Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Nod For Lim Kit Siang

Hantu Laut

I'll make an exception this time and give Lim Kit Siang a nod to his article here.

It's true, Minister of Health Liow Tiong Lai should take responsibility and resign his post.He has shown total incompetence, indifference and showed no concern at all on the worsening health care in Sabah.

The crisis is not new, it is over two years now and nothing has been done to stop the shuttling of patients from one hospital to another.

On one of his visits here the Prime Minister has assured Sabahans that he would make immediate allocation to resolve the health care crisis in Sabah.

The money might be there but what's the point if you have a minister who can only provide lip service and not the health care service that Sabahans have been deprived of for a long time.In spite of the much talked about takeover of SMC nothing significant has happened.

PM Najib should take personal interest in the crisis if he wants his fixed deposit intact.Better do it fast before Sabahans decide to tukaron bangkad.

It is poor Sabahans that suffered most and if the PM didn't already know, that's where most votes come from.Ignore it at your own perils.

Maybe, Najib should do a first, sack the man.


eddy said...

Liow sibuk dengan MCA punya krisis kepimpinan which I think will not be solved even after the new elections at the end of March 2010.

He would probably loss to Kong for the Dep. President Post and will be dropped from the cabinet. Hopefully the new Health Minister will be better at the job for the whole country.

Anonymous said...

All Msians who have conscience will definitely agree with you and Uncle Kit that Health Minister should be sacked for this and other health issues. But fat hope that Najib will do so.
Anyway there will be an opportunity this Sun that should he LOSE the MCA Deputy President slot, the elected President[provided it is not Ka Ting] should advise Najib to appoint one of the VPs Elected to talk over the Health Ministry. Or maybe Soi Lek will love to take over the Health Ministry because he has some "unfinished biz" there