Saturday, September 11, 2010

Christian Taliban Remembering 9/11- A Fraudster

Hantu Laut

Exactly 9 years later the Christian Taliban wanted to burn the Koran in retaliation of 9/11 and in response to a proposal of building a mosque near Ground Zero.

The man, Rev Terry Jones, an obscured pastor from a small Florida church was probably looking for cheap publicity.He is now world famous for the wrong reason, at the price of insulting Islam.

Although, good sense eventually prevailed, the damage is done, he has upset the whole Muslim world by his mere suggestion of desecrating Islam's holiest book.

Latest release on Terry Jones cheap publicity trip here.

Terry Jones is nothing but a fraudster.

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flyer168 said...


Pastor Terry Jones Burn the Koran issue...

Just to share this...

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“This was a result of provocations, started by the Ground Zero Mosque, Imam Rauf.” Unquote.

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With our Ketuanan Jaguh Kampung Political Leaders still "Playing Marbles" with their Kindergarten charades...chereographed by their foreign & Local "Shadow Puppet Masters"...towards "Bankrupting the nation Programmes", Chaos, etc...

You be the judge.