Friday, July 16, 2010

Teoh's Family Unfortunate Victim Of Muck Racking Politics

Hantu Laut

This is the standard of Malaysians politicians and even worse the standard of journalism in this country, falling prey to muck racking politics.

I do not approve of the way MACC conduct its business nor do I subscribe to the idea that they be given the power to prosecute but one must be able to draw a line between what's right and what's wrong.

First, Kit Siang complaining why the press release by MACC was only in Mandarin is pathetic and scrapping the bottom of the barrel.MACC has the right to decide in whatever language it wishes to convey the message.Obviously, it wanted to cover the wider Chinese community where the main grievances are and naturally Mandarin would be the language of choice.

As a matter of curiosity, since when has Kit Siang been championing the Malay language?

Lee Lan continues to struggle for justice for Beng Hock. — Picture by Choo Choy May

It is obvious that Teoh's death has been much politicised and is still fodder for the opposition's propaganda machine.

Beng Hock’s mother (second right) is still unable to accept her son’s death. — file pic
"While she has been inducted into the Teoh family in a traditional Chinese ceremony last year — which accords her the same rights as if she was officially wedded to Beng Hock — finances remain a concern with their working class background." reported the Malaysian Insider.

Finances have always been the problem of million of working class Malaysians.Would the DAP starts trust funds for all of them?

What about those families where the bread winner died out of illness, accident or murdered and the families have no more source of income.Would the DAP set up trust funds for them?

I challenge Kit Siang and the DAP to do so for each and every deserving case from now on, to raise donations for trust funds for families with no means of livelihood.

Malaysians are easily duped and hoodwinked by politicians in furtherance of their own selfish political agenda.


Anonymous said...

Wasted my time coming to this site. wWill remember not to come to this "pro" site

vinnan said...

UMNO and its MACC dog killed Teoh. We will never forgive you people.

eddy said...

The inquest is drawing to a close with Dr Porntip giving testimony in person at the end of the month Bro. I can't wait for her testimony where she will be grilled on her 80% homicide, 20% suicide theory, whether she still holds to that theory after the second autopsy which she witnessed.

Its DAP shameless politics to milk publicity on the tragic death of a young man for their political agenda. Its the depth of the political shit barrel that Lim Kit Siang had to even question the language in which MACC choose to convey their message to the family of the deceased.

Anonymous said...

I say bro, I have to disagree with you on this one lah. Kit Siang has a point and he's not scrapping the bottom of the barrel. MACC head Abu Kassim's decision to issue his "sympathy for the family" statement only in Mandarin was in extreme poor taste and shows his insincerity. Bodoh bangang mangkuk punya Datuk Seri. Damn stupid bugger, pi lah pakai kain pelekat, dok kena teh tarik ngan member2 biawak hidup sewaktu dengan kamu. Dulu sekolah atap ke? He "wanted to cover the wider Chinese community where the main grievances are"? What the heck does that mean? Why is he behaving like a politician? What about non-Chinese and non-Mandarin reading Malaysians who are equally disgusted with the whole affair? Najib can truly lay his 1Malaysia shit to rest. MACC is the final curse from that stupid Badawi to the rakyat. May he NOT sleep in peace.

Blinkered article lah...


Anonymous said...

Dear Hantulautan aka mud racker,

After proving you wrong on Sibu by-election result, i'm back here to let you know again that taking cheap shots at Teoh Beng Hock's death to further your BN shite-talking is sickening!

Again, i emphasizas in my previous postings aim at your deluded hubris.

Rule 1 of Political Change:
People don't vote for something, People vote against something!

If you want to help your beloved BN win, clean up your house first. As incumbent regime for 50+ years, the buck stops with BN.

The faster you solve Beng Hock's death, the sooner the family can rest and move on with their lives!
One year on, the BN government is no closer to resolving the death of this young man in the care of MACC during the time of his death.

BN government taking their sweet time with many other hot potato issues just reinforce people's perception that they either have something to hide or they are just plain incompetent!

I'm not surprised if you guys spread innuendos and blacken his name through blogs like these in the days after his death. And i have seen alot of pro-BN blogs like this spewing those garbage.

So, now claiming to represent the well-being of Beng Hock's family is just low even by your shite-talking standard!

~ UnSupporter of Hantulautan Inconsistencies

Hantu Laut said...


Just look how idiotic some Malaysians are.It is 4 against 1.There were 4 pathologists who concur the same and 1 employed by Pakatan against.

Prontip is a publicity maniac.That's all I can say of her and I don't believe the MACC killed him.

