Saturday, May 1, 2010

Police Brutality Videos

Hantu Laut

Police brutality exists everywhere.It is not something we should condone.Such waywardness and violent behaviour were the result of high-strung cops being given field jobs.

Police forces all over the world do not have systematic procedures to identify highly stressed,unstable and potently dangerous cops letting lose such errant cops on the streets making them even more lethal than the criminals.Another factor is the low standards set for entry into the force.I am not sure what the minimum educational requirement for our police.Maybe, someone can enlighten me on this.

Education does play important part in the making of a person.A cop with better education would better understand discipline and the rules of engagement.The police is supposed to protect us not endanger us

Malaysia is not alone in this shameful act of brutality and use of excessive force by the police.Suhakam reported 44 such deaths in 2009 which by any measure is excessively high.None of those involved in fatal shootings, at least not to my knowledge, has been pulled up for failure to adhere to the rules of engagement.

The famous police brutality caught on video was that of a known criminal Rodney King in Los Angeles.A portion of the footage was aired by news agencies around the world.All four officers were tried in state court but acquitted.The acquittal sparked the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.A federal court trail later sent two officers to prison and the other two acquitted.

Police brutality become common place in highly criminalised areas where police have to work under tremendous pressure.Such areas make police vulnerable to violent attacks by criminals.Still, there is nor reason for police to discharge firearm unless shot upon or the criminal is seen visibly armed.

The picture of police brutality in Malaysia is different from say the US or UK.Here, it is highly politicised by the oppositions not so much as a matter of concern but for political reason, more as material for gaining political mileage by running it down as branch of the government.Unfair as it may be, the oppositions have successfully painted the police as the bad boys.

I do not doubt there are some real videos of actual happenings of police brutality but some of the videos posted on YouTube on police beatings looked suspicious and may have been staged as part of the campaign to discredit the administration.

To restore public confidence the death of Amirulrashid should be thoroughly investigated by an independent commission of enquiry and the police should not cover up or refused to take punitive action against the policeman responsible.

Below are videos of police brutality from various part of the world.


vinnan said...

But aren't the Mats in the PDRM suppose to be better than the white supremacist, Jew supporting American security forces? Whoops I forgot about APCO.

wisdom said...

I would say the police are not perfect, anyway nobody is, but some people seems to be ignorance and absolutely gullible. Probably never experience being a victim of any brutalize act committed by dangerous criminals who show no mercy. Many defenseless peace loving citizen have die in that manner, yet we have people who think it is alright for potential criminal to roam free to commit crime. To these people logic the police allow to act only after the criminals commit a clear cut crime!....

From what we learn so far, Aminulrasyid behavior is conductive to a potential criminal activities, the probability was high then, thats why the police act, is it wrong to take proactive action on such situation? the dark and at high speed chase, how the hell the police know is a kid behind the wheel!...only now when the picture is clearer, the police may have err, that doesn't mean police is wrong. In this circumstances the police action is right to take a proactive approach and such exercise should not be forgo, which otherwise may have cause death to some innocent citizen.....then the same people will shout at the police that they are not doing their job...We cannot dismiss an intangible fact that on other similar situation, the police actions did preempted criminal activities and even averted innocent death....This mishap is done unintentionally but on good faith, Aminulrasyid's death is unfortunate event and let it be a lesson for everybody,

But it is disgusting to see politician capitalize on such regrettable event for political mileage. Instead of condemning the police forces, why not give constructive proposal how to bring the crime rate down which is definitely fruitful and will be of great service to the society...

Hantu Laut said...


I agree with, you agree with me.As I have said in my article those who politicised it was not doing out of concern but for their own selfish agenda.