Friday, October 29, 2010

BN Riding The Ghost Train ?

Hantu Laut

It appears that BN may be in for a rough ride dogged by component parties unwilling to give their utmost to help in the campaign.

LDP,MCA,Gerakan, the three Chinese based party only made dim appearances.UMNO seemed the only party working hard to ensure victory.PBS, not here, nor there.

Unless, UMNO can protect majority of the bumiputra votes and garner at least 20% of the Chinese votes the end result may not be very pretty.

Yong Teck Lee seemed to have big war chest rumoured to be bankrolled by some Foo Chow towkays from Sarawak.

Pigs with wings always fly around during election times, can't really tell the truth from the lies, but it is a well known fact that Malaysian Chinese businessmen always put their bets on both sides of the coin, just in case.

PKR is a non starter. Some, predicted bad omen for Ansari after taking a dip in the sea.

Yong Teck Lee showed his arrogance by belittling Ansari saying he is not fit to debate with him, he wants nothing less than Anwar Ibrahim.

A Sabah politician who refused to be named said "If BN loses it's most likely by unseen hands of one or two of its own component party and Prime Minister Najib knew who they are"

New and untainted, the lady should still have a chance.

The opposition PKR taking issue with her poor Bahasa is absolute rubbish.She has enough intelligence to polish her Bahasa in the next six months and they would be surprised that she probably speaks better Bahasa than Lim Kit Siang by then.

Also read:

Sabah rights a SAPP afterthought in Batu Sapi Yong was also instrumental in Umno seizing control of Sabah in 1994 from PBS after the latter had successfully fought the state election for an unprecedented fourth term. This was despite Yong deserting the party on the eve of the state election and getting the registration of SAPP approved within 24 hours. Yong formed SAPP and aligned himself with Umno in the state election after Pairin rejected his demand that he (Yong) be given the exclusive right to name all the Chinese PBS candidates.

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