Thursday, January 20, 2011

He Could Pass For A Chinese

Hantu Laut

Mr Zairil Khir Johari, seen here at a Pakatan Rakyat convention, is the son of the late Tan Sri Khir Johari, an illustrious Umno politician. --PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

Looks? He could pass for a Chinese.He certainly is not a prominent Malay politician, not yet anyway.It would be more correct to say he is the son of a prominent Malay politician.

The Straits Time is only adding spice to a dull story here.In fact, the more prominent Malay that have joined the DAP is Tengku Abdul Aziz, though not a politician before, he was a well known activist.

Zairil is just an ordinary Malay boy who wanted to be different, not the like of our Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Hishamuddin Onn and many others who saw the immense political benefits and profitability of joining in their father's footstep.

If democracy is our system of government than one should not question Zairil's choice of political party. It's a step nearer to a beginning of getting rid of communal politics. It's a difficult endeavour but this nation have to work toward that goal if we were to stay in the 'first world' or, if we don't, end up like some African countries where communal hatred led to some of the worsts human tragedies ever known.Racial politics is worse than a cobra's bite.Racism is one's own worst enemy.It has destroyed nations and empires and wiped out past civilisations.

We must one day come to term that it does not matter who rule this nation as long as it stays progressive and the people living in harmony as of one and equal citizenry.

One have to read Lim Kit Siang's daily diatribes to come to a conclusion that DAP who claimed multiracialism, is, nonetheless, still a Chinese communal and chauvinist party.

For me, I am still not convinced the Pakatan formula can work.Once in power PAS will push for an Islamic state, the DAP a secular state and PKR has little clout to do anything, they would be the smallest partner in the coalition.

That,my friends, is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Already disaster currently. So, maybe won't strike twice?

Purple Haze said...

Within the present govt, the political parties are enjoined on a platform of multi-ethnicity. It was grest for the first decade or so.

Subsequently, the minorities seem to have been marginalised.

In the PR platform, there is a possibility that there will be conflict due to religious belief as you pointed out.

I wonder which will be the lesser of two evils ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Zairil's mother, Tan Sri Khir's second wife, is Chinese.

eddy said...

Let's put it this way lah Bro, he won't look like the odd man out in the DAP leadership line up, by the way so is Tunku Aziz.

The duo could should be DAP Malay poster boys, it certainly would not help the DAP in their drive to recruit Malays in the DAP as a Malay would think that a Malay would have to look like a Chinese to be acknowledged by Lim Kit Siang..he,he.