Friday, December 24, 2010

Is Selangor A Communist State?

Hantu Laut

If Malaysians think the BN is evil than they better watch out for this wolf in sheep's clothing which is slowly undressing itself to reveal the true colour of its coat.

Are these the people who promised good governance or a bare-knuckled administration?

Malaysians should start worrying about whether they are fit to be the alternative government as you can see they don't talk the talk and walk the walk.Bunch of twisters and liars.

I was taken aback when I read this article.

Is the 1 Malaysia poster or billboard obscene, racist or seditious in nature to justify its forceful removal? Did it in anyway contravened any of the by-laws of the council or was it a case of "absolute power corrupts absolutely"?

The Selangor Pakatan government is falling into the same quagmire that they accused the BN of, arbitrary abuse of power and worse they ignored the fact that 1 Malaysia is a national programme not a political party political agenda.It's supposed to encompass national unity.

To ban it just because the government of the day is the BN at Federal level and opposition in the state is unconstitutional.The BN government should drag the Selangor government to court before they put up more of such nonsense into practice.

Ronnie Liu, infantilised the issue demanding absolute righteousness in the Selangor government action of which he is the master mind, an initiated communist who believe in using strong arm tactic.Of course it is a political message, a message to unite the people which obviously is against the political agenda of DAP and Pakatan.

What happened to the Menteri Besar of Selangor has he merely become a rubber stamp to the DAP controlled Executive Council.


justicenequality said...

TIT for TAT, lah.

You don't expect that PR should bear forever to be the whipping boys for UMNO Goons to hantam left, right and centre, do you?

In the Bible, Jesus said that 'if someone slap you on the left cheek, offer him to slap you on the right cheek as well'. Tell me how many Christians take this to heart and offer the 'right cheek as well'? I am a Christian and I have the RIGHT to Defend myself to whack him kow kow[tebal, tebal] in return to teach my aggressor not to trifle with me.

PR ruled states are already handicap by withholding of FUNDS from the Federal BN Govt and channeling of $$$$ to BN Opposition Adun to sabotage their good works in Penang, Selangor,etc

PR should NOT play CLEAN when UMNO/BN always hit below the belt.It is MOST Stupid to do so.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

The earlier comment is most apt. Do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. Let BN taste some of their own medicine. After all those 1M billboards are an eyesore, all the more so if they bear the picture of the PM. Together with the picture of his wife, they are even worse.

Anonymous said...

Even if DAP with 90% malays members, you will come to say that Selangor is still control by chinese!!

Hantu Laut said...


I never mentioned the word 'Chinese'.Do you men all Chinese are communists?