Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Racist Malay Doesn't Make All Malay Racist

Hantu Laut

As usual, the oppositions instead of taking it as one man's foibles made it looked like all Malays in UMNO are racists.

The Safar's sword cuts deep into their wounds.It's baseless,unfounded and derogatory.I don't blame the Chinese and Indians negative reaction.Race and religion are subjects that should be handled with care.For thousand of years history has shown the role of race and religion in world's conflicts.

The racist remark by Nasir Safar should not be taken as consensus of opinion among Malays or Najib's administration.They were quick to lay blame on him for political mileage.

Some Malays in UMNO may be openly racist.The racist Malays in Pakatan kept their mouth shut because they knew the score.With the exception of a few, people like Zulkifli Nordin, Zahrain Mohd Hashim and few others, the rest were patient enough to wait for the big windfall, the capture of Putrajaya.

Don't fool yourself that things are going to be much different with Pakatan at the helm.What happened in the 4 states under their watch is a reflection of what's in store for the rakyat when they get to El Dorado.There are just as many sleazy politicians in Pakatan as there are in the BN, if sleaze is the right word to describe them.

DAP's MP Theresa Kok, another communalist with venomous tongue, wanted Najib to apologise for Safar's outrageous racist remark.

Give me one good reason why Najib should apologise for someone else's uncouth remark? Just because the man work for him? She implied Najib wore the same feather and all UMNO members are the same, racist to the core.

Would Theresa Kok apologise to the world if one of her employees raped a girl, or robbed a bank or worst, murdered somebody?

Except for our children we are no body's keeper and are not responsible for their actions.

That speaks volume of the intelligence of some of our elected representatives, don't know how and when to politicise an issue.The right person to apologise is Safar, not Najib nor anyone else.

Nasir Safar was wrong in what he said.He fell off political correctness.One bad apple should not spoil the whole basket.To err is human. I am sure Nasir regretted what he said.He has paid the price by resigning.

Let me remind Theresa Kok one racist Malay doesn't make all Malay racists.


eddy said...

Nasir Safar paid the price Bro, he lost his plum job as special assistant to the PM and is being investigated as well. However, only divisive politicians like Kok would try to capitalise on this issue for political points. I agree, only the ignorant would commit to say that if one malay is racist, all malays are racist. Its a dumb comment just like saying if you meet a woman GRO of one race, then all women of that one race are GROs, illogical? Yes! Ignorant? Yes! Racist? Yes also.

Its actually hypocritical of Kok to ask Najib to apologise when back in 2005 I think, she showed a video to some MPs showing a woman performing nude squat in a police station and purported to be a Chinese National. It created such a rackus that the PM then ordered the Home Minister to go to China to "improve" Malaysia's image. When a Comission was formed to investigate the video it turned out that the nude squat woman was a Malay lady. Did Theresa Kok apologise, was Lim Kit Siang asked to apologise? No sirree, did the Malay girl plight ever got Theresa's Kok attention after that? Don't think so. Is that DAP style or what, if Malay don't bother but if Chinese all hell break loose, cannot touch one.

Anyway I am not surprised with the DAP brand of Chinese chauvinism, basically because they are not shy about showing it even PKR MP Zahrain described Lim Guan Eng its Secretary General as a "dictator, chauvinist and communist minded" and just look at how the DAP machine banged and labelled the duo of PKR MP Zahrain and Tan Tee Beng for going against Guan Eng.

Really, this country is in for tough times politically and economically Bro, and the lunar year of the tiger has not even arrived yet.

Anonymous said...

Ngape Najib harus minta maaf atas kesalahan pembantu dia?

Si Nasir tu bukannnya bercakap masa lepak kat kedai mamak. Dia tu berucap masa buat kerja rasmi sebagai pembantu PM di program 1Malaysia anjuran kerajaan.

Kesian Najib. 1Malaysia kena sabotaj oleh orangnya sendiri.

SM said...


However, I have a sneaky feeling that Nasir is actually "saying" what most Malays feel but are too "polite" to utter in public!
How dare these Pandatangs question Malay Rights?! How dare this PM wannabe DSAI support the Pendatang (I remember you let slip once in one of your comments "servers Anwar right for questioning Malay Rights"! Has he questioned Malay Rights? I think it was more of supporting equality...but wait...why should these Pendatang have equality? Go back to China & India where your ansestors came from! Wait a minute...then people like Mahatir should also go back to india!!! complicated bah!).
That's why DSAI is so hated, that's why he has to be humilated & disparaged! That's why Teresa Kok is so hated! How dare this Chinawoman stand up to the Tuans?!
That's why these Pendatang should not dare question the "Tuans" of Malaysia!

eddy said...

Aiyo Bro SM, you tak faham-faham lagi kah...just because the Raja-Raja Melayu are Tuans does not make all Melayu Tuans.

SM said...

Saudara Eddy,

Saya fahammmmm 'tu...tapi mungkin saudara Eddy nak jelaskan hakikat 'tu 'kat UMNO & penyokong-penyokong UMNO!