Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Batu Sapi:Desperately Seeking Political Integrity

Hantu Laut

Been busy and away in Brunei for the past few days and were unable to keep track with the progress of the by- election in Batu Sapi.

Obviously, there have not been much changes in poll forecast of the ground swell.All three parties claimed they are ahead of each other but most political pundits gave BN the edge over its rivals.

There have been rumours and speculations that Yong Teck Lee is a BN's plant and that he would be returning to the BN's fold if he won the election. This whispering campaign spreading in mostly Chinese areas were rumoured to be the product of DAP.

Both DAP and PKR are eyeing the seat for the 13th General Elections and if Yong came second in the race than DAP could claim the seat in the next general elections using the Chinese factor as justification of its demand.Even if PKR came second DAP would still demand for the seat as without swing votes of the Chinese engineered by DAP Ansari Abdullah is not likely to take second spot. Either way PKR is at the losing end.

PKR is fighting and uphill battle. In some bumiputra areas they were even asked to leave and never to come back again so much so that Ansari, for better or for worse, has to revealed his two broken ribs and excruciating pain he has to endure due to the falls he had from the rickety kampong jetties built by the BN government.

Batu Sapi could be a pointer of what in store for the next general elections in Sabah.It could be a death knell for the loser.

Linda Tsen, with her clean sheet has got everything going for her.

Batu Sapi has almost 50 percent female voters which majority is expected to give her the emotional votes.Her husband's untainted background would be another plus factor.The BN huge machinery and majority bumiputra voters would give her added weight to win Batu Sapi.

Can she outshines the other two contenders? In this political game anything can happen, it's like a mind game.

The same cannot be said of Yong and Ansari who both were veteran politicians with past history.

Both are desperately seeking their political integrity and both are not likely to find it here but than in Malaysian politics who cares about integrity, the constituents always the losers and deservingly.

A BN sympathiser whom I met said "If the BN wins this election the credit should go to Musa Aman, he worked his guts out as if he is the one standing for the by-election"

For Musa's sake I hope he is right.

Yong is using both the Chinese and Suluk cards for his "Sabah for Sabahans" using many relatives including sons of former Sabah Chief Minister the late Tun Mustapha Harun to campaign in the immigrant constituent areas.

BN might just scrap through.

More to follow.

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