Let those morons think what they like, the fact remain DAP politicised and racialised the issue to gain political mileage, particularly with the Chinese community.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous/Unsupporter of Hantu,

The trouble with idiotic people they don't do their homework before they open their big mouth.

Go back read my post on Sibu by-election update.

Hantu Laut seldom wrong in his predictions for the simple reason he is a hantu and can see the future.You are mere mortal with limited capability.

SM said...

Bro HL,

The argument goes both ways. Just because there are 100 pathologists (paid by the BN) saying that Teoh committed suicide (what a joke?!), we ALL know that the MACC threw hm out the window!
We pray that none of our loved ones get investigated by the MACC (or PDRM)...they may end up in a body bag!

Hantu Laut said...


I believe you are smarter than that.Don't let emotion rule you.

I don't particularly like the way the MACC conduct its business but I think they wouldn't be that stupid to murder him over such trivial corruption investigation.It doesn't make sense.

Something must have gone wrong and if MACC officers involved they should be severely punished.

Purple Haze said...


I have to disagree with your premise that 4 pathologists who concur vs 1 who doesn't, makes it conlcusive.

In another much publicised sodomy case, we have 2 medical reports stating that there was no evidence of penetration but the prosecution can get the court to move forward because ... they have some DNA evidence (which they did not provide to the defence team).

Thus, based on your rationale, the sodomy case should not even be heard in court because it is 2 vs 1 (and even the 1's argument is flimsy since it does not dispute that there was no penetration).

Justice is not about who has more numbers but what is right. MACC may not have been responsible for TBH's death but they certainly have not been very open about giving details and it appears, so far, that they did not follow normal procedures.

If TBH had been released earlier, as claimed by MACC - what was he doing hanging about that window on the 14th floor ?

And if not released, what was he doing hanging about that window on the 14th floor ?

That may be the question that these pathologists may not be able to answer.

eddy said...

1. Ya Bro too many of Pakatan fanboys here are far too emotional, apa tu "UMNO and its MACC dog killed Teoh"? Such irrational statement from a demented mind. For one, UMNO is a political party while MACC is a Commission formed under an act of Parliament.

2. TBH was helping MACC with their ongoing investigation for God sake, he is NOT a suspect.

3. This one beats the cake Bro, some of them even accused the Government of delaying the inquest when it is the lawyers for TBH family who happens to be DAP members who are delaying the case.

4. Already 4 very experienced forensic experts; 2 Malaysian, 1 Indian and one British expert had testified that TBH likely jumped to his death. It would be interesting to hear what Dr Porntip(who is being paid by the Selangor pakatan Government) testifies soon after having witnessed the second autopsy and having access to all the first autopsy reports and photos and lab results.

The inquest would have been closed earlier if Dr Porntip had come to the stand right after the Brit Dr. gave his testimony which by the way stood up to tremendous grilling by TBH family lawyers. For the record, so did the other three forensic experts as well.

5. SM, in your anger just be careful with what you write Bro.."MACC threw TBH out of the window"? Have you seen the type of window in Question at the Plaza Masalam office. Do you think its easy to throw out somebody who is alive forcibly out of the window. I suggest you have a view of the video of Dr Prasad's testimony in the AG's website Bro. Its an eye opener.

6. Purple Haze too many questions on the little you read and heard obviously. I strongly suggest you go to this website:

It is a transcript of the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial from the first day. It will answer many of your questions whatever. Read it dude, and your spirit and mind will be set free.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hantulautan, Eddy

On Sibu by-election, clearly you were proven dead wrong with your ramblings leading up to the defeat of BN there.

A mudracker never admits his own lies. Sad...

Anyway, exposing "cheerleader" like you pretending to be political analyst is a pet hobby of mine now.

MACC is a commission formed under act of Parliament but answerable to Prime Minister & AG, which is UMNO.

Stop playing semantics la shite talker.

~ UnSupporter of Hantulautan Inconsistencies

eddy said...

Anon UOHI,

Lets put it this way lah little boy, your worldly experience is not good enough to qualify you to even tie HL's shoe laces lah even if you wanted to.

So do not try be a smart alec and try to show of by using English words that you do not even understand, OK little boy...semantics, my foot.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Shite talker being condescending at the same time.

Must be pretty easy for you guys huh.

Anyway, like i said pricking Hantulautan & your bubbles of delusion is my pet hobby now...

If you have a blog of your own instead of squatting and lapping at Hantulautan's statements, i'll be more than obliging to prick your bubbles there too.

~ UnSupporter of Hantulautan Inconsistencies