Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Truth Never Lies

Hantu Laut

The title may be oxymoron but it's the truth and truth doesn't lie.

The constant battering of the so-called baddies is nauseating.One side think they are holier than thou and portray the other side as the devil. They played on the callow and infertile minds of the young voters and drummed the ignorant, the gullible and unsophisticated minds.The simpletons, those who believe in anything you feed them.Little things please little minds.They seemed to have learned the art of indoctrination of the masses.

The clock is ticking, with or without substantive issues the propaganda machine must go on.Lies or truths, don't matter at all, they must keep the momentum alive by whatever means.

The oppositions seemed incapable of constructive criticism.They have completely ran out of substantive issues. Day in, day out they can only dwell on trivialities and mendacious propaganda.Some are so ridiculous, it's kind of ticklish, goes to show how bankrupt of ideas this bunch of stumbling political amateurs are.Vote them in and see how quickly they will destroy this nation.

Jewish moles in the PDRM? Surely, there are moles all over the place.What difference does it make whether they are British,American,France or Jews? Are they truly moles or just doing the work they are hired for? Than there are this childish thing like 1 Malaysia copied 1 Israel and APCO is a Jewish company.So, what's the problem? Anwar, the still de facto leader of the oppositions once sat as chairman of a Jewish-led organisation.

Yesterday, opposition lawmakers were chanting UMNO APCO in parliament that brought the house down.Thrash-talk and imbecile behaviour.Waste of parliamentary time and pathetic show of unruly behaviour.How do we, the taxpayers, benefit from this kind pettiness on some miserable company called APCO being played out in Parliament? Are there no better things they can thrash out in the august house.

APCO is a reputable international consultancy firm and has international staff working for them globally, have clientele all over the world and would have done work for the government of Israel.So what? Should that stop Malaysia from employing their expertise? If they are Mossad than I can understand the uproar.

The pompous display of trash (that's what I think it is) by the oppositions was instigated by Anwar Ibrahim to cover up his own long association with prominent Jewish figure like Paul Wolfowitz, the scandalous ex-president of the World Bank who gave a lavish tax-free pay rise to his girlfriend.He was the first president of the bank dismissed for wrongdoing.Wolfowitz was also one of the main architect and the most hawkish advocate of the Iraq War when he was the American Deputy Defense Secretary.Being close friend, Wolfowitz appointed Anwar as Chairman of Foundation for the Future run by him.

If the Muslims of Malaysia want to know, this is the man, this close friend of Anwar Ibrahim who was mainly responsible for the deaths of thousand of innocent Muslims in Iraq and the destruction of the country and this is the same man who once said about the Holocaust "It's a very bad thing when people exterminate other people, and people persecute minorities. It doesn't mean you can prevent every such incident in the world, but it's also a mistake to dismiss that sort of concern as merely humantarian and not related to real interest."

The Face of Genocide

So, how could APCO and the bloody Jewish moles supposedly working in PDRM be worse than this Jewish friend of his who slaughtered innocent Muslims by the hundred of thousands.

Isn't this hypocrisy of the highest order?

Than, we have the threesome, Yong Teck Lee of SAPP, Jeffery Kitingn of PKR and Lim Kit Siang of DAP who wanted the 'Double Six' tragedy, the plane crash that killed Sabah Chief Minister, the late Tun Fuad and a number of cabinet ministers in Sabah on 6 June 1976 to be re-opened for investigation without giving any specific reason.All they said was based on new revelation by Tengku Razaleigh on his recent visit to Sabah where he stirred Sabahans to get more money out of Petronas and where he related the story.

I presumed, these three ignoramus weren't born yet when the tragedy happened because what Razaleigh revealed during his talk was not anything new.It was common knowledge that he boarded the wrong plane and Harris Salleh had to call him to disembark from the wrong plane and join him in the other plane where he should have been in the first place.

What was the motive behind this rather unusual request? Do they think there have been foul play? Jeffery by his wordings implied there was.Otherwise, why would they asked the case to be re-opened.The Federal government should investigate.They are implicated.

Former Sabah Chief Minister Harris Salleh took exception to it when it was reported in the newspaper and accused Yong and Jefferey of being mischievous and demanded that they repeat it more specifically.The two cowards did not dare give specific reason why they asked for the case to be re-opened.I, myself, as a Sabahan and close friend of the late Tun Fuad family have asked Lim Kit Siang through 'twitter' for his reason but he has not responded.Copy of my tweet below.

@limkitsiang Hi, Y.B Lim, could you tell me why you want the 'Double Six' tragedy case reopen.We,Sabahans are concerned n want to know.

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Seeing the Wolf's face, reminds me...Have you seen the wikileak video yet?