Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Puppet On A String ?

Hantu Laut

It's a shame, a menteri besar without a mind of his own, fickle and manipulated by people around him who have little respect for the constitution and the rule of law.

The craze for power have made him a laughing stock of those who understand the law. The Speaker of the Assembly, with due respect to his position, is a joker in the pack, he is completely out of depth with his statement that PR is considering amending the constitution with retrospective effect to break the impasse.

May I ask this gentleman how is he going to achieve the above when Pakatan Rakyat did not have two-thirds majority in the house. Is he expecting some UMNO assemblymen to join in storming the Bastille or they will just try to bulldoze like what they did in Perak and failed miserably.

One can easily guess the pressure coming from the coalition partners forcing Khalid to take such ludicrous action which placed him in an awkward and embarrassing situation. More like a puppet on a string than coming from a man who is a leader. It is without any doubt who the puppet masters are.

DAP has only one less seat than PKR in the state assembly making them just as powerful if not more. PKR has 14, DAP 13.Obviously, they have their power and influence under wraps to be used as and when necessary.

The right thing that Khalid should have done in the early stage was to negotiate not confront the Federal PSC. He has burn that bridge now and face the reality of either accepting the new state secretary and make the best of it or do the needful.......step down from his MB position.

Not only he is easily swayed, he contradicted himself on many occasions.Here, he says the Sultan told him that the Sultan was powerless to accept or reject any appointment since the day Mahathir amended the constitution.

Here, the palace refuted what he told the public about what the Sultan told him and with a new twist to the tale.Now, the Sultan claimed he has executive power to appoint or reject senior civil servant appointments in the state.In another word, the Sultan can hire and fire.This, is certainly unheard of before.

I am not sure whether I read the Malaysian Insider's report here correctly.It seems everyone in Selangor have gone bonkers or was it another case of poor understanding of the English language?

Remember the Utusan Malaysia reporter who thought 'ultra vires' uttered by Karpal Singh was insulting the Sultan.

Reported in Malaysia Insider:

“As the chief executive of the Selangor state government, the Sultan gave his blessings to one of the candidates. The PSD had after that agreed to the Sultan’s choice of candidate through a letter issued by the Public Services Department following Article 52 (1) and (2)a of the state constitution. This is a convention, a normal practice in Selangor,” Mohamad Munir said in a statement today.“As the chief executive of the Selangor state government, the Sultan gave his blessings to one of the candidates.

The sultans have certain powers but certainly not executive in nature.

Are we not of a constitutional monarchy system where the sultans only have ceremonial powers and remained apolitical.They only give assent to legislative bills and once a bill is tendered, with or without their assent, after a period of time the bill would effectively become law.

Maybe, we need more feedback from the palace spokesman Mohamad Munir on this very confusing issue.

Here, DAP do not feel good in restoring power back to the Sultan, if that is the right choice of word to describe the situation.

The sultans have never had lateral power in the administration of the states, it is always upon the advice of the respective menteri besar.So! who these clowns trying to fool. What? They think the Malay masses are all idiots to believe that they are trying to restore past glory back to the sultan that was robbed by Mahathir and UMNO in the past?

The sultans and the Yang Dipertuan Agong have never lost any of their powers.They are still head of the state and head of Islam.The only things of significant that Mahathir introduced was a new formula that automatically passed any parliamentary or legislative bills in the event the sultans or Agong refused to give assent. The other one was the setting up of a special court to try errant royals.

What wrongs has Mahathir done? Weren't they taken in the interests of the rakyat?

Some of you may remember Sandie Shaw.She won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 with the song "Puppet On A String"


Anonymous said...

He really is a bloody pupet

eddy said...

Bro Khalid's position is worse than a puppet on a string, his balls is being squeezed so tightly by the DAP he got no room to move at all except where the DAP pulls him to.

At the end of the day Khalid has to resign or have the state assembly be dissolved and call for new election to get that magic 2/3rd majority.

Anonymous said...


You saw those strings tied to your hands,legs and neck ? Look into the mirror, you would have notice it if you had removed those blinkers !

The only problem tied those strings yourself ! Puppeteer HantuLaut !