerismudin and Rosemajib, through their sheer stupidity and political naivete played with fire and got burnt! They were aided and abetted by the racism and bigotry of Awang Selamat, Redhuan Tee and Utusan's.

Remember, this "Allah" issue came up during Dr.M's time and he left E.M'sia to itself, as the Herald has restricted circulation and this practice has been extant there for over 400 years!! Not to mention that word had been in use by Arabs for their pagan Gods long before Islam was founded, and still is in the Middle East and in countries like Indonesia, Egypt India etc.

The Opposition had NOTHING whatsoever to do with it and they are the beneficiary of UMNO/BN playing the race and religious bigotry card once too often thinking the lost Malay votes will flock back to them.

Well, UMNO/BN gambled and lost and will pay the price in GE 2013!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

eddy said...

Agree with SM that the Opposition has the most to gain on this issue but in the short term only. However in the long haul the people would want to see a leadership which walk the talk and do not indulge in excessive politicking and blaming the current Government for anything under the sun. People finally want a firm and patient Government which do more work for the people and ensure the safety, stability and prosperity of the rakyat of Malaysia(read BN).

I would not be surprised, if there are further excessive politicking on the ALLAH issue by the opposition, they might sooner or later find out that the Christians themselves will feel that they and their faith are being held to ransom and used irresponsibly to further the cause of certain secular opposition parties.

eddy said...

dpp, talk that the Opposition is not in any way stirring this issue is cheap, the GE is two years away, much will happen along the way.

UMNO and BN is not finished yet, there are still plenty of life in the coalition. Let's see who gets to the finish line first in the next GE.