Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Samy's Indian Rope-Trick, Najib,Select Your Candidate Very Carefully

Hantu Laut

The BN have not announced its candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election but if it is Palanival again than the BN is likely to dig its own grave.

Palanival winning the seat in 4 general elections previously was not a good barometer to use to gauge his popularity now.It's different times.He rode on BN popularity before.He had no grassroots support, not likely, because, he won on mainly Malay votes.Those were times when BN was at the pinnacle of power and a stranglehold on the politics of the nation.

With BN's political hegemony and its dominance over the masses anyone put up by the coalition would have won.

For want of a better reason Samy Vellu should know that the man he recommended is not a household name. The close call he had in the March 2008 General Elections was for the BN, not him. Majority of voters in Hulu Selangor were still loyal to the BN then.

Such imprudence in the selection of candidates would surely give PR the upper hand.

Najib should have listened to his own heart instead of people like Samy Vellu who is a spent force and a self-glorified has been.

Samy's recommendation of Palanival is for selfish reason.As Chairman of BN, Najib should have the last say in the selection if he feels the one given to him is not good enough and he should not hesitate to make good his decision.

Ampang MIC deputy chief A.S.Balagurunathan said MIC should review its position in the BN if Najib doesn't accept Samy Vellu's recommendation and said that if not for UMNO, they would not have lost Hulu Selangor and that the result of the last election was caused by UMNO's arrogance.He forgot that majority of the Indian voters voted for the opposition then.Surely, he must have been sent by Samy Vellu to say such thing to try rattle Najib into submission.A poor attempt at the Indian rope-trick. It was MIC and MCA poor performance in the last election that contributed to the deteriorating support for the BN.UMNO retained majority of its Malay seats with the exception of Kelantan.

If common senses were to prevail, by right and by virtue of the area being majority Malays and where politics overruled common sense, the choosing of a non-Malay candidate is surely a political suicide unless the non-Malay candidate has grassroots support and popularity of his own.

The brand named 'BN' doesn't sell very well nowadays.

The right candidate will make a whole lot of difference.

So, Najib, beware, select your candidate carefully.


eddy said...

1. The right candidate will be someone who is not chosen by Samy Vellu.

2. The right decision is for Samy Vellu to announce his immediate resignation as MIC President when Najib chose someone who is not recommended by him.

3. This By-Election is not about Samy Vellu's ego. Samy and MIC was cream pied in March 2008. This is about the concept of power sharing by the BN where the majority, the minority have the opportunity to rule and administer this nation, which will be carried to the future.

4. MIC is now given a golden chance to redeem itself, instead of insulting and blackmailing the BN President, they should allow Najib to choose the best Indian candidate from MIC to win this by-election and support him.

Goodbye have had your chance. If you do not like it..then you should take a vote to take MIC out of BN. See if MIC can survive without BN power sharing concept.

Hantu Laut said...


I think by now Najib should go for broke if he wants back the Malay votes.This is the time to show Samy and his hoodlums that he will not submit to threat, choose his own candidate and let MIC go to hell.

No point being nice to people who are ungrateful, even in politics.

With the recent development of MIC threat, maybe, Najib should consider putting a Malay candidate and he can't be blame for doing so.

eddy said...

Agreed Bro, MIC was not massacred in the last GE, they were annihilated.

Such display of ignorance and ungratefulness when they say they(MIC) lost because of UMNO's arrogance. UMNO's inclusiveness and the will to share power with minority parties like MIC are not appreciated. I think this is "sudah lebih" attitude. If they persists in their(MIC) ways then Najib should throw them an ultimatum accept the chosen Indian candidate or leave BN. There will be more then enough Indian based parties to replace MIC in BN.

Samy must Go.