Thursday, February 11, 2010

Believe It Or Not?

Hantu Laut

Doggone PERC report! Only barking dogs makes an issue out of such nescient and outlandish report.

Kit Siang wants Najib to respond to the PERC report that Malaysia is veering towards instability.Najib may be everything his enemies say but he is not that stupid to be upset by such report written more for its political agenda rather than its factuality.

Anyone can write a report.Raja Petra Kamaruddin is very good at it. He writes every day through his optical illusions on dirty politicians and dirty politics in this country.

His magniloquent claims of knowing everything happening in the police force and boasted that the police force report to him and not to the IGP is a mixture of lofty ideals and knowing everything but the kitchen sink.

Believe it or not?

Malaysia Today claims to have few million hits a day but never put a site meter to prove it.

Believe it or not?

Raja Petra, the princely populist,writing from his hideout somewhere in the fifth dimension (Mr Mxyzptik lives here too) claimed the police torture his son physically and mentally to get at him.

Believe it or not?

In his statutory declaration he claimed to know who and who were present when Altantuya was blown to smithereens in the forest.

Believe it or not?

He claimed to have a good time with some Polish women and posted photos to prove he is telling the truth.A picture paints a thousand words, he thinks.

Believe it or not?

He posted in his Malaysia Today photos of him with some beauty queens.Photos below.

You can see the two photos.Guess which is the fake one?

Believe it or not?

It is the Sun that revolves around the earth and not the other way round.

Believe it or not?

If you are a moron, surely, you would believe everything you read.


Y1 said...

I just wonder why Malaysia has become such a punching bag from outsiders? Is there any smoke without fire?

Seriously, if we dismiss every criticisms and negative reports, we might as well have our heads permanently down in the sand like the mythical ostrich. Or maybe permanently living underneath the coconut shell like frogs.

And I don't find the connection between PERC and RPK relevant either.

jessel said...

wow, good writing with one punch-to-the-face point with that rpk pix..good one indeed hantu

eddy said...

1. Bro HL, when you read that PERC report mentioned the integrity of the judiciary in regards to the sodomy trial, you know already that the PERC based in Hong Kong did not do proper neutral research and probably got their information emailed from Malaysia by Anwar's supporters.

The trial just started and it remains to be seen that it is a political conspiracy or not. A organisation which is supposed to assess risk professionally and objectively would have followed the trial to see for themselves what is the truth and then assess risk.

In a way I agree that it is almost an op-ed sent in by RPK himself filled with half truths convoluted to make foreigners think that Malaysia is unstable since early January? I think at this juncture the only instablity is occuring within the loose Pakatan coalition with PAS wanting to talk to UMNO now and PKR and DAP MPs and Aduns labeling each other with all sorts of names (I like the communist minded and dictatorial part) and the plastic explosive on the already flammable brew with even YB Zul Nordin of PKR calling for the DAP to be expelled from Pakatan for being too chauvinistic and trying to "bolot" kuasa and not share with their partners.

2. You wonder Bro Y1? Just have a read at the pro Pakatan Malaysiakini, the Malaysian Insider and the Malaysia Today and the endless politicising of anything that can remotely be politicisise by the PKR, PAS and the DAP. You will find the answer.

Belieive It Or Not, I think majority Malaysians nowadays are smart enough to accept positive criticism but the amount of negative criticism by the opposition designed to make the ruling BN Government look bad is really unproductive to the country. Even backfire, just look at the party which espouses "transparency" such as PKR and DAP which immediately act to shut up vocal comments among their own to the extent of labeling them with all sorts of derogatary name callings and reporting them for disciplinary action.

SM said...


As usual everyone is wrong & only Najib & UMNO are right & squeaky clean. It's all the fault of that bloody DSAI & the Opposition politicians & their "dead brain in the water" supporters!


1/ Lingam Tapes Scandal:- DSAI & Opposition fault
2/ Missing Jets:- DSAI & Opposition fault
3/ Leaked info from Defence Ministry:- DSAI & Opposition fault
4/ Brain Drain:- Where got brain drain since those who leave are being replaced by Indon Construction workers! Again DSAI & Opposition fault
5/ Church & Mosque attacks:- DSAI & Opposition fault
6/ Altantunya murder:- DSAI & Opposition fault
7/ Investors leaving Malaysia in droves:- DSAI & Opposition fault
8/ Malaysian Currency dropping to a pathetic level:- DSAI & Opposition fault
9/ Racist remarks by Utusan & UMNO Politicians:- DSAI & Opposition fault
10/ Khir Toya spending a million Ringit of Tax Payers money in Disneyland:- DSAI & Opposition fault
11/ RPK making a fool of the PDRM, MACC & Malaysian Govt:- DSAI & Opposition fault
12/ PERC Report:- DSAI & Opposition fault
13/ Kelantan cheated out f their Oil Royalty:- DSAI & Opposition fault
14/ Rosmah spending thousands of RM of Tax Payers money for shopping sprees in London:- DSAI & Opposition fault
15/ Pak Lah sleeping througout his Premiership:- DSAI & Opposition fault
16/ Pathetic Education System:- DSAI & Opposition fault
17/ The wonderful Submarine having problems alreday after only just a few months:- DSAI & Opposition fault
18/ PKFZ Scandal:- Most definately DSAI & Opposition fault

Wow! Once they get rid of DSAI ater the Sodomy 2 Trials, all of Malaysia's woes will be solved (with the use of 1 Malaysia Slogan & ISA)!

