Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Now Hisham Admits They Can't Get RPK

Hantu Laut

Over a month ago I wrote in "The Untouchable Putra" that RPK will not be extradited from Britain and today I again reiterated in "Can They Get Raja Petra" that it would be unlikely that the British government would agree to extradite him.

After much delay in making the announcement Hisamuddin has finally admitted here what I knew all along would happen to the case.The British wouldn't play ball with the Malaysian government.

In Britain such act is not considered serious, a non-indictable offence. In fact it is not an offence to criticise or admonish politicians and public figures if they are backed by facts, if not than you are liable and can be sued for libel by the injured party.

Is RPK sitting on top of the world?

Here's something to entertain you. A song of the same title.This blues has been sung by many singers and groups with equal gusto. Below is Eric Clapton reunion with one of his old bands, Cream.

Sorry folks! That was the Yardbirds(Clapton has a short stint with them before).Below is Cream and Clapton.

Too bad, Khairy Jamaluddin.You said it too late.


Anonymous said...

What charge is the Malaysian Government preferring on RPK? All they know is to use ISA, the cure all medication where there is no need for a trial.

eddy said...

Bro, I believe the Malaysian Government is perfectly happy to have RPK staying in the UK where he can bark aloud but do very little damage and be of no use to the Opposition Pakatan except probably an excuse for their leaders to have the occasional Party sponsored visit to see him while on holiday in the UK.

Photoshoots of the Pakatan leaders with RPK is a must of course to proof that they actually came and visited RPK so that their travel claims can be verified, they probably get paid extra bonus if Bala Everchanging Affidavit is in the photos as well he,he.

Malaysians just love to go to the UK for jalan-jalan cari makan don't they.

Purple Haze said...

If Malaysians like to go jalan-jalan in UK as Eddy has intimated, why aren't the MACC bothering to get a statement from PI Bala, who is in the UK ?

Sesuatu tak kena di sini.