Monday, August 9, 2010

A True Sabahan, The One Who Should Resign Is ...?

Hantu Laut

I am against massive street protests but would be quite happy with small gathering done in a civilised manner.

I hope and I do believe Anifah will put through his promise if the crackdown on small peaceful gathering continues.That's what all ministers should do, which is a rarity in Malaysia.
Most would shamelessly hang on to their jobs.

Sense of shame is not a common factor among our politicians particularly those in power.

I am not a supporter of the oppositions but would like to know.

The question for Anifah is to ask his comrade-in-arm the Minister of Home Affairs whether Suara Keadilan and the Rocket had become national threats for publishing unfavourable story about Felda?
Was there a law that says Felda has immunity and against the law to criticise?

Has he ever heard of a twofold blow or to be exact, a double whammy, which, by the way is against the law, you can't charge a person twice for the same crime.

Cowing, intimidation and unlawful force are crimes in any dictionary.The minister concerned should learn by heart Article 5 of the Federal Constitution regarding fundamental liberties.
He appears to have little regard for the Constitution

Felda has taken a libel suit against the publication and several Pakatan leaders on the issue. Is there a need to refuse giving the permit to them?

Every time the government do something like this they lose thousands of votes.

Maybe, the one who should resign is the Minister of Home Affairs not Foreign Affairs.

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Purple Haze said...

Whichever side of the political divide you sit on (or even in the middle), if the govt of the day can use the ISA to detain a female reporter for her own safety, you'll have to wonder whether power has gone awry in the incumbent govt.