Friday, July 23, 2010

Harris sued Yong Teck Lee for RM50 million: Federal Leaders Should Emulate Harris Salleh

Hantu Laut

Former Sabah Chief Minister Harris Salleh is known for his no nonsense approach toward those who slander him. He had used the court process in the past to clear his name.

In 1983, while still chief minister of Sabah he sued one Abdul Jalil Ahmad and the printer of the book "Tumbangnya Harris Salleh".Harris won the case and was awarded RM100,000 in damages. The court's verdict here.

He has since sued the Labuan Development Authority for closure of his hotel in Labuan. An out of court settlement for undisclosed sum was offered by the defendant.He has also sued IRB for imposing travel ban on him for unpaid property gain tax.Harris claimed IRB had written to him confirming the transaction was non-taxable.The case is still pending.

Yesterday, Harris filed a defamation suit seeking RM50 million damages from another former chief minister, Yong Teck Lee as 1st defendant and SAPP as 2nd defendant for insinuating that he was involved in causing the "Double Six" tragedy that killed Tun Fuad Stephens and all those on the aircraft.

Harris said that Yong suggested that he conspired with others to assassinate Tun Fuad and several cabinet ministers.Some bloggers have joined the fray. More forthright, libelous and without constraint is an article here that openly implicate Harris in the plot.

Federal leaders should emulate Harris.Sue those who defamed them, not use arbitrary powers.


Anonymous said...

Suing is a good option, as long as the courts are impartial. Question is -are they?

sri hartamas

ASS holder said...

Only Harris can teach Yong Teck Lee who virtually "plundered" the state's assets for himself and his cronies. Will never forgive him for his role in Saham Sabah debacle when he was the CM on rotation (no thanks to Mahathir).

Hope some retiring judge will preside over the case just like the last time when YTL was summarily convicted!

eddy said...

Sri hartamas, a simple answer to that question of yours is yes, the Courts are impartial.

Otherwise how can anyone explain the fact that the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Theresa Kok uses the Courts to sue others they think defame them.

How do one explain then if the courts are in the pocket of the ruling BN Government, people like Dr Mahathir, Dollah Badawi or even Najib never use the court to sue the pants of their detractors.