Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inside Malaysian Insider's Yellow Journalism

Hantu Laut

Sabah MCA chief, Edward Khoo said MCA's operation room at Jalan Buli Sim Sim was flooded with people who were told to come by certain opposition leaders that MCA was giving out money to voters.

He said this a very dirty tactic of the opposition to paralyse our operations on the last day of campaigning.

He said it was the last day of campaigning and they were actually paying campaign workers their allowances and didn't suspect that the opposition would take advantage of it and used dirty tactic to spreads rumours that MCA is buying votes and asking Chinese voters to go there.

Khoo, who is Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister said he is disgusted and lamented that "We are not so stupid to do something like this"

Malaysian Insider, a pro-opposition news portal should have checked with MCA before rushing to publish something that is untrue.

What can you expect from a news portal with countless pejorative " 'I' Columnists" and an 'X' to grind.

Voting in Batu Sapi starts today.

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oRang kAmpong said...

Alo antu laut.mne pernah berlaku dlm sejarah msia dan di seluruh dunia chinese votes can be buying.sejak zaman dinasti han dan sblumnya,era mao tze tong,pkm,mca,gerakan dan dap.dia org mne demoklasi punya.KEPUtusan mesti di buat olih BIG TAIKO punya.2 minggu seblm PRU 12 sahabat baik aku PAS bini gelap DAP bagitau chinese votes still not decided by big taiko.bila dah decided itu yg klh 4 negili.guan eng,tan koon soon n soi lek jgn lebeeh ckplah u olang mana ada suara.