Sunday, August 22, 2010

So! Who Is The Liar?

Hantu Laut

The political circus continues, the spinners, the mudslingers and the crap merchants having a field day defecating each other while Malaysians watched in disbelief the ignobility of Malaysian politics.

Am I impressed?

Yes, it's infantile game we used to play when we were young and stupid.Never admit you have lied.Always blame your opponent.

Nauseating, smell like the gutter!

Denial! denial! denial! from both sides.

If both tell the truth.So! who is the liar?

Agree with my favourite mufti or rather ex-mufti here.

Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.


vinnan said...

You insidious racist S'B blaming LGE again. Where is the evidence to nail LGE? Nothing right? Yet you blame the Penang government for not telling the truth. Listen here you are not good at hiding your pro 'Ketuanan Melayu' UMNO rubbish. Stop trying and be the racist that you really are. At least this way I know you are not a coward when it comes to you racist beliefs. This is why Perkasa is picking up support over the dead reamains of Najib's bullshit 1 Malaysia. With Perkosa, the Malays know what they are. What the 'f' is 1 Malaysia though? If not you will be nothing more than the pondans which the legitimate MB of Perak knows you UMNO folks to be. Just in case you UMNO people think we have forgotten about the Perak coup, rest assured we remember every detail. Unlike UMNO/Perkosa, we do not have to play the racist games and threaten others with bloody murder. Come the next GE you will know how many remember your power grab.

anti bohmau said...

all these while the opposition harped on the issue of believing people's voice but when the rakyat speak up, they keep denying again and again. did many of the kariahs attending the jumaat solah not tell the media that lge's name was mentioned in the second doa by the khatib??? it did not happen at only one mosque but a few!

not everybody's in favour with pr's actions regarding this islamic matter. t'is something uncalled for when pas seems to always preach the content of AlQuran but in practice they fail...

Pak Zawi said...

Coming from that newspaper, nothing seems to be believable anymore.

Anonymous said...

Cuba lihat dalam konteks yang terbalik. Salah ke atau rugi ke atau tidak glamor ke kalau nama pemimpin politik tidak disebut dalam masjid.

Kalau tidak salah makanya biarkanlah kalau-kalau pihak berwajib mahu membuat ketetapan supaya amalan ini ditiadakan. Peraturan wajib dalam semua keadaan walhal menyebut nama pemimpin dalam masjid bukanlah wajib. Betulkan?

SM said...

Bro HL,

Pak Zawi's comment is "spot on"! I don't have to elaborate.