Sunday, March 7, 2010

Victim Of Defending Allah

Hantu Laut

"Cakap tak serupa bikin" is a Malay saying meaning 'not doing as one says'

The sacking of Zulkifli Nordin was expected.It's a good political strategy by PKR to preserve the status quo and the 'marriage of convenience' and save the image of PKR before Nordin decides to dump the party.

The rise of Pakatan Rakyat in the 12th General Elections was due to the general perception that Malaysians have lost their basic freedoms to a tyrannical and corrupt regime.They have lost the right to act,speak or think as one wants without hindrance.The connivance of the powers that be, robbing the nation of its resources and infringement of human rights, were inferred in the people's mind.Malaysians, were in a state of hopelessness until the rise of Pakatan Rakyat where it is assumed people can speak,think and act freely.Differences of opinion would be respected and tolerated.In a bigger sphere of things it should encompass all the basic human rights at no cost.

Is it what it seemed?

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said there is nothing personal in the sacking of Zulkifli Nordin, it's just a move to uphold the principles of Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

What are the principles of PR? Aren't the above-mentioned freedoms the principles and promises made to the people.Weren't they the ones you askance and fought, tooth and nail, in the last general elections.

If your own lawmaker do not have the freedom to express his religious beliefs and stood by his principles what chance would the people have when you become the powers that be?

Anwar went on to explained that the severe punishment was not due to political expediency but to uphold justice, Pakatan's style.

Short of saying Pakatan does not tolerate dissenting voices, it's total obedience or hell be with you, he seemed contented with his explanation.

It seemed Anwar missed the point between political expediency and political openness.The sacking of Zul is certainly in pursuit of political expediency.The party have scored more credits by sacking him rather than if Zul were to resign, which would be seen as dumping the party, an action taken by the three previous MPs that left the party.

Should a man be punished for his religious beliefs?

Sure, in politics one is expected to toe the line but than Zulkifli's lamentation is not about politics, it's not about party principles, it's about his religion which he felt strongly about.

Has Pakatan declared agnosticism as one of its principles? Since PAS associates itself with Islam it would be interesting to hear what PAS has to say about its stand on the parameters of Islam in the coalition.

Although I do not support the government's stand on the Allah issue, I do believe everyone should have the freedom to express his/her views on the matter and Zulkifli has every right to defend himself for his religious beliefs.

It's obvious that Anwar is under pressure from DAP and PAS to get rid of Zul before he gets rid of them.It is also obvious that Anwar and Pakatan have no stomach for differences of opinion.

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mental functions and behaviours and it is not hard to read what the future beholds with such leaders.
Malaysia may be heading for worst time, a totalitarian regime

Penang and Selangor have shown their inclinations by their high-handedness.

Penang's Lim's absolute power to rescind any government contracts without giving any reason whatsoever and Khalid's retaliation of repossessing YBK's land in spite of the fact that a third party has sent him payment for the outstanding amount owing by YBK can be deemed as totalitarian tendencies.

Putting self-interest aside, no government would resort to such drastic measure if payments have been made, where delay or deferment, was with the indulgence of the state government,irrespective past or present, such indulgence is an agreement.

Zulkifli Nordin may be good riddance for now but it will have far-reaching consequence in the Malay hinterland.


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Purple Haze said...

By the same token, UMNO would have sacked Tengku Razaleigh as well for his many outbursts, which are seemingly going against the viewpoint of UMNO.

But Ku Li did not lodge a police report against his fellow UMNO member, so maybe that was his saving grace.

Anonymous said...

"Short of saying Pakatan does not tolerate dissenting voices..."

The same as UMNO/BN :D

Antibarua said...

Zul ... the true hero of Islamic People of Malaysia...

PAS ? The pig face of DAPIG... Islamic country konon... PIRAHHHHHH MABUK...

At the end.. PAS always gone with the wind.

eddy said...

Another good post Bro.

Does anybody know exactly what Pakatan Rakyat stands for except being a loose grouping of political parties shouting populist rhetorics in the hope that these would be good enough to carry them to Putrajaya?

Zul Nordin's expulsion from PKR is inevitable like you said Bro. It followed his pre-planning I guess, in that he wanted to be sacked and he got his wish. Anyway, no way in hell the "angelic" leaders of PKR would tolerate anybody calling them Little Pharoahs and Emperors. Zul Nordin has been sacrificed on the altars of Anwar Ibrahim political expediency. PKR was presented with a great piece of Public Relation material by Zul Nordin, however Anwar Ibrahim who made the PKR policy decision on the ALLAH issue see it as a lawan tauke issue I guess and you are right as Zul Nordin departure will have far reaching effect on how the Malay/Muslim hinterland now view the Parti Keadilan Rakyat...did Zul Nordin got his keadilan on the ALLAH issue from the party which uses the word Keadilan? I think the keadilan is for and only for Anwar Ibrahim.

You mentioned about Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim high handedness Bro. Its no coincidence that this high handedness caused Lim Guan Eng to not win a elected place in his hometown Malacca state DAP elections and Khalid Ibrahim not being able to make headway in UMNO previously which caused him to join PKR. While it may be a good trait for OPPOSITION politics it would be a severe problem when you become the executive of a state government .

What was Lim's excuse to put in the clause for termination of contract without cause...I heard him saying its to protect public interest, but then why award to a bad contractor in the first place and why the need for a tender board.

There is another article by Calvin Sankaran @ the malaysianinsider on Lim The CM with the negative midas touch read here:

I hope the people of Penang reflect on this article and see for themselves the difference between a Gerakan/BN State Government and the DAP Government helmed by a dictatorial CM Lim Guan Eng. That decision by Lim Guan Eng to turn down a RM10.2 billion investment is surely the mother of blunders of the decade.

Again, my question is what does the loose coalition of DAP,PKR and PAS stands for and where is it actually trying to take us to?

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 1.29.
Thanks.Is that the only English word you know.