Y1 said...

Bro Eddy,
So there is conspiracy to topple the BN by outsiders and they listen only to pro Pakatan news media? Then these so call professionals don't deserve to earn a single cent from investors to pay for such reports if they want a neutral or objective view of the country they want to invest in. Ah, being a conspiracy, these are being paid for by Pakatan. The more we shut our ears and eyes to such reports, the more we kid ourselves.

When sanitised Government owned news media spin or blank out corrupt dealings, the independent news have become the bane of BN's shenanigans when such practices need to be exposed. We need both to find out what is actually going on in our country. It may be sensationalised but there may be some truth in them. For too long the wool has been pulled over our eyes for all the evil that has been perpetuated.

The Pakatan is breaking at its seam, there is no doubt. But for me I would prefer they break up now and expose the true colours of some individuals then to continue with the charade. Next general elections we shall know who we shall not vote for. I don't care who is in power, one thing is for sure, this country need check and balance.

Touching on transparency, I prefer the current battle of Penang within the Pakatan than the silent buying over of dissidents and awarding them fat contracts to silent them. I cannot find anything wrong with what LGE's over ruling the awarding of RM40m to a RM2 company that is tied to a Pakatan member. I have never seen this happening in the BN, for so long as they rule, it is bleeding our country dry. If this continue (God forbid that it is too late), there will be nothing left for our children except all of the wealth (whatever is left) will be in the hands of 5% of the country. This is not what we want unless you are already in that 5% bro.

eddy said...

Yes SM, if Anwar Ibrahim is found guilty he will go to jail and I do believe that much of Malaysia's trouble will be over. There will be less politicking and everybody will get back to work in the face of this economic storm.

Long list of unproven allegations though but if you say its Anwar's and the Opposition fault maybe it must be so. Usually the opposition will blame it on BNlah.He,he..

Hantu Laut said...

Agree with you.

I am not against changing government I am against Anwar Ibrahim becoming PM.Because of this one man,whom majority of Malaysians think innocent,I am prepared to stick with the devil I know.

I can't see cleanliness in them either.

eddy said...

1. Bro Y1, hmmmm, I wish I were, but I am not in that 5% if there is such a thing as a 5% elite.

2. Bro HL, I too am not against a change of Government but like you I do not believe in Anwar and will fight against him ever being a PM of Malaysia. Also, I do not like the DAP too, as they are obviously too chauvinistic and have a tendency to "bolot" kuasa rather then sharing power, which is a recipe for racial instability.

Maybe a Pakatan without the DAP and Anwar Ibrahim is something that Malaysia needs, next general election the people will be the judge. I will of course stick with the devil(BN) I know then the seemingly angel(PAS,PKR) that I do not know for certain.

3. As for LGE "explanation" on the golf club issue lets see what Zahrain's reply would be. Zahrain called Lim a dictator, a chauvinist and communist minded so Guan Eng would definitely not let it go without a fight, as his and DAP credibility is at stake.

Y1 said...

I am yet to be convinced by Anwar Ibrahim's change of character from what he was when he was in UMNO and what is his true colour. I reserve my judgement.

I really welcome all these Pakatan infighting. Seems to be mostly Anwar's kaki and machai. They may have left UMNO but has UMNO left them?

If Penang, Kedah and Selangor fall, let it be. If 10 Pakatan MP jump and allow BN have two thirds majority. Let it be. I would not care less. We shall know who these people are and how self serving they are. They need to be exposed now. We do not want any government (BN or otherwise) that is controlled by self serving politicians. The sooner we see them exposed the better.

Y1 said...

Bro Eddy & HL,
Now that events have overtaken us and one MP has jumped before facing discipline or facing up to LGE's allegations, we can rest on this issue for now. Enough said.

As I said, I don't care how many PR politicians jump now, the more the better.

The 5% is simply plucked out from the air, and I could say maybe only 1% holds the future of Malaysia's wealth and power.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

I like the way you think!
But unproven allegations? Hmmm...I don't think so!
I have another long list but I don't want Bro HL to get fed-up of me & ban my comments!
Have a good weekend & Gong Xi Fa Chai Bros!

eddy said...

Bro HL, Bro Y1, Bro SM,

Have a good holiday and Happy New Year of Tiger. Stay Healthy and keep youself and your family safe wherever you are. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Y1 said...

Thanks Eddy and to HL and everyone else here:
Gong Xi Fa Cai and may God bless you and yours with a year of Roaring Success, Magnificent Opportunities and Strong Health