Friday, February 12, 2010

No Wisdom In Old Age:Karpal Singh Should Be Cited For Contempt

Hantu Laut

What has become of this country? Have we become the wild and woolly? The land of barbarians.

Now, you can show disrespect for a judge in a court house.Courtesy of Pakatan Rakyat,
the government in waiting that many Malaysians think they deserve.

Since the dawn of a new era, the born again democracy, it's free for all, even in the court house where judges are held in high esteem, uncouth and contemptuous behaviour insulting a judge has become accepted form.So called freedom..... masking a culture of 'kurang ajar'. Boundless effort to ridicule the judiciary.

Our judge Mohd Zabidin has stayed cool, calm and collected in spite of being called a liar.He could have cited Karpal Singh for contempt and send him straight to jail.He was smart not to fall into the trap.That's what exactly Anwar and his lawyer wanted. To sell to Malaysians that the judiciary is corrupted and controlled by the executive.

Karpal unruly behaviour was nothing but an attempt at disrupting and delaying the court proceeding.They are using every trick up their sleeves to delay the case.Attack on the judge was designed to make him look bias to serve the court of public opinion.

I hope when our lordship return on the 18th he would cite the uncouth or aptly what the Malay would call 'kurang ajar' Lion of Jelutong' for contempt and send him straight to jail.

A judge who feels someone is improperly challenging or ignoring the court's authority has the power to declare the defiant person in contempt of court. There are two types of contempt, criminal and civil. Criminal contempt occurs when the contemnor actually interferes with the ability of the court to function properly - for example, by yelling at the judge or calling the judge a liar. This is also called direct contempt because it occurs directly in front of the judge. A criminal contemnor may be fined, jailed or both as punishment for his act.

Disorderly, contemptuous, or insolent behavior toward the judge or magistrates while holding the court, tending to interrupt the due course of a trial or other judicial proceeding, may be prosecuted as "direct" contempt. The term "direct" means that the court itself cites the person in contempt by describing the behavior observed on the record. Direct contempt is distinctly different from indirect contempt, wherein another individual affected by a court order may file papers alleging contempt against a person who has willfully violated a lawful court order.

Need I say more?

Singh is King


eddy said...

Actually Bro, There are two words I like to connect to him, Karpal the indomitable politician and Karpal the fearless lawyer. I like the times when he was not serving as an MP and just being Karpal a lawyer where he fights fearlessly in defense of his clients.

Alas now he is back as an MP and a lawyer. Going into the Anwar sodomy trial Karpal should have worn just a lawyer's hat, but for reasons I do not know he also wore a politician's hat. Karpal was recorded in court as calling the judge a liar, and I agree that is enough for him to be held in contempt of Court and sent to jail. I hope Karpal just wear the lawyer's hat and get on with the business of defending his Client by rebutting the Prosecution witness and evidences presented, as ultimately, that is what matters in court...evidences that are adduced in court for the learned trial judge to make a decision whether Saiful or Anwar is telling the truth or not.

I pray that on the 18th of February 2010, the learned judge in his wisdom would not recuse himself and will let off Karpal with a strong warning though, as the issue at hand is between Saiful the complainant and Anwar the alleged sex offender.

Sending Karpal to jail for contempt will only trigger cross appeals to the higher courts and further delay. The trial must go on without further delay. Justice delayed is Justice denied. The truth will finally prevail in Court.

Kerel Bort said...

for those MP's with two jobs. I was wondering. When KS serving in court, do he take leave to be there as he was not able to be at his office to serve his consti?

SM said...


What Malaysia needs is more men like Karpal! Fearless no matter who he's doing. I bet you he only fears God (& rightly so!).
Go Karpal! Go Karpal!

Anonymous said...

The Bar Council should reprimand Karpal Singh ASAP.. The failure of the Bar Council to do so will definitely reflect the double standard of the Bar.. Be brave Be impartial... By the way does anyone knows how the Bar Council conduct its election?


eddy said...

Megat, I think the Bar Council's Council is Opposition centric, don't expect anything from them against Karpal Singh, Bro.