Saturday, March 6, 2010

Al-Islam Stood Tall

Hantu Laut

Muslims should laud and be proud of Al-Islam for its humility to apologise to the Catholic Church and Christians who may have been offended by its foolish caper at a Catholic church.The reporters concerned have also apologised for hurting the feelings of Christians in the country.Case closed.

Of course, there will always be shit-stirrer who gets the kicks out of issue like this to stir religious fervour.Those who get the high when there is trouble in the country.

My hat off to Al-Islam.Congratulations.


Y1 said...

Great. The Bishop has already said he will forgive when there is an apology. Case close. Let's move on.

To be fair, Martin Jalleh's article was before any apology was issued. I like many was surprised why no action was taken when such a blatant and insensitive prank was done by the reporters was taken to hurt the feelings of the Catholics.

donplaypuks® said...

I agree with you that Al-Islam has done the right thing in apologising. Kudos to them. That should close the
chapter for all of us to move on.

Would that they had done it earlier and saved the AG from foot in mouth disease!

We are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

M. Alex said...

Yes, We Christians are a forgiving lot. As mentioned before why so late and after so much embrassment expecially to the AG. And please in future Do not hide behind ingorance to carry on your political agendas. M. Alex.

Anonymous said...


You are trying very hard to be a jester in the royal court, but you failed miserably.

Al Islam is the shit stirrer, and for what they had done, we Malaysian in general had been smeared with stinking shits.

For the kind of intent to create disharmony among the races in the country, stirring shits in a multiracial environment like us, pitting each race against the other for political expediencies and yet got away from any kind of punishment, just by issuing a single page apologies, yet you have the gall to praise them ?

Al-Islam Stood tall ? Congratulations ? And trying to blame any others who objected to the idea that Al-Islam are not taken to task for their misdeeds by labelling them as shit stirrers ? You are a person without shame !

Purple Haze said...

Morally, the Al Islam folks have done the right thing to apologise. If they had done so much earlier, this would not have been a bigger issue than it was but somehow, I get the feeling that they have been ill or poorly advised.

As for the AG, he has abandoned the responsibilities of his office.

As for the Home Ministry, shouldn't this event have necessitated a review of the KDN permit or issued a notice to the magazine ?

Purple Haze said...

Oh, by the way, is the apology only to be featured on their website and not in the printed magazine ?

Seems a bit half hearted, IF that is the case and I stand corrected if my information is wrong.

My apologies if I got this wrong.

SM said...


Al0Islam stood tall? Hahahahaha! In M'sia if you are "linked" to the right party you can get away with murder (literally as we all know!).
So tomorrow, I will go to my neghibiur's house...peep at his wife taking a bath. Take some pics & publish it in my blog.
When my neighbour finds out, & he makes a Police Report, I will then "see' the error of my ways...& apologize. In the mean time. the AG will say...since I have learnt my lesson, he does not need to prosecute me. After all I was foolish...I should have just peeped & kept quiet.
Anyone else trying to get me prosecuted are after all just shit stirrers!
Fortunately Christians in M'sia are pretty forgiving lot (Jesus did preach forgiveness). However, if this was the other way can imagine what would have happened!
HL, either you really have blinkers over your eyes or... (I dread to think of the altrenative).
I give up!

Hantu Laut said...

You are wrong to come to that conclusion.Even if it's the other way round it is not Islam to be blamed,you can blame the Muslims for their short fuse.

The true teaching of Islam is quite different from your understanding of it or some Muslims who are only concerned with the spirituality of it but ignored the physicality of the teachings.

Your comparison of a peeping tom with a camera and the two foolish sleuths is scrapping bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

How can Al-Islam ever stand tall again, wherein by its action, defiled both the christian religion and the teachings of Islam and brought shame upon the muslim community?

Are they going to apologise to all the muslims too?

Also the commonly use "...who may have been offended " with their apology smacks of insincerity.

Kurang ajar!

eddy said...

Bro HL, the apology from Al Islam was late, and it could have saved the AG a lot of angst if they had done it earlier when the story first broke.

However, I think everybody must understand that in Malaysia under the Constitution only the AG has the powers to prosecute or not to prosecute. I think in this case he made the right call. Martin Jalleh as usual would probably bite this issue and would not let go as it serves his twisted agenda.

Yes Alex, you Christians are are a forgiving lot, so are the Muslims in Malalysia. We do not go into town when swine heads or bottles of urine are periodically thrown into mosques. We Muslims are a forgiving lot too.